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The Cost of Pandering to Women in College

Women in College
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  1. anotherbastard says:

    Excellent sources. It’s powerful to see all relevant data in one neat spot. I love that you’re writing for Shedding of the Ego, TFM :)

    1. I love that I’m writing here too. I have the utmost respect for Barbarossa, and I’m honored to be part of the team.

  2. Aaron says:

    Student loan debt is over 1 trillion. The majority of which goes to women. We know the govt will write it off. But I wonder what differences (if any) between genders they’re will be with regards as to how it is handled.

    After that, it would not suprise me in the least if female dominated courses are directly subsidized. Not sure if Ill laugh my ass off or shake my head in dismay?

    1. CS MGTOW says:

      Aaron, if they write off $1 trillion in debt it will most certainly lead to hyper inflation, in that the government will likely print the money to pay off investors. They may do this, but not without terrible and perhaps unimaginable consequences.

      CS MGTOW

    2. I don’t think they’ll write it off, it’s too much money. They’ll have to raise taxes (on men).

  3. CS MGTOW says:

    Hey TFM, superb post. I have been thinking of scripting a video looking at the global recession and why its very difficult to get out of recessions with the current workplace structure. Specifically that a significant percentage of current jobs the labour market consists of unproductive job. The sheer number of administrators, liberal arts type jobs which exist as a result of excess wealth creation seem to now be the only jobs going. Quite simply women ‘earning’ the majority of degrees harm us all, its not PC to say this. In the same way that the influx of women into the medical field has lead to a chronic shortage of doctors as women take of time for maternity and about half never return to full time patient care.

    1. Exactly. Egalitarianism wastes money and undermines growth by tearing men down to benefit women that can’t measure up.

  4. Tim says:

    The women’s movement is/was about:

    1.) Destroying the Patriarchy (forcing the redistribution of wealth and power from men to women).

    2.) Women’s sexual liberation from men.

    3.) Women’s liberation from the slavery of marriage.

    Obama on the economy:

    1.) You didn’t build that.

    2.) Fundamental transformation.

    I’m unmarried, child free and loving it. Thank you Obama and feminists. The unintended consequence is the liberation of men. With each woman that opts to remain single and opts to remain unmarried, one more man is saved from divorce rape.

    Once upon a time, a prince proposed to a princess. The princess refused. The prince lived happily ever after. The end.

  5. Tim says:

    Where’s the ego being shed?


    MGTOW are remarkable beings.

  6. Rome says:

    I’m devouring your content. You’re a talent…………….

  7. NotWorth TheSqueeze says:

    Funny story about Obama, Education, black men, black feminist.

    So black women are always complaining that they can’t find any good black(ie black men on their socio-economic level). So Mr. Obama decides to help a sista out by creating a grant to specifically to help black men. But black feminists said no, no, no Mr. Obama. Even though black women far outnumber black men on college campuses, they wanted half the grant for black women. And of course they got it.

  8. PaulProteus says:

    You know, I did some work on a video last month that I didn’t put out on women and minorities. The basic jist of it was basically the way we treat the phrase ‘women and minorities’ is actually enacted as ‘women ARE a minority.

    After reading the OU stats breakdown for myself I really wish I had put it out. My basic contention is that ‘and minorities’ is really just a cover for the most part because in a system like this the goodies if you will go to women who are minorities. I could be wrong but the black community in The States could be the canary in the coal mine here where after school is restructured for girls K-12, after scholarships are heavily slanted toward women and after hiring quotas to help women get hired the women then turn around, look at the men and say, “What the hell is wrong with you guys? You guys are man babies and it’s why I can’t find a good man.”

    This is really, really not going to play out well in another decade or so as the post secondary numbers become even more lopsided.

    Excellent article.

    1. totally agree. White women are the primary beneficiaries of Affirmative Action, not black people (that it was created for). By grouping women and minorities together, it allows women to hijack the benefit for themselves, while using minorities as human shields.

      If you look at the history of Feminism, it’s extremely racist, but Feminists use racism to keep men blaming each other instead of realizing that women are pulling the strings.

  9. Dear Dogma says:

    Shocking. Disgraceful. And yet well documented and articulated in this article. What an incredible cluster fuck. Wow.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Thank you?

  10. BiblioNazi says:

    Hey TFM, can you change the SourceFed citation for the APA article they referred to?

  11. anon says:

    The whole “Not enough people educated in STEM!” is a false controversy being pushed by businesses so they can lower the price of labor.

  12. Mark S says:

    Good article, but I think the “STEM” fields are emphasized too much. I think it’s better to ditch the term “STEM” as not all STEM fields are created equal when you are talking about economic returns of choosing those majors.

    For example, Economics Professor Bryan Caplan’s analysis shows that majoring in Finance or Economics may be better financially than majoring in Math (and Nursing better than Chemistry or Biology, which would belong to “S”).

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