The "Cultural Marxism" Red Herring

Cultural Marxism
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  1. actually Marx and Engels wanted women to work like men do: “The emancipation of woman will only be possible when woman can take part in production on a large, social scale, and domestic work no longer claims anything but an insignificant amount of her time.”

    They saw work as the only tool for emancipation. So when the next part-time working houswife complains about women’s status then give her this answer.

  2. Great article….

    Most of what feminism “achieved” happened because of technology. In fact when a community gets access to birth control, women no longer want to be “barefoot and pregnant” and birth rates decline. (That’s what WN race realists cry about, but it’s due to technology and women’s desires.)

    It’s about time men profit from technology and walk away from the disposable protector/provider role…

  3. Max Hydrogen says:

    Anyone living on the more is surely a Lunatic!

  4. Cale Olsen says:

    I knew these conspiracy theories were bunk, that everything is largely unconscious and out of control, but it was hard not to get sucked back into faulty thinking, just like I knew I should stay the hell away from women and their was no need to feel lonely, but that female shaped hole was still there, bringing me down. MGTOW thought is liberation from so many delusions.

  5. Ichigo Gyuunu says:

    Blaming women’s shitty behavior on The Powers That Be is just a paranoid attempt at justifying their worship of the golden uterus. Women do indeed have agency, but tradcons(and tradfems I guess) want to believe that women are pure at heart or some other tripe.

    They can’t stand the thought of believing they actually would choose such destructive courses themselves. Tradcons are perhaps the biggest enemy, because they’re more easily able to manipulate men, the ones who actually get shit done.

  6. Tamerlame says:

    There is no such thing as Cultural Marxism, the term is complete nonsense.

    Conservatives can’t accept that their political belief system is crap, so they have to scapegoat and invent a conspiracy theory to explain away the failures of modern society.

    The left and right both do this, they are just being tribal.

    The left vs right war doesn’t belong in MGTOW.

    1. JImmy Bowyer says:

      I don’t know the origin of cultural marxism, but I can assure you, there certainly is a form of marxist doctrine that is spread artificially by centers of education. Now I don’t know if cultural marxism is the correct term for this phenomenon, but I think it adequately befits it’s effect, where the huge, huge numbers of marxists who have gone through these systems are produced.

      Further and higher education are affected the worst. I don’t know whether this is because there are fewer ‘minorities’ in those types of education, so they indoctrinate the ‘privileged’, or because younger children would naturally challenge things or take no interest at all, if at all understood.

      I know people that after a year or so of lectures about unrelated subjects, that somehow managed to incorporate marxism by way of modernism, began fanboying marxist figures. They are simply indoctrinated into this cult like state of being in complete agreement with a certain type of politics, merely because it came from a figure of authority whom it is rather important to both accept information from, and be in agreement with, should they neglect to do their job of imparting valuable information (with bollocks slipped in seamlessly).

      It’s exploitative, and yet these marxist indoctrinees would be the first as aggressors against you should you point that out, whilst simultaneously being wildly opinionated about other, less significant forms of exploitation.

      So you tell me, am I writing at length about something which is a figment of some collective imagination?

    1. barbarossaa says:


    2. Nils Dacke says:

      Taking a closer look, it seems to be a viral campaign from German Lawyers’ information.

      1. Jimmy says:

        I’m not surprised, it’s typical of “Internet News” which we have today

        Que Feminists SJW outrage:

        “Man destroys women’s property after split – Patriarchy in Action!”


        “Feminists justify malicious destruction of property”

        Alt-Right/or Alt-Reich as I like to call it:

        “Minorities can’t manage disputes effectively due to low IQ”

        RooshV/Return of Kings:

        “5 Reasons why you should destroy property after a break-up”

  7. Darth Sin says:

    Hi Barb.

    I made a topic that is related to this a while back in MGTOW HQ. Check it out


    I think this tendency for humans to conjure up things like this is a form of antiquated defense mechanism. I call it agency stripping.

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