How Women Got Their Contraceptives

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  1. MgToW says:

    Important topic, thanks for your contribution. You make a good point that no one will hand us men this pill, it will take work. Work that probably won’t pay off for us, but for future generations of men.

    Couple of important points about this though.

    the fact that women who claim to support “equality” did not ALSO fight just as hard for men to have the same (equal) access as women demonstrates to all men that they never supported equality to begin with and the fact that women in general (not just feminists) have fought and continue to fight to STOP men from gaining this same, equal opportunity further shows any man paying attention just what true Female Nature is. Men must never forget this lesson.

    Whether we live to see the male pill or not, women (not just feminists) have played their hand. They seek and use, every advantage OVER men they can get while at the same time fighting to keep men powerless. The millions of so-called nawalts and anti-feminist women of the world take full advantage of this imbalance of power in their individual relationships to trap men into parenthood and commit paternity fraud with ZERO aknowledgement of just how unfair these laws are to men. Women are currently seeking and using even MORE of these laws in the new-ish cohabitation laws many countries have passed. Men must never forget this when speaking with a so-called nawalt.

    Females take their female hormones to control their own fertility. Males taking the male hormone testosterone often find the same results. This may not apply to everyone but I put it out there for purposes of educating fellow males. You may have to look further into this on your own and may incur some legal risks. You may have to get your sperm tested to be certain and all of this will be on your own dime but I leave it for what it’s worth and ask that you pass on this information to other males where appropriate.

    1. CS MGTOW says:

      Hi MgToW thanks for your response. I remember watching a Bar Bar video about 12 months ago and what he said stuck with me. I paraphrase, “it’s not the female self interest that we should be worried about but lack of male self interest”. For sure women are highly self interested, men should also be. Men did not help women get their version of the pill, why would they help us?

      Women will certainly leverage technogical advantages against men, this is pretty much normal in my opinion, we do the same thing as a species against animals, we leverage our technogical superiority against fish in the sea with our boats and nets, the end result is that they become our food.

      The more we focus on how women have supposedly wronged us, the less time we spend exploring the male mind and improving our lot in life. I personally believe based on what I have seen in the scientific literature and my talk with Aaron and David that we are not too far off (5 to 8 years) from a male pill, this can directly benefit men in our life times, I will be in my mid 30’s by then and still sexually active, so will most men as we stay sexually active well into our 80’s if we keep our health.

      1. MgToW says:

        Hey again CS MGTOW,

        My point in pointing out the differences to males response toward women’s push for the pill vs men’s response when women got the pill was just to highlight Female Nature.

        As Bar points out in his recent article about the Red Herring of Cultural Marxism, men weren’t likely to form a cohesive, politically active opposition to the female pill but women are forming just such a response to the idea of the men’s pill.

        I’m well past the anger stage myself. I just think it’s worth drilling home the point that Female Nature predictably leads to women crying for victim status and pushes them to blame men while the reverse isn’t true, or isn’t nearly as true.

        I fully agree that preoccupation with female self interest can be a dead end but basic understanding of Female Nature seems to be lacking and because of this, many men seek to blame a word like “feminism” or “marxism” for women’s behavior when I see it a simply natural. We as men, have to understand it before we can formulate a rational response for our own lives.

        When we, as men, understand more about female nature, we understand more about our own nature and why we’re different and why the exact same issue (the pill) will naturally be much harder to get funded for men than it was for women.

        Thanks again for your contributions (that goes for everyone here!) and thanks for posting your hangout on your channel.

        1. Sphere Meme Reversed says:

          “As Bar points out in his recent article about the Red Herring of Cultural Marxism, men weren’t likely to form a cohesive, politically active opposition to the female pill but women are forming just such a response to the idea of the men’s pill.”

          You are so wrong about this. Women have for decades bemoaned the fact that birth control is on them, not on men. They WANT us to use reliable birth control, whether condom or pill or SOMETHING they can count on. They don’t want it to be all on them.

  2. joe says:

    Just donated. We all should.

  3. Sphere Meme Reversed says:

    ‘ If we truly desire a male pill, like women, we must mobilize, fund trials and even possibly take part in these trials. ”

    Back in the 70s scientists could not get men to participate in trials, that’s why there is no male pill today. Surely you can think of at least 3 reasons why men would be hesitant to participate in such trials, can’t you?

    We are better off sticking with condoms. They present no health risks, no side effects.

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