Circumcision and the Real Patriarchy

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  1. Jay Double Gee says:

    …how can I not be the first one to like the article posted by my good friend Ayam. Xx

    1. Jessire Nagy says:

      ♂ I personally believe that the “patriarchy” was created by females, Instinctively. Females despise intellectual males. When you inhibit instincts & become intellectual, you become humble, & females don’t like this. Yeah, we came from harsh climates, but I doubt that females were attracted to others that were inventing the wheel – “beta” males – when we initially developed. Circumcision is not intellectual, It’s reactionary. ♂

      1. Ergeniz says:

        I’ve come to a similar conclusion, but I think the term “patriarchy” itself was created as a term used for social repression of men’s legitimate issues. Its no different than how women use “rape” and “misogyny” to shut down debate that might transfer attention away from men or center attention on women’s hypocritical, illogical, unsubstantiated stances (you know, ‘oppression’ and other such nonsense).

        The term is less a legitimate description of any type of social status and more a scapegoat to justify women’s blatant travesties of justice.

        I believe Douglas Galbi of purple motes has said something to this effect as well. I’ll see if I can find it.

        1. John Chapman says:

          As an uncut male I feel that circumcision was/is used as a deterrent to natural sex and masterbation. Only an uncircumcised male can understand this because circumcised males have no way of knowing the difference. The foreskin is extremely sensitive to sexual activity…I should know. Cleanliness as an excuse is simply a cop out. What’s the big deal about keeping a penis clean when one takes a bath? ‘God’ is typically male and The “Holy Spirit” is actually Feminine aka the Holy Mother. There is a spiritual connection that is established between males and females at climax and the reduced sensitivity in males reduces the connection between the two. Patriarchal religion fears the empowerment of women and a true spiritual male-female connection increases the possibility of creating an allied force against patriarchy. I feel that both patriarchy AND matriarchy are unnatural and history has proven this to be so. What could be more natural than a unified pa-matriarchy or Ma and Pa on an equal status?

          John (Jack) Chapman
          Anderson, SC

  2. Max Hydrogen says:

    There’s far worse male genital mutilation than circumcision… ;(

  3. Jay Double Gee says:

    …and now… my part:

    Feminists, for too long, have bored us all with the ridiculous, absurd, grotesque nonsense that they call the Patriarchy. This demented system where “all men oppress all women because… Patriarchy!”. A self fuelled dogmatic non argument based on nothing more than ideological abra cadabras. Their “logic” (also known as “she said it so it must be real”) is based on the “completely scientific” and “absolutely undisputable” evidence that all men say is “mansplaining”, while all women say is part of the supernatural “women’s way of knowing” (or… it’s those days of the month, get ready to agree or you’re a chauvinist pig).

    And for that reason (obviously), all mras, MGTOW and antifeminists (including most intelligent humans who understand basic logic), dismissed the “Patriarchy” as argumentative nonsense and ideological garbage. But is that fair? Should we completely throw the Patriarchy down the toilet just because feminists and gender ideologues, once again, out of selfish and political reasons, have infiltrated and hijacked language, corrupting words and their meaning only to push their agenda and control the narrative?

    The Patriarchy is in my opinion (as I have explained to my good friend Ayam in one of our live hangouts), one of the most powerful tools that MGTOW could use against feminists and gender ideologues. The Patriarchy might take us where those who have dismissed it in just a few words like “nonsense! There is no patriarchal system, and it never existed. The Patriarchy is feminist lunacy!” have actually never been. The Patriarchy (la società patriarcale – pater / latin “father”; a societal structure ruled by gynocentric, misandric, androphobic fathers), was (and still is like Ayam explained in this article) a gynocentric system where the Pater Familias (a real, roman / latin figure), had the absolute right (and here’s the deal!) to send their young sons to their deaths, while sparing their precious future “womb carriers”, their not so disposable, not really exploitable, not entirely expendable daughters because, you know, male privilege…

    The Patriarchy is what is mutilating most young boys in America, turning male genital mutilation into a multi billion dollar industry (while making female genital mutilation illegal in all Us states).

    The Patriarchy is what is kicking young Indian men out of their homes immediately after forced marriage (both boys and girls are forced into a marriage organised by their parents but medias probably told to that only women are forced, well that’s a lie), young men who are sent by the same Indian Patriarchy to the Middle East, in the Arabic Peninsula, to work like quasi slaves, where their working conditions will be something out of a nightmare and their passports will be taken away from them so they won’t manage to escape their “privileged inferno” (while their wives will get the money directly sent to them via MoneyGram or WesternUnion from Abu Dhabi or Dubai, hoping there won’t be too much blood on those banknotes).

    The Patriarchy is there, in all its gynocentric and misandric glory, ready to be conveniently attacked by insulted feminists and offended women, but always ready to serve a “gender egalitarian society”, entirely built, organised and run by men, and entirely served on a silver dish to women. Do you still have doubts? Well you should, after all you only need to look at the most powerful man in the World: Barack Obama. A Man, a leader, a father, a powerful politician and leader of the free world. And… a feminist. A feminist man who isn’t afraid to publicly declare that “women are smarter, women are better” or upload on youtube a video with the title “One is 2 many”, where he talks down to the “privileged men” calling them like dogs: “hey Guys, Listen up!” (Because you’re nothing more than a disposable tool to him. An expendable robot, ready to take orders).

    Yes, you should have doubts. Many. You should have doubts of these “powerful and privileged men”, who treat women like innocent flowers and men like garbage, and you should have doubts of your very society. A “gender egalitarian society” ? Or a patriarchal one. Entirely up to you to decide. And if you live in America… look between your legs. There’s the answer to your doubts. If one piece is missing, and you never gave consent to that, and chances are you’re one of those 60-70% of males who were mutilated without consent, well… I don’t know about you, but I would seriously start to have massive doubts about my “male privilege”.

    The privilege to be mutilated, and nobody ever asked. Nobody ever said “sorry. And nobody… would ever do the exact same thing to a girl.


    1. CS MGTOW says:

      Excellent points Jay, The Patriarchy is certainly and perhaps only, an institution to benefit women.

    2. I didn’t read this until now, after our hangout this morning. I guess I know why Ayam wanted the three of us to have a hangout on this subject.

      1. antithesis says:

        Had just started to eat the so-called red-pill (or whatever) and moving from MRA sites into MGTOW sites… and still having hard time to digest every single thing, but i “man up” and try to swallow them all nevertheless… haha

        Actually the very first time i become deeply disturbed with my past miserable life as man was when i watched NGC’s series on Lion and its pride. Why, I thought, the rise and demise of a lion king leading the pride (lioness, cubs and all) in a very short time on his prime age (2-4 years max in human years) ending them as outcasts and eventualy die a loner in misery IS VERY SIMILAR to what homo sapien men endures during our life time. It took me long time to slowly analyze everything on this “game of sex” and try to find my answer on the corners of the web. I wish someone here can see enlight me on this Lion’s Pride thing too.

        Having that said, I never at once in my almost 40 years life encountered any person with such school of thoughts adheres to “red-pilled” MRA let alone MGTOW in this corner of the globe, which I must say is still in its very 3rd world form. Hence, pardon my english since it’s not my native. LoL.

        We are living a pragmatic way of life here and do not develop too much analytical thinking either. And it strikes me like a gem to read someone is living at the same place as I do now even though I learned he is an expatriate. The hell, don’t matter. I would like just greet you: Ayam. Maybe sometime we can talk on something over ayam goreng and es teh manis… I would be enthralled!

  4. CS MGTOW says:

    hey Ayam, I really like this post. The issue of Circumcision is rarely discussed in MGTOW circles but it should be as it represents an ongoing war against males.

    1. Ayam Sirias says:

      Agreed brother. It is very taboo among men. In the meantime women laugh.

    2. BluDStaynD MGTOW says:

      It will be soon, as an Intactivist it is my experience.

      I was an intactivist before I became MGTOW and was the reason for joining MGTOW.

      There are various Traditionalist systems that utilize circumcision and to establish gendered norms and tribalism.

      I have everything all planned out on how to confront the issue of genital mutilation of boys for the MGTOW community.

      1. Mike says:

        Where have you been active? I have done some stuff in the NYC area.

  5. Patriarchy tends to go hand-in-hand with Traditionalism because if men rule, the women must be protected by the ruling men, and then gynocentrism naturally follows as men are taught to care for women, and the male population stabilizes and causes competition between men for the approval of women.

    It’s a longer process that you seem to imply. At first, after a tribe is conquered or depleted after war, the women far outnumber the men, and the women compete for the remaining men (or simply to be the concubines of their conquerors, as being serially raped is better than dying of starvation).

    Nothing gynocentric during that first generation or so, especially if the wars continue, and the male population is unstable. However, over time, as peace is established, and the male population increases, the men don’t see their women as property, but family. These are no longer women they kidnapped to rape, but their mothers, their sisters, their neighbors, etc. This, combined with the stable male population, and less women to go around, is the origin of the establishment of gynocentrism within a patriarchal society, which I describe as “Gynocentric Traditionalism” as opposed to “Patriarchal Traditionalism”.

  6. Paul M says:

    The purpose of circumcision – male and female – is to desensitise the genitals so that the child when it grows will be less dominated by their sex drive and the opposite sex.

    That is: patriarchies mutilate boys and matriarchies mutilate women. FGM is performed by the older women of the village, and it’s purpose is to make sure that a woman’s first loyalty is to The Sisterhood. Male circumcision is performed basically for the same reasons. More extreme forms – “sausage penis” – also help to control population in very hostile environments by making conception more difficult.

    Statements to the effect that it’s about health ore aesthetics are smoke and mirrors. The real purpose why it was invented in the first place as as part of humanity’s ongoing sex war.

    1. BluDStaynD MGTOW says:

      Yes, that is very interesting. Not only was it originated for that (though I dont agree that it was intended for population control while it was actually on the contrary) but it was to solidify cultural depictions of the gender binary giving monopolies over behaviors for example in pharisaic styles as reasoned in the past:

      Male circ excises the “feminine” (the entire prepuce or just its sphincter)

      Female circ excises the “masculine” (glans clitoris or more)

      Circumcision also amplifies some biologically unique behaviors of males and females but what is shared is the impulse to want to inflict it onto their children (of the same sex.)

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