Charleston Shootings, Racial Nationalists killing for "Their" Women

Racial Nationalists
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  1. It’s plain from the gunman’s words that he views himself as a protector of white womanhood. This of course begs the question: what role does gynocentrism play in race hatred. Is it that men see women as a genetic flag of racial identity that can be stolen or besmirched? What an intrinsically fucked mindset. My hope is that as men shed their gynocentrism, they shed their needless hatred and stop separating themselves into teams.

    1. Golden Eagle-owl says:

      Of course they see them as a genetic flag. Like RazorBladeKandy would say, it’s basically “whitey-gonna-die hysteria”. If that wasn’t enough we also have “blacky-gonna-be-subjugated panic”.

  2. anotherbastard says:

    I think you, Ziggy Zeitgeist and Bar Bar, have a fantastic point here and this was one of the more favorable reads for me. I think that men tend to bear a more tribalistic mindset that will more often than not inspire hostility to outgroups – but particularly for the men of outgroups.
    Despite that no empirical or historical evidence comes to mind, the culprit is clearly and unquestionably gynocentrism. “Protect our women”.

    I suspect that Dylann Roof knows full godamn well there’s no statistically significant margin of “black men on white woman” rape. What’s more likely is that he’s seen white ladies pining over black men as the sexually tempting forbidden fruit. Maybe his romantic interest “only dates black guys”. In such a case, it would be easier to accept that black men are rapists and become a murderous “savior of your women” than to accept that women from your ingroup don’t share your commitment to the tribe.
    Shed the Ego.

  3. Great article…

    Glad someone else is calling out the POS WN’s besides just Mr. Black Pill and myself…

    also good work on calling out the Black Supremacist’s…

    We’ve mostly been dealing with the WN’s as they have invaded much of the manosphere, not so much for the Black Nationalists but I suppose they both have a similar endgame…

    WN’s are obsessed with Mr. Black Pill’s blog…

  4. another way you know you are dealing with fake men’s rights/M(h)RA/MGTOW bashing is when you see links to the HBD race realists like Steve Sailor/VDare…

    ***cough***cough*** Craptain Crapitalism***

  5. MGTOW doesn’t need to be “multicultural” but it sure as fuck can’t let the broken thinking of the race realist/supremacist crowd infect it with a what about teh wimminz mentality…

    you will notice that the race realists always deny women agency and blame everything on men…

    how is this different from feminism again????

  6. you do not even need to go as far as such shooters/psychos…today you can easily say that “Indian men are rapists” or “muslim men oppress women” and the whole politically correct crowd will be eager nodding their heads…nota bene: racism and prejudice is acceptable if it involves demonizing men or a group of men and at least claiming to do so for the benefit of women or a group of women…and in this light this shooter was just a child of the very society and circumstances that raised him, just another mentally off-balance male whose whole center of the universe was the sacred jani

  7. Tim says:

    How do you destroy the patriarchy – e.g, forcefully transfer the wealth and power of white men to women and minorities? What is forced wealth transfer? Marxism.

    If a white teacher says something disparaging against blacks and/or feminist programs, that teacher is fired immediately. When a black teacher says something disparaging against white males or masculinity, she’s held up as a hero and protected.

    The VAWA, Yes Means Yes, Affirmative Action, Title IX, SNAP, WIC, Alimony, Child Support, etc. Who did these programs benefit? Both black and white women. Who did these programs marginalize? Men.

    How can a white woman be attacked by a black, have her baby cut from her womb and that not make national news as a hate crime? How can a black mob attack and kill a white family and that be not considered a hate crime? Why is that story hidden from public view? It doesn’t produce ratings. It doesn’t further the progressive narrative.

    How often is white privilege and patriarchy used to diminish, shame and demoralize white men? White privilege doesn’t apply to white women. Why? White women are victims of the patriarchy (white men). How convenient.

    Tradcons, feminists, anti-feminists and progressives all have the same goal in mind for men. That goal is to keep men in their disposable roles. As men continue to eschew marriage and family – then all that matters is what’s held in the sperm bank and what can be transferred through anti-male taxes from men to women. One way or the other, the white knights and gynocracy will have men’s wealth and power.

    MGTOW is about not giving a woman the power to destroy your life. Countless millions of men have had their lives destroyed through gynocentric thinking and the belief in the false illusions of marriage and family. Women are not your friends. Women are not your helpmeets. Women are your competitors and adversaries. Despite your biological programming to mate with them – you should realize that their outer appearances don’t match their internal motivations.

    Should nine people have died as a result of Roof’s inclinations? Should millions of men had their lives destroyed via feminist inclinations? Are blacks using the same tactics that feminists use to demonize white men while at the same time using that as cover to hide their own pathologically narcissistic sociopathy? The victim narrative is to blame any person not supporting the alleged victims, right? Who are the victims? Minorities and women, right?

    I’ve gone head to head with white nationalists on their stupidity regarding protecting their own. Those guys are deeply naive with regard to women’s intentions where men are concerned.

    Are women and minorities going after equality or superiority? Pull my middle leg and it plays jingle balls.

    1. Jimmy says:

      “The victim narrative is to blame any person not supporting the alleged victims, right? Who are the victims? Minorities and women, right?”

      I don’t think the women being the “victims” or misogyny has been overly touted in the media as precursors for this crime. Some manipulative idiot SJW will always look to make more of it to get attention for their cause and usually just for page clicks or money, but that’s a different issue – trolls will be trolls especially when $$ is involved.

      Stop taking SJW’s seriously, they are losers and they work on your outrage, they should be ignored, reacting and getting outraged by SJW’s is like an adult getting agitated at a small child.

      The victims were 9 black innocent elderly black people who were attending their church, that’s a fact. They were gunned down by a man who believed the White Supremacist ideology. This was a simple race-hate crime, reminiscent of a dark chapter in American history – there is nothing remotely controversial about this.

      Black people being outraged at this heinous crime is perfectly legitimate, regardless of whether you are mgtow/mra/feminist or whatever. If you can’t recognize this then you shouldn’t expect ANY genuine concern for any issue you may have.

      It’s important not to get caught up in reactionary nonsense and internet clickbait. To deny victims their legitimate grievances and ability to express anger is to deny them their humanity, how exactly does that benefit anyone?

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