The Male Discrimination Gap

Male Discrimination
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  1. Aaron says:

    Judging by the dislikes I’d say the site is starting to cause butt hurt. Well done gentleman. LOL.

    1. barbarossaa says:

      Hmm the dislikes are odd I don’t see traffic coming from anywhere that would indicate a downvote brigade

      1. Anonymous says:

        The article might have found its way to some feminist site.

  2. Eric says:

    Meh. Maybe it gets downvotes because it’s a lame article rather than some feminist conspiracy? This sounds like AVFM and and the kind of stuff you would find on one of RooshV’s sites. As far as writer’s go you should emphasize quality over quantity.

  3. Greg Canning says:

    Anyone who has worked in a government or public service environment know that this article strikes at the truth. Well done , keep up the good work.

  4. Caploxion says:

    Whilst it is interesting that there is an inordinate amount of dislikes on this, it should not be of concern. A dislike is essentially a worthless comment; merely the expression of disliking equates to saying “I don’t like this” without saying why, which is a text-book example of irrational/illogical thinking (i.e. begging the question). No MGTOW who takes himself seriously should be worried by mere disapproval. Of course, if the detractors offer something of a sustained (new) rejection, then it should be considered. But anything including solely elements of: pure expression of emotions/NAWALT/”you’re sexist”/”you can’t get laid”/”you’re so bitter”/”man-up”, should either be ignored or laughed at.

    Not everything is worth your time, gentlemen.

  5. The Reservoir says:

    The amount of dislikes and lack of any counter argument is the proof that penis mightier than sword.

  6. Cary Harris says:

    This is perfect, affirmative action is proof positive that women are less qualified and need discrimination in order to succeed. That is a fucking slam dunk- lets see feminists and manginas counter that!

  7. I just made a video based on this article for YouTube, so we’ll see if the thumbs-down trend carries over.

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