Reddit Begins Banning Subreddits for "Harassment"

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  1. I wonder when we’ll see more laws against bickering with women on the Internet. My guess: only a matter of time. You Insult one woman and she reports it and whole Networks and Groups get taken down.




    1. Ob says:

      I like the conclusion of your second link:
      We feminist (in the name of silently supporting females) claim the right to silence men in the name of the freedom of expression (for women of course)

      1. Well..what else is to expect from feminists? The trouble though is that TIME Magazine has also male journalists and editors and they seem alright with this. Also, imagine the shitstorm from women in case we had such a statement with reverse gender roles. But what do men do when they read something like this? Crickets!

        And that is why live in the world we live in. Men by and large still don’t get for whom the bell tolls and this is why it will get worse and we will soon see censorship against anything critical of women or feminism.

  2. jimmy says:

    Youtube/facebook will adopt this stuff eventually.

    As for redddit, in this case I don’t know that r/fatpeoplehate was all about.

    If they were posting pictures of random fat people on a thread called r/fatpeoplehate and just being derogatory that is a form of harassment and i’m not surprised reddit would move to remove it.

  3. MikeTO says:

    The more reason to use MGTOW forums over reddit.

  4. big_red01027 says:

    It’s funny that Reddit doesn’t realize how hypocritical this policy is.

    1. JimJam says:

      It think it realizes I think it just thinks it’s entitled to hypocrisy.

  5. braininavat says:

    I’m surprised no one here has yet noted that this Reddit policy was a result of Ellen Pao coming onboard Reddit. Pao, of course, made her fame from her gender discrimination lawsuit against venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins.

    While those who control Reddit may not get how hypocritical this is, the users have no illusions about it and an enormous amount of commentary has already been written on the site about the hypocrisy. The emerging consensus is that Reddit needs to make its site palatable for advertisers in order to avoid a PR disaster if some advertiser has themselves unintentionally associated with a subreddit that offends a vocal group of victims.

    TIME (as mentioned above by Alexander MGTOW) is hardcore blue pill territory, regularly featuring spectacular white knighting, as indeed typifies all MSM.

  6. Alex says:

    It is essential to find spaces outside of YouTube and social media for the communication of information. I think MGTOW will have to start spreading information on college campuses. I mean going there and speaking directly to students. We also need a site to put videos once YouTube starts with their censorship. It is time to organize. The main thing we must do is stay out of the system personally and help others with information and moral support.

  7. Billy Bob says:

    Simply our local social engineers attempting to put yet another finger to plug the leaking dike. But who watches the watchmen?

    There is no need to organize, no need to panic. The logic presented on this site is the result of pain from conflicting cognitive dissonance in the male (logical) mind within the current zeitgeist. If the system is inherently flawed or obsolete, then all the social engineering in the world won’t stop the individual reboot.

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