Fathers Need To DEMAND Paternity Leave

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  1. MgToW says:

    “…the traditionalist provider gender role has nestled into it a default setting of parental alienation of fathers from their children. This has the added benefit of self perpetuating gynocetrism…” – bar

    True. As a Libertarian I will also concede that merely focusing on shrinking government won’t change this as it stems from both women’s demands upon men and what men willingly choose to accept in our relationships with women, in other words it’s cultural. I still think a shrinking government benefits all of us for many other reasons.

    With the rise of the manosphere and MGTOW we’ve seen some few men stand up and demand more equality and respect but it seems to me this goes nowhere when women’s response is to simply shame us and continue their hunt for their workhorse/beta/chump.

    I’m neutral on agitating on the political front. I won’t try to talk any guy out of it but I won’t engage in it myself. Women will always win that battle. I suspect if men are successful to any degree, women will just agitate further for even more gynocentric/misandric laws.

    I can’t predict the future but the only thing I see as being capable of real change is MGTOW. If enough men simply opt out, women will go without families and long term partners or change their views of men (though I suspect they’ll never rise above the “blame men” routine). At that point, fair laws would seem to be a real possibility but that’s all speculation and may take generations.

    1. Red Pill says:


      Is there a libertarian factory where all of this shit is being mass-produced?

      I hope it is in a low tax country…

      One more such post and I will consider a sex change operation because you are making me ashamed to be a man. I am tired of this vulgar-Libertarianism being injected into male issues.

  2. Funny…the article says that dads in Iceland demanded more paternity leave and then got it…and here we have one great escapist theorizing about women loving men again if we just “shrink the state” whatever this nonsense means.

    It is about the relation between men and their children and not about the relation between men and women. Women are adults and free and this is as libertarian as it gets. So let them stay free and see that we as men get our role as fathers for change, since the essence of gynocentrity is the sanctity of motherhood.

    So the next time you want to shrink the state just look at male life expectancy in “small government countries” where men die between the age of 50 to 60.

    Srsly…before your shrink the government you should grow your thinking. People are tired of this juvenile libtard bullcrap. If the state is the organ with which we can organize a meaningful paternity then so be it. There are several European countries that already have this policy in place and men now demand more and more freetime with their kids, thus breaking out of their gender roles, while you remain stuck, stifled and arrested in your pseudo-masculine “I-don’t-need-no-gubbamint” attitude, while women control your kids.

    Maybe if your daddy would have had this opportunity you would have developed a higher logic, exceeding the childish thinking patterns of your homemaker mother.

    1. sorry for the typos but this libtard gave me cardiac arrest

    2. Red Pill says:

      @Alexander MGTOW

      Exactly! I am tired of these gynocentric right-wingers and their small government nonsense. They claim to have “swallowed the red pill.” However, at the same time, they fantasize how women will “love them” again in the hope that women will become dependent on them once more…just like the “good ol’ days.”

      They don’t go their own way, but they just embark on a passive-aggressive reaction until mommy picks them up again.

      1. the only problem is that even a mother’s has limits

        1. the only problem is that even a mother’s love has limits

          sorry I still suffer from chestpain

  3. Out-sid-er says:

    While I do agree with you barbar, and i think this would be good for fathers, children, and even mothers for the long term, this will be an uphill battle. Politicals on both sides will fight this tooth and nail. The left is too busy pandering to women, the right will say ”how will we pay for this?”. Politicals on both sides are nothing but opportunistic dick suckers when its all said and done.

  4. Tim says:

    What’s VAWA? If a woman calls the cops and presents a bruise, the man goes to jail and his life is ruined. No presumption of innocence. No due process. Off to jail he goes and off his now deeply hated X wife goes with the local drug dealer and/or bartender. With who’s blessing? With the current, not quite yet divorced, sucker that married the manipulative witch. Who will back her up? The naive, butt kissing white knights (police and your best friends).

    Ever hear the statement that “Men should never hit women.”? Ever hear the same with “Women should never hit men.”? Know who’ll die in his sleep reliving this debate over and over? Ray Rice. What’s my advice? You really, really don’t want to know.

    Hundreds of millions of men’s lives have been destroyed by those that sell gynocracy, women’s liberation, family and feminism. Don’t get sucked into their rhetoric. Why? They’ll snap your neck and raid your bank account just as soon as they’d destroy the life of a sweet ducking.

    Your life as a man has no importance to these folks. You’re a utility. Your own mother would sell you out if it meant a grand child of her own.

    What are men? Suckers.

  5. Red Pill says:


    This was a wonderful article. I can’t tell you guys how happy I am to see material such as this. I have been longing to see such material come out of MGTOW. I consider this a must read!

  6. Political Atheist says:

    Bar Bar I am terribly sorry – this is the one and only time I will disagree with you vehemently especially reading the last provocative line of your post..I am not political at all, but are you suggesting that those of us MGTOW who were thoughtful enough to either get snipped or control our basal animal urges (practicing celibacy) by not impregnating a used up western slut now also have to subsidise impulsive men who didn’t use a condom correctly with more of our tax money shovelled down the rat-hole of the Gynocentric Borg institutions after we beg them “please pretty please atleast give us paternity rights’?? Does this mean MGTOW and mangina men with kids are more equal than childless MGTOW?

    I am sorry, but you still haven’t shed your former Traditionalist MRA Ego’ – this was rightly called out in previous posts’ comments as being TradSoc MRA BS…if this is what even so called MGTOW have become then I have to double facepalm.

    Reminds me of the “Can men be raped?” video link you shared 2 years ago using your Youtube account (The interview by the Canadian tradcon host who refused to accept men can be raped..your mentality is reminding me of him.) Atleast libertarian MGTOWs are consistently arguing from first principles instead of being opportunistic.

    Anyway I guess us lesser untermenchen apolitical MGTOW will have to silently fuck off our own way to instead of calling BS on this idea and refusing to mooch for entitlements. Atleast the divorced folks on that site agree MGTOW is a simple idea, there is no need to overcomplicate it through misguided activism.

    To borrow from South Park, I guess MRA penis sooo big MGTOW penis soooo small. We are so afraid to man up.

    1. So men with kids are manginas? What is this crap if not straight out misandry? You think you are a better man because you do no have kids?

      If I wanna read shit about bad and stupid fathers are then I can go to a radfem tumblr site as well. I do not need MGTOW for this.

      It is a sad state of affairs if MGTOW is descending from understanding to a pit of despair that will just start to drive off those who seek the first over the latter. Maybe it is time to branch off and cut the frustrated lot lose.

      1. Political Atheist says:

        Yes it is time to branch off and not co-opt MGTOW with MRA nonsense..if you wanna have a kid don’t expect single men to subsidise your lifestyle and vice versa..if unemployed single men expect welfare checks from MGTOW dads and MGTOWs who are single&employed.. then they are being just as unreasonable and I will defend your right from having your tax money taken for those bums.

        It is barbar’s website so he can ban us who dissent (although he won’t) and also publish both MRA and MGTOW material (and call it a ‘MGTOW+’ blog).

        Also, I meant MGTOW men with kids and non-MGTOW men with kids (manginas) – both of these categories being given preferential treatment over the celibate/snipped MGTOWs regarding paternity leave with the latter’s tax money.

        Tradcons/Libertarians may argue that would be fathers won’t get hired due to this and feminists want men to suffer the same discrimination women face after returning to the work force post maternity leave…but I wanna steer clear from this sort of argument personally and not make the ceteris paribus is a non-linear complex system, so it is impossible to predict with current mathematical tools one way or the other who will benefit (despite it being a scientific certainty some men will benefit at the cost of others).

        1. what does your therapist have to say about this?

  7. Ob says:

    I think that the moral of the story is don’t ask for freedom. Take it.

  8. yes, fathers SHOULD fight for paternity leave but likely they won’t…

    Femmies always cry about the evilllle wage gap, but if we explore further we find…

    single, never married men tend to earn less than single never married womyn-not more….

    married men are the highest earners and married women the least…

    (likely the married couple struck a deal that the man would be a bread winner and the woman the caregiver.)

    and there was an interesting article here:

    a feminist laments how tough it is to climb the career ladder because her employer is afraid she’ll take the mommy elevator….

    My suggestion, why doesn’t she just find a house hubby????

  9. Golden Eagle-owl says:

    I agree.

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