He Who Lives by the Sword…

lives by the sword
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  1. Andreas says:

    And she who feeded on misandry, shall be fed misogyny… That your point?

    1. LivingRobot says:

      No, my point is that MGTOW should not shed tears when violent men have to pay for the consequences of their actions. Raising them up as martyrs of masculinity implies that their actions were justified.

      There are instances where violence is justified(police, just wars, etc), but I don’t see how Bobby Knight’s actions were justified.

  2. Tim says:

    I’m actually shocked that more men don’t snap and go on killing sprees. I’m no stranger to false accusations by women and can tell you that it took every ounce of my self-control not to murder a couple of them. When you consider the horrors men go through in relationships with women, it’s shocking how much self-control men do display. Now that women have the VAWA and Yes Means Yes, allowing women to destroy men’s lives on a whim, both marriage and cohabitation will see further declines.

    Most women don’t hit men. Why? They don’t have to. They can instead destroy you with divorce and/or false accusations. This allows them to use other men to physically abuse you, rather than muss their hair or damage their nails. Pretty cunning, aye?

    Why do so many teachers go after young boys? Because the young boys are smaller and far more naive than mature men. Ever see girls fight one another? The only reason more women don’t beat men is because most men are bigger and/or stronger than most women (thanks testosterone). The women that do hit men know that all they have to do is shed a few crocodile tears and she’ll be let off. Besides, even if she does go to court, she’ll just get probation, a suspended sentence and a slap on the wrist.

    Am I defending Bobby?. Nope. I’m I here to appease feminists and/or the gynocracy? Nope.

    1. Tim says:

      Can you say, “double standards”?

      Hope Solo suspended from U.S. Soccer team for 30 days

    2. LivingRobot says:

      Female teachers mistreat boys because they can get away with it.
      Women falsely accuse men of rape because they can get away with it.

      Why can they get away with it?
      Because the men who enforce this shit see all men, themselves included,
      as worthless animals. They assume that any man would rape, given the
      opportunity. They assume that all men would kill each other, given
      the opportunity.

      Men do exercise much more self control than the media gives them credit
      for. Violence is at an all time low, and the media still complains
      about “toxic masculinity.” The media focuses on the men beating their
      chests, and it says

      “See these men, all men are like this. All men are violent. Men
      are primitive animals. Don’t trust men.”

      I don’t think that Bobby Knight is a good example because he had
      less self control than many men. You mentioned that you had
      false rape accusations against you, but you had the foresight
      to avoid violence.

      False rape accusations are a form of proxy violence. They allow
      women to attack men without getting their hands dirty. The male
      victims of this violence are justified in their anger. I just hope
      that they can express it without getting themselves into trouble.

      1. Tim says:

        Well, I personally hope that falsely accused men GO ON A MASSIVE KILLING SPREE! If the woman that falsely accused me had won, I would have killed as many women as necessary to assuage my anger. REDRUM! I would have killed each and every member of her family as well!

        I wasn’t falsely accused of rape. A girl that I dumped faked an attempt at suicide. She faked the attempt with my gun – which she secretly removed from my apartment. I talked the gun out of her hand, in person, by telling her whatever she wanted to hear (I lied to her to stop her from killing herself). After the fact, she decided, that since I wasn’t being genuine in talking her out of suicide, that meant that I should go to prison with a false accusation; hence the false assault charge. The wrath of a woman scorned means that it’s OK that men’s lives be destroyed – so long as the ego of women remain intact. To women – this is equality.

        Experience has given me a much, much deeper understanding of human nature. That a seemingly random male pops unexpectedly and goes about shooting people makes perfect sense to me.

  3. Tim says:

    Shouldn’t she who lives by the sword die by the sword, too?

    1. LivingRobot says:

      I’m fine with that. It’s a crime to file false allegations, and I would like to see more women punished for their crimes.

  4. Tim says:

    Globally, women’s suicide rate keeps going up and women’s life expectancy keeps going down. Why? More women in the military and women having to support their families (work stressful jobs). This may seem sad to many. To me, it seems like poetic justice. I’ve a grin on my face. I’m bursting with joy.

    She who lives by the sword…

  5. Juancarlos says:

    as a follower, I am eauncroged by this post. First, knowing that the leaders at our church prepare for a good wake. Second, that even tho’ I am a stay at home wife, no kids, there are things that even I need to do to be effective in the wake I leave behind my path.

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