Ulwaluko – Male Genital Mutilation and Circumcision

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  1. Gyrus says:

    Brutal and barbaric.

  2. NotWorth TheSqueeze says:

    That image is so disturbing. I didn’t know that is how the procedure is done. Don’t they know how sensitive that area is(rhetorical)? That has to be so excruciatingly painful. Plus what if the point of the cutting scissors misses and pierces the head? Damn this society hates men.

    1. TheKangarooBoxer says:

      search for “circumcision harm survey photos”, and you’ll see exactly what happens when its “botched”. …even though it’s ALL botched parenting.

  3. BluDStaynD MGTOW says:

    There have been documentations of African men being hunted and kidnapped into forced circumcisions. The wives call their husbands out and black mail them, basically threatening to feed intact men to the sharks.

    Pharisaic circumcisions are common in Africa as well as in the US. When a man is an adult, the foreskin removed is up to the size of an index card or about 16sq cm. Adult circumcisions are excruciating and in Africa, when done by village folk, usually ends up bad (worse for tribal circs in non-medical settings.)

  4. Nelson Mandela said his adult Xhosa circumcision was blinding white light, of electrical fire, that burned throughout all his veins.

  5. Mohamed Fahmy says:

    Dear I need a permission to publish this photo for male circumcision.

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