I am MGTOW – Now What?

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  1. vortex says:

    Gnothi seauton.

  2. Ichigo Gyuunu says:

    God knows that’s my struggle right now.

  3. Tim Patten says:

    I agree. Since going MGTOW, I’ve decided to use my time to write books for men. I feel I might help to reach other men with sound stories that assist them. I only want to help others to look inside and build their own incredible future. Each of us have a power that is all our own. I also write articles that appear on web sites like and A Voice for Male Students. Life is beautiful.

  4. Badass Male says:

    There is no category on money?

  5. Without knowing about this site of Barbar’s, I came to the same conclusion, albeit from a completely different angle and background. Even my nickname and blog’s tagline (not trying to do a shameless plug here) is extremely similar.

    Knowing yourself indeed is a huge challenge, if not the biggest, challenge in life. Regardless of going monk way or being social, “who am I” and “where am I headed to” are inevitable questions. And I strongly believe, philosophy and psychology will be, and should be a big part of MGTOW literature in the future. Let’s see how much we can succeed in exploring these questions together.

    Thanks for the great article & video!

  6. D says:

    A thoughtful article. It mirrors a lot of my own musing upon MGTOW’s and listening to their ideas. What is the point of breaking the chains of relationships with women just to become more hopelessly entangled in consumerism or hedonism? Or going through this process just to justify to ourselves to play more xbox? MGTOW should not be a destination but an initial state to reassess our own selves in society and what we value. There should be no agreed upon destination for MGTOW because we all have our own path to traverse.

  7. I enjoy how the writer organized his ideas in addition to
    the visual part.

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