Trad Cons – Defenders of the Gynocentric Faith

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  1. Ob says:

    Men show the path, women follow. When men start following or pursuiing women (gynocentrism) humanity turns in rond and eventually collapses.

    There is nothing to expect from women, the fight for progress has always been and will always take place on the men’s mind.

  2. as for Donovan, he’s just a low class racist, but if you bring up that apparent fact, you are a homophobe, just like if you critique stinky Marcotte, you are a misogynist…



    You can see, now, from my point of view, he is peddling the same kind of “masculinity” that a tradcon like Judgy Bitch is. After all, they both live of the labor of men and just see men as disposable utilities…

    1. I’m happy to see the comments calling out Donovan as a racist. This is crucial. For MGTOW to make an impact, we have to rise above tribalism. I expect some squabbling over race. Humans are, after all, a divisive species. But our success depends on uniting as brothers. Brotherhood is the cure to gynocentrism. If that sounds like a slogan, so be it. All MGTOWs are my brothers, regardless of race, nation, or creed.

      1. ElCadejo says:

        How is Jack Donovan a racist? I know he hangs out with white nationalists but I don’t think that makes him a racist. As a Latino I don’t see why anyone should really mind white people showing a preference for each other. I won’t join the white club and they can’t join the Mexican club. Big deal. We can still work together as men, organized in our little groups, towards common goals.

        And how does tribalism take away male sovereignty? Compared to the nation state and the nuclear family, tribalism offers far more personal sovereignty as a system of social organization. Tribalism does not make individual men completely responsible for any women and children they are associated with, and so does not lead to the christian slave-morality we see tradcons promoting today. Feudal lords and the Catholic Church erased Europe’s tribes and enforced the nuclear family to end the independence of nomad bands, extended families and far off villages and to turn them all into dependent serfs.

        1. Cale Olsen says:

          The you tuber IAMBAAL is clearly racist and I mostly agree with him. Tribalism has to be accepted and respected. Non-racism can be just as accepted and respected by the brotherhood. Tribalism is not going away, it must be re-imagined.

        2. Donovan espouses tribalism along racial lines. You can call that racist or not. At the end of the day it’s a deeper shade of trad con with a white dad as the Spartan mother telling his sons to come home on their shields. I find wisdom in certain things Donovan has written, BUT I reject racial tribalism on the grounds that it splinters men into groups and weakens us in the fight against gynocentrism. I am far more interested in seeing men prevail over gynocentrism than I am in seeing any one race prevail over others.

          That said, the human mind is divisive. Like our primate cousins, we divide into groups and erect Us versus Them dichotomies. Therefore, I suggest a new form of tribalism, one that would be far more valuable in the fight against gynocentrism. Let the tribal division be between MGTOWs and Gynocentrists. As anti-gynocentrist sentiment increases in the US (as it certainly will during Hillary Clinton’s presidency), the swelling ranks of MGTOW would do well to identify the white knights, trad cons, and manginas who uphold gynocentrism as the “other” tribe. Take what Jack Donovan says about whiteness and replace it with MGTOW and we will have our blueprint.

          On a side note, it’s heartening to see a Mexican MGTOW. I’ve thought that Tijuana and San Diego would be an excellent starting place for a MGTOW Renaissance. Taken as a binary urban center, it has several ingredients that make it ideal, including a large Naval presence (representing a pool of recruits, as the military becomes increasingly fed up with female quotas), several law schools (to bring men into the legal profession in greater numbers to help blunt gynocentric laws), and a burgeoning prostitution industry (which would allow men to fulfill a basic need without entering into relationships.) But that’s another article. In the meantime, thank you for your thoughtful response.

          1. ElCadejo says:

            Hey, thank you for uploading this article.

            If IamBaal is still making content then I must have unsubbed him after he started on his anti-Latino rants.

            I’m Honduran, not Mexican, I used Mexican because it’s a larger group. I could end up totally wrong real soon, but right now I wouldn’t get my hopes up about Latin American MGTOW. The stranglehold of the Catholic Church, persistent political instability and violence, as well as our uniquely retarded “machismo” masculinity tradition has slowed Latin American social development to where it is today at a 1970s level relative to the USA and Canada. I lived most of my life in the northeastern USA, so that’s how I ended up different. I seldom hang out with a group of all Latino guys because all they ever want to do is beg for pussy in bars and clubs. I call out how dumb this behavior is and I get called the “yanqui” in the group. In mixed company, the macho Latinos become the clowns, as even blue-pill white and black guys don’t peacock so damn hard.

            As for Donovan’s tribalism in The Way of Men, I see the reimagining of tribalism as less political, racial or ideological and more personal and local. Donovan advocates the armed gang of men as the basic building block of human government, as in every gang, in it’s capacity for organized violence, is a petty government in waiting. The gang becomes a tribe once women and children get involved. The tribe is not just a petty government but also a petty community to be governed. In a modern context, this could mean a network of individuals voluntarily pooling some of their money, property, protection and even childcare expertise to exclude the interference of the larger state. The only disadvantage is that the members would all have to be close together, there can be no internet-based tribe. The nuclear family was made to make slaves, and it is defunct as the slave masters no longer need to control a “head of the household” and can now hold onto power by controlling women and children directly. Tribalism, as in mutual community self-reliance, is in my opinion the solution to this. Eventually, these modern tribes could grow into small belligerent nations inside the hollowed-out big nation. I don’t want to spread MGTOW to Central America, I want to make it more like Central America right here.

          2. I looked up Cadejo and see that it’s a Central American spirit animal. Cool name. Anyway, I think you’re right about Catholicism and MGTOWs. I grew up Catholic and it’s gynocentric as fuck. Very female centered. For whatever it’s worth, I was married to a Dominican woman and lived in a Latino neighborhood in NYC, so I’ve had some experience with Latino culture. That’s probably why I take a different view on immigration. I’m not married anymore but I still have a very positive view of Latino culture and welcome it as a blended flavor into American culture as a whole.

            BUT the Dominican dudes I knew, along with other Latinos, would knock themselves out for pussy. They would spend a huge chunk of their paycheck on bottles of Hennessy at the club to get girls to come over to their table. And then they would struggle to pay rent at the end of the month. Ridiculous. I love Latin culture, Dominican culture especially. Bachata, merengue, perico ripiao, etc. But thinking about it now, I can see how deeply gynocentric it is. Well, there’s always hope. On a side note, I found a Latino MGTOW channel. A dude named Invazor33. Here’s the channel…


            My Spanish is weak from lack of practice but from what little I gleaned the dude is on the level. BTW, I checked out IamBaal and enjoyed the little bit that I saw. It’s too bad he went off on Latinos. But you see man, that’s why I say we MGTOWs need to redirect the tribal instinct. Instead of nitpicking about race we need to take that Us Vs Them energy and aim it where it belongs: at trad cons, white knights, and manginas. Let’s slay this gynocentric beast. Alright man, be well.

          3. BTW, I appreciate your elaboration on Donovan’s brand of tribalism. But you can see from his vision that he’s not really concerned with fighting gynocentrism. He’s critical of it, on a surface level, but he would rather entertain his Mad Max vision of the future than actually work towards liberating men. Alright man, peace.

  3. “Men who profess to be against feminism while supporting gynocentrism are like Nazi soldiers decrying the Waffen-SS while serving in the Wehrmacht.”


    haha kind of ironic…

    but this is why “anti-feminism” is not the answer, remember that video where the trad con wants to send men to die in a war and the feminist has a “reasonable” viewpoint?

    1. jimmy says:

      Jack Donovan is a actually a popular figure in the manurephere but that isn’t saying much these days because half the manuresphure is now a white nationalist circle jerk, no one called it out when Roissey started it and it just grew from there.

      This is one of the problems with MGTOW associating with the manosphere, because the manosphere is now mainly comprised of groups like white nationalists, internet scammers (PUA/fitness gurus/self help), and conspiracy nuts, pick your poison: economic lol crash next thursday, Austrian gold standard, Rothchild lizards.

      What I don’t get though is that Donovan is gay and white supremacists and the manuresphere tradcons seem to openly hate homosexuals. RooshV is another one, he has an islamic background but still promotes racist crap on his website.

      Perhaps these two useful idiots think on the day of reckoning, they will get a pass.

  4. Ziggy Zeitgeist says:

    Youtube Links

    He is the father of two daughters who he happily parades before the media.


    The vibe I get from Giles is the vibe I get from the next door neighbor in “American Beauty,”


    Yes, because every man should at least hear about the concept of gynocentrism.


    They’re the unhappy cherubs who whine about male privilege.


  5. Ziggy Zeitgeist says:

    Sorry fellas. 4 of the links in the article are to youtube, and don’t seem to be working. I just posted the links in the above comment. Check em out if you’re interested. Hopefully, they’re worth the pain in the ass of cutting and pasting.

  6. Tradcons are even worse than feminists, last but not least because their misandry is harder to spot.

    In fact what boys need (and even girls) is more paternal involvement. I think it was even Gloria Steinem who said that children suffer from too much mother and too little father.

    But for tradcons men cannot have this opportunity. They have to work for two (or more), pay taxes (for two or more) and have to take the responsibility once this all goes wrong (for two or more).

    You will never hear that women, especially mothers, must work more so fathers can work less. You will never hear that they demand equal custody or parenting schemes after divorce. Nope, this goes against their primeval mating and approval-seeking behaviour.

    1. jimmy says:

      I think most tradcons think men were better off in the old days where they perceived that men had more power, most of their ranting can come down to “bawww, I want my toys back!” For some reason they think we can just go back in time, it;s mostly pure reactionary bullshit.

      Tradcons imply every aspect of feminism has been bad for men, forgetting that men are now freer sexually and don’t have to commit to dumb relationships and toil 40hrs a week for an ungrateful nagging wife.

      Increased male sexual freedom has been an externality of the feminist movement , (a negative one to their mind) hence all the anti-porn nonsense /rape hysteria spreading across the west.

      Religious and even non-religious tradcons are against casual sex, porn,prostitution just like the feminists. They are for “hard work” and “responsibility” which is essentially doing things to impress women even to your detriment.

      1. These attitudes are today nothing short of a neurological disorder. These tradcon men cannot go beyond their acquired male mother need and cannot imagine a world in which men are free from duties towards women and especially mothers. It reminds me of the one study where they found out that maternal and romantic affection are displayed in the same regions of the brain.
        What these men do then is go from the caregiving and authority of the mother to the caregiving and authority of the wife, perhaps the reason behind this gloryfication of domestic mediocrity.

        Nota bene that this “affection” also shuts down critical thinking LOL.


  7. Speed Wolf says:

    “If your daughters’ boyfriends are anything like me, that poster is gonna get crumpled up and used as a ball gag.”

    You sir, win the internet.

  8. jimmy says:

    Good article. This just goes to show that Tradcons/Feminists are the same.

    What’s strange is if the article was critiqued from an MRA/RooshV/manuresphere point of view it would just be outrage that a woman is the head of the household or the leader.

    MGTOW, takes should strive to point out how we are different from these clowns and for the most part have nothing in common with them.

  9. Nils Dacke says:

    Excellent article, tradcons like paul elam tried to co-opt MGTOW but that did not work.
    Look at the reviews of his shitty book on amazon, MGTOW is spreading and a tipping point has been reached in knowing that traditionalism is a scam. Still the message needs to get out to other men to not fall into those false alternatives.

  10. David says:

    Watching “The Kelly file” on Fox News last night, at least she’s against straight up gynocentric mysandry. A man on Auburn University was expelled for supposedly raping a girl that accompanied him to his dorm when he was black out drunk. Txts prove that she actually molested him, after the University expelled him. However after 21 months pass, she decides in her mind that he raped her… And without any investigation, The University expels him. Under Obama’s ruling, The accused party is pretty much presumed guilty and to prevent any more “trauma” to the “victim” they aren’t allowed to cross-examine the witness. Even though she might be a lying.
    This outlines mail disposability quite finally. These Universities don’t care if the man is innocent, they don’t give a shit.

  11. Jay Double Gee says:

    I read the whole article. The last firework display was this rare gem:

    “Our nation needs men. Make certain, ladies, you’re pushing that thing of yours with a willie, who has your last name, into greatness instead of pathetic gooeyness. Fill that boy with courage, honor, loyalty, a hardwork ethic, selflessness and a sense of God and country; and who knows… maybe someone with your name will stem the tide of our cultural corruption and bless this place versus adding to its demise”.

    You know, I’ll skip the whole “THIS… IS… SPARTAAAAA” garbage, there’s just too much to say on that and frankly I don’t have the time or energy to write a mile long comment on everything wrong about that monumentally predicable ridiculousness… so I’ll get straight to the point. (And I’ll skip the “homo suspicion” part, Terrence Popp didn’t give any +1 points for those who write blue pill tradcon articles, he just told us to drink beer, fart while scratching our cubes, and avoid dancing in front of our rugby playing, europe avoiding, squirrel shooting father). Bernard would be so proud…

    But anyway, after 10 minutes of rancid hypermasculinity, I read barb’s article. And then I thought… is there anything to add? Yes, there is. You see, it’s not masculinity per se the problem (or the corrupted versions that they keep giving us). And it’s not the toxic, counterproductive, chest beating hypermasculinity. No. It’s tempting to see it that way. But it simply fails to persuade an inquisitive, rational mind.

    The plantation men like Doug Giles don’t want mgtow to abandon is not just the minefield some men want to leave behind their backs to find freedom from insane gynocentric demands. The plantation is also the ultimate “men’s club” with its code of conduct, its official rules and unofficial oath of honor. And if you ever decide to abandon the men’s club, you don’t just betray women. You also betray the men who expect you to stay there and listen to their stories of chivalry, honorable accomplishments, great battles and secret missions. Like the mafia. Once you’re in, you’re in.

    These men and their stories and their honor and their duties and responsibilities need you to stay because that’s all they have. That’s all they learnt and it’s all they got. And if you leave, they’ll find themselves betrayed, abandoned, backstabbed and alone in their smoke filled cigar club where proud manginas will have these great white knight stories to tell but no one to impress.

    The real twiligh zone begins when you realise that men have litterally built their prestigious cigar club right on the plantation. Nothing is as gynocentric as a concentration camp conveniently turned into a football stadium where jurassic men will proudly indulge in perpetual and mutual shit testing to prove themselves and one another they’re the real, ultimate, superior providers. Someone please give them a medal. Or some space on the Guardian.

    And barb, the last part of your article is clearly the most intriguing. But I must confess, apart from your good intentions, let me leave you with this thought. And I swear, my goal is not to ruin your dream, which is honorable by the way, but rather, to let you focus on something I am going to explore in a video I will soon upload on youtube.

    You can certainly fight a battle that you don’t really want to win, it happened too many times in history. But you just can’t win a battle that you don’t really want to fight. And that’s the antifeminist dilemma.

    But I’ll talk about it in another occasion.


    1. Thank you for the brilliant comment Jay. You are right about plantation men building their men’s club on gynocentric ground. I myself can be nostalgic about trad con culture. But make no mistake, the men’s club has to be rebuilt on pro-male soil. This requires a seismic shift. And that is what MGTOW represents. I’m looking forward 10, 20, 50 years from now. MGTOW are the new gangsters, the new cowboys, the new antiheroes. The men’s club that MGTOW builds will be one worthy of the name.

      Regarding the last part of the article – and I’m not Barb by the way, although I take your confusion as a compliment – I hope to assure you that the battle must be fought. And won. I am of the mind that it is in fighting that we gain our courage and then, having tested our mettle, our self-respect.

  12. continuumspooky says:

    Revering the mother isn’t a problem. Half of masculinity revolves around respecting and protecting women you incel.

  13. Hello there, that’s an AWESOME article. It’s people like you tht made me follow the MGTOW philisophy, and I agree with 100% of your words. Just for you guys to have an idea, here on Brazil (god, I hate this country SO MUCH!), they aproved the LOLA LAW, that made me an CRIME talking anything ”bad” or that induces ”hate” to women, can you guys believe that? It’s the gynocentrism at it’s finest, and at the CCXP here in our ”beloved” country, many women and gilrs also called the help of men to solve the ”great” problem of harrasment at the event… this is happenning at our very noses and some trad-cons like BRasileiro De Aço (who has an channel on Youtube with that name) made an vide called MAN: THE BRAZIL NEEDS YOU…. in which he basically shame all men due to them not had man up and fight for all that concerns our country, including, you gessed – protection of women and children, and he sugests that we even fight rapists and other scums of our society. That is, men need to be soldiers, fireman, policeman, and everythiung else!

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