A question for women.

A question for women.
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  1. bonus says:

    This is like reading my youtube feed. All my favorite mgtow are now officially on one site going ham

  2. Agreed, men realize this on a conscious and subconscious Level, that even dating comes with costs and risks, let alone commitment and marriage/fatherhood.

    But I think that something else is going an here as well: our societies and institutional frameworks have progressed to the degree that they made any form of “nuclear Family” formation redundant. Hence even younger men that never heard of MGTOW (the 99% majority at the moment) do not chase anymore a defunct Lifestyle and are now slowly but surely coming to terms with the new normal.

    As this is a transitional period, we see all kinds of attempts to either push men back into the provider role (individually – fathers or (ex-)husbands and collectively as taxpayers transferring billions to women, (especially older) housewives and single mothers) or to shame them into submission by rape-shield laws.

    This just accelerates the process that would take place anyway and will at some point push men to come out of the woodworks.

    Mind you: those (usually young and single) women that do work fulltime and do not pursue some sort of traditional role anymore are subjected to wiring their money to their sisterhood as well, and from what I hear is that they are not really positively thrilled about this (and no, I’m NOT talking about “women against feminism”).

    The more both genders start to live the same lifestyle as men by putting work and career first, the more their objective interestst tend to converge at some point.

    Which renders the 3rd wave feminism already a foul existence, getting eventually less and less support (although in the anglosphere tends to be more gynocentric than other cultures still).

  3. vortex says:

    Women gambled themselfes out of their land of Cockaigne.

    Reminds me to visit canadian C.O.C.K.

  4. Ichigo Gyuunu says:

    I tend to ask, “what do women have to offer?”

    I usually don’t get anything worthwhile as an answer. To be fair I’m an introvert and don’t much like people in general, but what few people I interact with tend to be just pleasant to be around, don’t bring narcissistic drama all the damn time, and are willing to help you out without demanding anything in return or know how to take a joke and are willing to give as much as they take.

    That’s rare enough for a lot of guys, so the numbers are even smaller for women.

    1. Nils Dacke says:

      Im pretty much the same. I once asked a friend who always been in relationships the same question. “You always have someone around to talk to” and “inhouse pussy” where his selling points.

  5. jimmy says:

    In this article you assume that men are the only ones walking away from relationships, I don’t think it’s that simple.

    I think it’s important that we don’t repeat MRA/tradcon talking points. The fact is women don’t want to settle down as young as they used to because they need to have careers and want to be more self reliant, as far as mgtow is concerned this is good, they should start pulling their weight.

    Sexual relationships have changed too, women are commitment phobes as well as men because there is more choice. 10 new partners can be found at the click of a button and things are never going to be the same again, and it’s not as if men are trying to commit either.

    Another thing is that 4th wave feminism or e-feminism /clickbait/$feminism is mainly an online phenomenon, rooshy/avfm is just the reactionary online movement. Go and look at the biographies/profiles of the 4th gen feminists. These people are shit tier writers who can’t write for serious news programmers and “journalists” who are basically muckrakers. They do what they do because that’s all they can do, whine on the internet/twitter, they don;t work in serious employment or have serious jobs.

    1. Splendid reply! You should link or start your channel and bring some fresh air to the community.

    2. You mean that they have been conned into following the path men never liked in the first place, conned into doubling the revenue of the tax ‘farm’ like sheeple.

      As a man I would rather stay with my children than go to spend my every waking hour in a career. I just can’t wait to go off to my career. I think not.

      You are not thinking, you are just regurgitating the propaganda. Think about it.

      Also all the ‘waves of feminism are a lie. There have been waves of propaganda and cultural Marxism befuddling the weak minded and part of that propaganda is the dictionary definition of ‘feminism’ which we know from the white feather toting Suffragettes to Errin Pizzey in 1971 to the international men’s conference in 2014 is a load of horseshit extension of the biological imperative aka pussy pass.

      It’s all a big con! Careers are being automated, bullshit is what you mean.

      And if you cant get past hedonism within a couple of years then you deserve to go the way of the dodo.

      Do you realise that 500 years ago people were set for the year after about 3 months of work? What happened to automation making life even easier and who conned you into thinking its a good idea to work like a slave and only get about 2 weeks off a year instead of nine months?

      Of course the lame-stream is a joke, but the real ‘muckrakers’ as you call them do their work in sociology classes convincing women to live the live men only dd by necessity and to blame the fact that it’s a shitty existence to be a tax slave because …penis.

      1. Damn it…all those female corporate bankers, consultants, mangers, engineers and HR Directors were tricked by sociology teachers! the next time I meat one I will have to discuss this with her ROFL

        Mary Barra would have been a good housewife instead of the CEO of GM! I think you should read more from theses conspiracy websites.

    3. GabrielKnight says:

      In the mating ritual, women are the chosers and men are the competitors. Men compete with other men for women and women pick whatever guy they find the most attractive.

      Yes, women now also pursue careers but when it comes to dating, it is still men who have to win the approval of women. And when more and more men decide that the chase is no longer worth the catch and that there are more rewarding things in life than getting laid, women will be forced to become more active, if they still want a relationship.

      Now a lot of women constantly talk about how independent they are and that they don´t need a man. And I met many women who told me the same. But when I got to know them a little better, most of them told me that they wanted a relationship and a man in their life (Of course only with a man who is willing to fullfill her endless list of demands). They told me how nice it would be to have someone to “look up to” (translation: Carry my weight and solve my problems and be my emotional tampon) or that they feel “lonely” (translation: They feel empty inside and they miss the male attention)

      But the problem for those women is that most of them would never start becoming the active part, taking over the role that men had in the past. They are simply completely clueless (just read some of the “dating advice” from women on the internet. They don´t know what the are talking about or they are spreading false information on purpose) and many of them are too socially awkward to go through all the stress that men go through in the dating world.

      When men pull back, women have only two options: Accept to stay single or start to become more active. And that means having to deal with rejection, developing an interesting personality to attract men. Being creative about how to spend the evening on a date and so forth.

      Some women would probably be able to do that and they maybe have to offer something to men, at least for a short period of time. But most of them would simply be overwhelmed by the task. Most women don´t even have the confidence to approach a guy because their fragile egos fears rejection.

      And I don´t think that it is that simple and that at some point, women will find common interests with men, because they made similar career choices. Women look at a relationship from a completely different perspective than men. The average guy is happy to find a woman who loves and respects him and who is good in bed. Most women will ask: “What can he do for me?”

      Even if the situation for men and women will be similar in the future, the expectations are very different and this kind of entitlement will be womens biggest obstacle. Women want very different things out of a relationship.

      1. who cares…as long as they work and you don’t have to finance them…apart from that…there are many women out there who actually actively avoid marriag and who are positively thrilled to live without a partner…most relationships get boring after a while anyway

  6. David says:

    This has become my new Favorite site, visiting everyday, keep it growing!

  7. Speed Wolf says:

    Outstanding piece, knocked it out of the park.

  8. Billy Bob says:

    This site is continuing to show me just how ridiculous the clickbait supposed men’s rights and feminist sites are. Just cartoonish, kinda like a guy who took too much steroids or a chick that had too much plastic surgery. Hollywood productions to make a quick buck, providing addictive dimorphic drama to the profane. The logic here cannot be refuted and truly, technology has permanently altered human survival incentives.

  9. Well the most sad group of men is the one pretending that women ought to be protected at all costs because they *are* superior. They aren’t.

    I will be writing few posts about it soon, but basically I side with Roosh that men nowadays are just entertainers. If you ‘entertain her’ good, she opens her legs – gives her affection and time – falls in love. If you’re not that cool-funny-interesting, she is not going to do it.

    Nobody ever says about what women bring to the table. Because they aren’t bringing anything other than – usually crappy – sex.

    And men? We are bringing in everything. Plus sex. Ha!

    1. Alex says:

      So why would a man spend his time dating when such an activity does not justify itself based on cost benefit anysis. One must be desperate, lonely, or brainwashed into gynocentrism male roles to fall for that. The real question is who can hold out longer in this battle of wills. Women have more material and socio-political resources. Men have more individual skill and grit to blaze new paths and create. MGTOW must provide men with the intellectual resources to understand their condition and individually blaze a path of manhood.

  10. I am clapping and cheering BRAVO!

  11. Tim says:

    Was watching a show on women’s prisons last night. One of the women featured in the show ended her husband’s life after she caught him cheating. She stabbed him in the leg with a steak knife, which severed a major artery and resulted in his nearly immediate death.

    The defense offered the man’s family a plea deal in which the charges would be reduced from murder 1 to voluntary manslaughter. The sales pitch read like this: It was better for the child if the mother didn’t spend the rest of her life in prison. It worked – and the father’s family signed off on the plea deal. The woman was sentenced to three years with time served. She never let the father’s parents see their grandchild after she was released – which was part of the sales pitch to get her charges reduced. She’s now remarried and happy with another child from the new father.

    There’s a global effort underway to eliminate women’s prisons. The sales pitch is that it’s less costly to society if women are reformed rather than imprisoned. The pitch continues to state that it’s better to give women free childcare, therapy and education. No such pitch is being made to close men’s prisons. Statistics gathering agencies funded by feminist friendly governments are churning out statistics favoring this agenda.

    There’s a reason progressives love Sweden. What’s that reason? The country caters to women and women’s children. The government does what women tell them to do. What’s that? They forcefully transfer men’s wealth and power to women through taxes and wealth transfer programs that benefit single women. Sweden is feminist/progressive utopia. There’s no need for women to marry. Why? They’ll get the money either way and they can sleep around with whomever they want. Recently, the Swedish government told their corporations to give women 40% of all board positions or face major fines and/or dissolution. Marxism is the forced redistribution of wealth from those that earned it to those that want it.

    The women’s movement is about (1) destruction of the patriarchy – which is the destruction of men and the forced redistribution of the wealth and power to women, (2) the sexual liberation of women and (3) freeing women from the “slavery” of marriage. Given the above, why would any sane man get married? I’ll tell you why. It’s because mountains of propaganda are being churned out in movies, schools, TV and music. All forms of media are abused to keep men lining up for their own slaughter at the hands of a woman. This conversion of men into sperm donors and ATMs is especially intense in countries like Sweden.

    Only MGTOW tell the truth. Only MGTOW help guide men through the subterfuge of illusions, enchantments and social programming that goes into turning men into naive idiots primed for full life destruction. Men’s greatest enemies are the progressives, conservatives, feminists and anti-feminists. All hope to herd men into a psychological corral that benefits their particular agenda and that facilitates the forced redistribution of men’s wealth and power to women.

    1. Ob says:

      I would rather say that men worst enemy is his own dick that makes him accept the unacceptable in hope to get a pussy.

    2. Nils Dacke says:

      Today Metro sweden run their second part article in their series of woman prisons. The narrative is to show the faces of the women inside them. In the same newspaper a mangina gay man in the HBTQ movement writes an article about that scientific discoveries was stolen by men from female scientists. One might ask why i read that crap and its more like a casual hobby.

  12. ManWithPlan says:

    John, as smart as you are I am stunned you think women have the capacity for rational self-reflection necessary to understand this.

  13. Cary Harris says:

    Nice work John, welcome to the site and looking forward to your next article.

    I think your point about women and girls believing themselves superior is an excellent one. And it gets reinforced daily with programs to nurture girls and women, to give them a non-confrontational and encouraging environment to succeed. By providing affirmative action quotas to facilitate success of women at the expense of men, and lowering minimum fitness standards for women in the military to boost quotas. For ladies nights at bars, women only sections of gyms, title 10 machinations in universities and colleges.
    And when they succeed in these fields, now that standards and quotas have been adjusted to facilitate their success, we pat them on the back and say great job, you go girl, you can do anything a man can do. While the man is judged by a higher standard, with higher expectations, working against rigged quotas and affirmative action policies.

    What man can respect the institutions that facilitate this environment? A growing movement of MGTOW is an inevitable consequence.

  14. e says:

    If I am excluded because other women have given me a bad name, then I will be forced to further distance myself from them and prove my worth. As for the boat, I’ll plug the holes with the noses of the bitches who drilled them to buy time while I build a raft.

  15. Sanju says:

    The only thing that matters is decency. If you don’t have that, man or woman, you should be thrown out of (decent) society.

    Unfortunately my experience is that women do not possess decency and only possess the ability to pretend to be decent (manipulation).

  16. ukg says:

    Most men realise the dangers of women now.
    A married friend of mine recently admitted that he regrets getting married and that his wife is a dictator.

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