Suicide by Female

Suicide by Female
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  1. Eric L says:

    This is garbage. If you want to make statistical comparisons, compare married men to never married men. Comparing men to women is useless to me because I can’t choose to become a woman. I *can* choose whether or not to get married. There are also inherent biological differences between men and women which lead to differing life expectancies. We see this in all mammals with significant sexual dimorphism. Without taking this into account, we don’t have a clear picture of why men and women have differing life expectancies.

    1. CS MGTOW says:

      hi Eric, I have responded to you below.

    2. vortex says:

      There are monastry studies, in wich monks and nons took part in. Both sexes reach the same age, if the lifestyle is comparable.

    3. Debar Dogma says:

      Your suggested study (although it would be interesting to see) would not control for key variables that would sku it in favor of marriage. For example, there is a significant correlation between a lower life expectancy and lower socio-economic status. We know women reject lower socio economic class of males in favour of higher socio economic terms like stink on rice. Furthermore, women are very impressive in their ability to sniff out and reject any potential partner that is either already sick or is exhibiting pre-existing health conditions. Eric, at least you had the intellectual honesty to use language “never married” – whereas the lamestream media often trots out the dishonest garbage stats that don’t even control for divorced men that commit suicide en masse – for obvious reasons :(

  2. being not able to get out of a marriage without serious repercussions winds your health down…was it Brecht who said that you can kill man through arranging the circumstances accordingly?

  3. Anonymous says:

    You touch on an interesting concept, though it is incomplete. The saying work yourself into an early grave is a saying for a reason and many a man does so in order to provide for an ungrateful family. But still more evidence is necessary, don’t be discouraged and push on, death by female (I like it).

  4. CS MGTOW says:

    Eric L, in response. There are to my knowledge few, if any RELIABLE studies that compare health of never married men to their married counterparts. The few studies I was able to find on the subject ALL suffer from major methodological flaws. For example the 2015 study by Ploubidis et al analysed the rates of male health in married vs never married males by focusing on a biomarker which signifies an increased risk of breathing problems, they did not check to confirm if there are differences in ACTUAL breathing problems between the groups. Furthermore their study suffered from a major select bias in that the sample of the population in the study had undergone medical examinations, all this tells us is that married men are more likely to undergo medical examinations, likely due to the increased health problems they face within their marriage.

    And comically, Ploubidis et al also concluded that ‘the research also showed that getting divorced did not have a harmful impact on future health for either men or women as long as they found a new long-term partner.’ this is nonsensical and defies all the available evidence to the financial, emotional and psychological impact of divorce on men.

  5. Pellaeon says:

    @CS Mgtow

    To add some weight to your hypothesis, Dr Malcolm Kendrick in “The Great Cholesterol Con” very convincingly lays out arguments and evidence that the largest contributor to heat disease is stress. He also specifically compared women to men to show that stress is the major difference, not dietary habits.

    1. CS MGTOW says:

      I agree. Stress is the real killer, we as men need to find better ways to prevent and manage our stress, this way we can live just a long as women do.

    2. Anonymous Reader says:

      Stress is indeed a killer, and it can manifest in many ways. Women can and do create stress in men simply by picking fights, or yelling. The fight/flight/freeze response kicks in, a man can’t fight, can’t leave, and so the various compounds such as cortesol just float around his bloodstream, causing damage. At the very least men who live with women need to exercise regularly, and preferably working the whole body.

      Beyond that a man needs to know how to manage women, in order to decrease the chances of her inducing stress in him in the first place; Game is a good place to start. Both feminists and Trad Cons hate Game, of course. For the same reasons, I suspect: Game enables a man to manage a woman, lack of game puts him under her thumb.

      1. tamerlame says:

        Game is a fraud. Stop selling your PUA bullshit

  6. Max Hydrogen says:

    I remember a show on the Discovery Channel claiming that men die earlier because they expend so much energy chasing women… I guess all those dangerous labor intensive jobs with occupational hazards have nothing to do with it…

  7. Tim says:

    In the past 50+ years, in the US alone, tens upon tens of millions of men have been destroyed through divorce. Of those tens of millions, hundreds upon hundreds of thousands committed suicide. Who made that possible? The National Association of Women Lawyers (NAWL), the conservative and progressive legislature of California and Ronald Regan. What was the purpose of no-fault divorce? To make it easy for women to divorce their husbands while keeping their husband’s property and income. Did this strategy work for women and white knights? You betcha!

    Each and every day, you as a man are bombarded with images of male disposability, male chivalry and female ‘equality’ (superiority). Watch carefully the marketing campaign with which you’re presented. Why? Most things happen for a reason. What’s that reason? The forceful transfer of your wealth and power to women. What makes this possible? Your own naivete regarding the true nature of women – and your brainwashed predisposition to white knight.

    Ever see “Top Gun”? Ever see “An Officer and a Gentleman”? Think of all the movies you’ve seen that portrayed Lancelot riding up upon his fiery steed to save sweet Gwendolyn. Then – watch “The Last American Virgin”.

    Much goes into filling boy’s and men’s heads with deeply harmful illusions and enchantments regarding “the purer sex”. Don’t you buy it for a second!

  8. Beaker says:

    “Ever see “Top Gun”? Ever see “An Officer and a Gentleman”? Think of all the movies you’ve seen that portrayed Lancelot riding up upon his fiery steed to save sweet Gwendolyn. Then – watch “The Last American Virgin”.”

    Why was “The last American virgin” different?

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