A Wild PUA Appears, Shame Sandwich Was Non-effective

A Wild PUA Appears, Shame Sandwich Was Non-effective
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  1. Speed Wolf says:

    This MGTOW is most assuredly not a sexless virgin, you can find plenty of my POV sexual encounters with some of the top pornstars floating around the interwebs. A few of which I am wagering Mr. Forney has jerked off to on numerous occasions.

    1. haha, only if you starred with fat womyn…

      forney loves fat womyn….


  2. big_red01027 says:

    I couldn’t get through the video. So much awkwardness.

    Those girls were “offended”? That’s a joke.

  3. TMG says:

    I really don’t know why “getting women isn’t that important to me” is such a hard concept for some people to accept. Nor why pair-bonding is such an important sign of virility. Having sex is common. Reproducing is common. If one really wants to get into a dick measuring contest I can think of more compelling criteria.

    1. Aaron says:

      I think men generally are told they are worthless. So if they start to believe it. So self validation becomes worthless in itself.

      Conversely, Your told females are the angels and exceptional, so you seek their approval and appreciation because if you get that from them, you now have value, your existence is justified.

      Probably one explanation of a few. But I think its valid one.

      1. D says:

        Aaron has hit the nail right on the head. I know I struggle with this thought from time to time.

        The need for one’s existence to be validated should never be underestimated, as it tends to lead many a soul down dark and strange paths.

  4. Golden Eagle-owl says:

    “Swollen smelly vagina” is going to be my new favorite insult.

  5. Roger Anaheim says:

    There is no shortage of powerful people in the world who I would be afraid to offend. No one who who writes for Return of Kings is among them.

  6. George says:

    Barb, every PUA we have ever seen on video – every last one, emphatically including Roosh – comes off as weak, insecure, lacking in confidence, and unimpressive.

    You seem to think this is *despite* their PUA advice, but isn’t it time to admit that maybe they are so weak and unimpressive *because* they follow their own PUA advice?

    You say PUAs have figured out a lot about the female psyche etc and that its great if many of them go out and get girls – implying these tactics *work* – but isn’t it clear that following PUA advice, caring about being alpha, *impressive*, dominant, etc, and all that, ends up producing someone like Roosh or Forney who are clearly and indisputably WEAK and insecure?

    You hint at this when you correctly explain how Forney’s need to do something alpha makes him sit around and take shit from these feminist women – when the real *alpha* (god I hate that word, in which male insecurity and weakness is summed up better than any other) to do is simply not give a shit and walk away.

    Yet there is some cognitive dissonance going on here.

    Its time to recognize that the PUA understanding of behaviors that make women attracted to men end up producing weak men, men who present and appear weak, like Roosh and Forney, not *despite* their supposed understanding, but as a direct result of and to the extent that they practice PUA tactics.

    Its impossible for PUA tactics to work – they are based on changing yourself to be LIKED, which is the opposite of strong. Needing to *dominate* means you now need a reaction from someone – you are now in their power. Needing to be *alpha* means you now desire a certain reaction from someone – you are surrendering power.

    If women like *strong* men, then the strongest thing you can do is not care about being thought strong by women. That’s the self-contradiction of PUA – its supposed insight into female psychology CANNOT BE PUT INTO APPLICATION.


    Many men report – myself included – that when you become indifferent to how women see you women are suddenly more attracted to you. YET THIS INSIGHT CANNOT EVER BE USED AS THE BASIS FOR A PROGRAM OF ACTION.

    1. Aaron says:

      That insight isnt typically good for a pua running a business. I do follow some PUA stuff and have heard on or two say that indifference is a great strategy. But then go on and trycto sell you some program to further strengthen your pussy chasing habit.

      A PUA (a business savvy one) will typically tell you indifference is great once its clear to females you have many options.

      1. George says:

        I actually don’t think indifference makes women attracted to you. I think attraction is based solely on looks and unfakeable status.

        What *some* men experience when they become indifferent to women is they drop all pretence and affectation, and all the aggression, hostility, and anxiety that comes from trying to be *alpha*, so already interested women feel more comfortable expressing it openly.

        But it does not make a single woman more interested in you. Nothing does. I’ve been serenely and supremely indifferent in bars many times – genuinely – and if there are no interested women, I am ignored. And I’ve gotten women being openly interested.

        1. Veritech Ace says:

          In my experience indifference is attractive only to certain types of women; those who have a high level of intuition (as in the Jungian archetypes with Ne, or Ni as their primary or secondary functions). Also, it only seems to work when you have to interact with them on a regular basis. It never works at bars. Bars are too noisy and distracting for that kind of subtlety to work. I don’t think those types of women hang out in bars.

    2. Veritech Ace says:

      There’s the real problem with PUA theory. As a PUA you have to put on an act to attract women. This is a form of lying, and the problem with lying is that lies just keep getting bigger and bigger until they blow up in your face. I suppose this is why PUAs pursue the hook-up culture, hit-it-and-quit-it model. But this is a very shallow form of existence. In the long run it will only increase the underlying insecurities of a PUA, which they clearly have or they wouldn’t need PUA behavior modification. It will be fascinating to see where these guys like Roosh and Forney will be when they hit their 50s.

  7. Max Hydrogen says:

    The high school part of this article was your best written! As for the PUAs, there’s no need for you to substanciate your relations to women; real MGTOW know that the made up stereotype of the doritoes-virgin and the perennial mother’s basment is bullshit. The point of a strawman is to enduce the target to defend themselves against it; that is a mistake.

    You certainly called Matt “Fornicator” Forney out on his hypocritical bullshit. Now let’s forget about him.

  8. George says:

    It just occurred to me, there’s a complete lack of logic in the MGTOWs can’t get laid that’s why they do it argument from the PUAs own point of view.

    According to PUA’s women don’t care about looks but only behaviors that demonstrate *alpha*

    A key tenet of their faith is that anyone can master these techniques – that’s the whole point of PUA – so in principle no man need remain sexless.

    Therefore, a MGTOW can’t be a man who can’t get laid, since all men can get laid if they do PUA, and MGTOW’s are clearly aware of the existence of PUA.

    The difference can only be between men who choose to do PUA and those who don’t (in the world view of PUAs, of course).

    So why would a man CHOOSE to be MGTOW? Clearly, not because they cannot get laid, since the remedy for that is at hand and easily obtainable.

    Either – they are just too lazy to do PUA, which is a reason but isn’t the “can’t get laid” reason Forney is giving. Or there is ANOTHER reason.

  9. I am a 32 year old virgin who has CHOSEN to be celibate. I say “chosen” based on the fact that I’ve turned down and ignore girls on a regular basis. And no I’m not fat or ugly but that’s for the reader to decide to believe or not believe. But if I gave a shit about getting laid I’d certainly have done it by now. I always valued my dignity first and have always/still always/and will forever always refuse to grovel, act, perform or even approach women, whom I have always considered to be of little to no value to me, just to access their road worn vaginas. Neither will I put myself at risk of such activity where this creature I never valued can have legal authority over me up to 50 years hence.

    I do not shame or criticize MGTOW who do date and pick up women. That would be not only a stupid thing to do but also an impossible thing for me to do as it is contrary to my principles.

    Great read. I was shocked by how pathetic this new forney article was. He may as well have saved himself the trouble of having to find words and just repeated, “na ne na ne nahhhh nahhh”. Lol

  10. Ray Manta says:

    Ok, so between these two pics, given Forney’s stated goal of wishing to drop weight, two years have elapsed, does Forney look like he has undergone any sort of weight loss due to an exercise regimen?

    It’s fair to say that his physical transformation in the past two years is underwhelming. Two years ago, he was a pudgy bald guy and now …he’s a pudgy bald guy. Considering the amount of time he spends on writing about self-improvement (he often hawks performance-enhancing supplements in his writing) it’s flat-out depressing. I suppose it’s an occupational hazard of being a self-help guru – they seem to have a lot of trouble applying their advice to themselves.

    Forney’s article is a veritable cornucopia of feminist shaming gibberish

    It didn’t go over well even in Return of Kings, which isn’t exactly MGTOW central. Forney is a talented writer who has written a lot of good stuff, such as his article on ‘mattress girl’ Emma Sulkowicz. But his track record is marred by his repeated attacks against men he considers low in the social pecking order. It’s sort of like he’s trapped in a middle-school time warp, where the only important thing is if you’re one of the cool kids.

  11. Darth Sin says:

    Fat Fuck Forney goes full retard in his pathetic projection attempts.

    PUAs are running out of cash and validity because men are finding that MGTOW offers real, logical and tangible solutions.

    As a result, they try to shame MGTOW, only to discover that MGTOW are immune to it.

  12. BeijaFlor says:

    So much for “Return Of Kids.”

    Matt Fornicator has performed an ascending fornication with this article. Yes, he truly looks like Fat Matt the Brat, from your lead-in story, and his awkwardness truly shines through in the face of those “offended girls.” (Perhaps he was trying to use the “death threats” as an attention-ploy, in hopes of bedding one of them? Uggggghhh.)

    One lovely thing about Going Our Own Way is that we can point and laugh at aberrations like Fatt Morney, then ignore their hissing and sputtering, maybe while sardonically “wishing them luck with their landwhales.”

  13. Jettison Blast says:

    What seems to defy logic with me on traditionalists and especially with PUAs is attacking the MGTOWs that have completely given up on women. If these “alpha males” really believe that good women are out there then let’s use an analogy.

    Let’s say you are a business owner who acquires commodities and in this case you are acquiring women. Imagine if suddenly your competition just decided to voluntarily leave the market. Only a complete idiot would chase after his competition and say, “hey man, you’re abandoning your responsibility and have no future, get back here.”

    When I was chasing women in my early twenties I was happy when I would find out that a good looking and successful guy that I worked with or frequented bars that I frequented turned out to be gay. I thought one less guy I have to compete with.

    So what it all comes down to in my opinion is their inability to realize that they might be wasting their time in life and what society is telling them to do is actually detrimental to their well being. They are scared they have built their life strategy on a lie.

    I guess it’s kinda of like the guy who buys a shitty timeshare and then has to rationalize to his wife on why it really isn’t so bad and not a waste of money.

    1. Aaron says:

      Its not just about enjoying sex. Its also about external validation. When a guy drops out (especially an “alpha”) its an assault on that guys beliefs and lifestyle.

      He has no foundation from which to operate on, and his insecurity is very much evident in a situation like this.

  14. anon says:


    Holy shit, this guy is a fucking obese fat fuck. :/

  15. just a guy says:

    Some times i just don’t feel like the mgtow label fits me. I date, i look for ltrs but marriage is firmly off the tables and so is cohabitation depending on laws. I am sort of poly and that works out fine, but i just don’t feel like mgtow apart from the strictest definition (no marriage ) fits.

  16. Jack.Rayner says:

    It makes sense that men like Forney would jump behind a movement attempting to move the clock back.Things were much simpler back then. If you had a decent enough job you got a wife, and you were so ignorant that the though that your wife might fuck the milkman and/or mailman while you were away didn’t even cross your mind ’cause…hey! Women don’t even like sex all that much. Married men knew this from the dearth of sex they got. Hahaha.

    The farce of the traditional family has fallen apart spectacularly, though. Women’s message has been heard loud and clear by those of us not too busy pining away for that 1950’s American Dream of a white picket fence: Hypergamy is their game, and so much so, that they’re perfectly Ok with kicking the provider male out of the equation and taking his money anyways. Uncle Sam will care for them, and he doesn’t even require that they give up the pussy, or get mad when they go and fuck the type of guys that give them the gina tingles.

    It’s a win-win for the girls, but the boys are just too stuck believing that their womyn would never put their own desires before everything else, to include societal stability.

    How pitiful. No wonder The Red Pill completely and publicly divorced itself from “neomasculinity”. Who would want to associate with such an anachronistic ideology?

    1. Cale Olsen says:

      In a real traditional family there would be well over 10 kids, I guess that way the wif would not have the time or energy to fuck around.

    2. SisyphusBrah says:

      The Red Pill subreddit is kinda just the same old manosphere/”neomasculinity” thing tho, Roosh beef or no

  17. Simia-Cogitans says:

    A good read.

  18. Class-Punk says:

    So a modified falcon with that Japanese program Tenga was showing would sort of cover video games and masturbation, but to have the girl feed you Cheetos during the sex act you would need some kind of robotic arm and the program patched to compensate for that. But I definitely think its possible to play video games, masturbate, and eat Cheetos all at the same time. Hopefully marijuana is legal by then and you can buy 100 proof green dragon because at that point you might as well go all out.

  19. Paul M says:

    ” I am not incapable of compelling a woman to sleep with me”

    compelling ≠ persuading. One is rape, the other isn’t.

  20. SisyphusBrah says:


    Bar bar just ethered the entire manosphere…

    And yes, I intentionally use the term “manosphere”. Bar bar, you have specifically used that term in past videos, and kind of included the likes of Stardusk, Spetnaz and yourself in that category. I urge you to not do this. I’m pretty sure that term originates from Forney’s old blog In Mala Fide.. The term largely refers to the Rooshes and Clareys of the world, which has almost nothing in common with MGTOW. “Manosphere” means the same as “neomasculinity” i.e “PUA + Tradcon”, mixed with making ad and Amazon revenue of pretending to be some kind of Cassanova. You are not like these people, don’t associate with them. In fact you give them too much credit by implying their advice has any merit whatsoever, as George pointed out.

  21. Dave.JC says:

    Good god Forney is a total tool. For the life of me I can’t understand how anyone would take the fucker seriously. Show someone his photo and tell them how he is actually connected to some PUA’s and 9.9 times out of 10 they will burst out laughing. Forney an “Alpha Male”? LMAO.

  22. And now Aurini’s ” wingman” is on a crusade to ” expose” Mike Enoch/Peinovich and Co. and the other Alt Reich clowns. Let’s see how that works out.

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