Give Women Authority in the Church Voilà, No Molestation

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  1. tamerlame says:

    Women abuse kids more than men. Women are in charge of the family unit they decided to become single mothers and abuse their own kids.

    We know the results of female leadership of the African American community, of females taking over schools and running them, they will run the church in the same way.

    1. The Straight Shooter says:

      Bro, you stole my thunder. As I was reading this I thought the same thing and was gonna do a video on it.

    2. Ob says:

      I fully agree to with this. The gynocentrism and child abuse by women is also true in the african diaspora.

      But I’m curious to learn about those schools highjacked by women. Do you have stories about this?

  2. Xtianity says:

    The Vatican can suck my dick..oh wait bad idea!

  3. Bayz says:

    A million female pedophiles agree with this.

  4. Tim says:

    It’s so simple, isn’t it? “Man up”, right? Even the pope is telling men to back off on their dislike of feminists. Why? #1, the pope is an IDIOT, #2, the pope is a white knight, #3, the pope has gotta keep the meat in the seats and #4, the pope has gotta keep the breeders happy. What does that make the pope? Let’s all answer that question for ourselves, shall we?

    “Yes Means Yes”. As a man, you have to love that one. Why do conservatives like the pope love it? Because it prevents casual sex. As we all know, the women’s movement was never about (1) the sexual liberation of women, (2) the destruction of the patriarchy or (3) the freeing of women from the slavery of marriage. But yet – it’s men that need to lay off the feminists. Women are never guilty of their own sociopathy – are they?

    Let’s all spell this out for the pope, so even he can understand it. Liberals love it because it gives those that rely on Marxism the freedom to transfer power and wealth from those that earned it to themselves. That’s the basis of Marxism – the forced redistribution of wealth and power from one person or group to another. Conservatives love it because it shames men into doing things that are against their own best interests – like getting married and having kids. For both liberals and conservatives – it’s all about how badly men can be destroyed for the benefit of women. Ever wonder why selective service was/is male only? Now you know. Think about how destructive all of those other women-only programs are to men.

    Religion didn’t oppress women. Religion oppressed/oppresses men – hence the male shaming and man up messages. Per usual, as a man, you’re supposed to believe the opposite of the truth. As a man – you’re supposed to believe that you’re the oppressor. Why? Because those that benefit from the forced transfer of wealth and power from you to themselves will gladly shovel the dirt over your grave after you’ve naively succumbed to their pressure. It’s imperative and fundamental for those that suck the life blood from your production and naivete to convince you that you’re the menace and that they’re the angels.

    Those that hope to herd men into a psychological corral of self-doubt and weakness are psychopaths. Who are these psychopaths? The pope, the feminists, the anti-feminists, the liberals and the conservatives. Each hopes to gain from the destruction of the majority of men.

    The sudden uptick over the past few decades of women raping boys is of course all men’s fault as well – as it the sudden and shocking rise in all female crime. Men are to blame for all things. As more and more boys are taught that older women seducing them into sex as boys is rape, I suspect there will be more and more women getting a slap on the wrist as well. I’m sure the pope will be the first to side with women on the whole adult-boy-love thing, no matter if that adult be male or female and no matter the gender of the child.

    Praise the Lord! Can I have an AMen!?

    1. evilwhitemalempire says:

      “”Yes Means Yes”. As a man, you have to love that one. Why do conservatives like the pope love it? Because it prevents casual sex.”
      Actually that is also why feminists like it.
      YMY is basically just back door ball and chainism.
      It’s the fems answer to how to get men to buy the cow when they can just steal the milk.
      Simply threaten to tell the police that you stole the milk (i.e. changed her mind and decided it was rape all along) unless you agree to but the cow.

  5. Paul M says:

    If people think that women in church will end the abuse, tell them not to look too closely at juvenile detention institutions – they might accidentally learn something they don’t like.

    You know what most violent rapists have in common? As a juvenile, they were sexually abused by an adult woman. Juvie is a factory for turning them out.

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