The Feminist Beef with Male to Female Transgender Women

The Feminist Beef with Male to Female Transgender Women
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  1. Max Hydrogen says:

    Jesus man! How do you find the time to produce so much content! You’re a machine!

    Great article.

    1. vortex says:


  2. The Plague Doctor says:


    Off topic: Could you please do a video on this topic:


    I am in complete agreement with this scientist, and also believe it would be better if we had separate high schools and colleges for women.

  3. On the subject of transhumanism: if I’m ever in an accident and lose my limbs, I’d rather go full-out cyborg like Trap-Jaw from He-Man than get a hook and a scoop leg.

    I never understood the people with the fake mannequin limbs. Why have a plastic hand or a hook when you can have a minigun?

  4. Ziggy Zeitgeist says:

    Great article. I’m glad you brought up Germaine Greer, as her brand of misandry reveals the intolerance that is woven into feminism’s core. Many feminists proudly proclaim themselves TERFs (Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminists), which basically comes down to hating anyone with a dick being elevated to a political stance.

    Betty Friedan and other feminists have famously attacked Freud for his theory of penis envy, but by god if they don’t prove him right again and again. Witness Sharon Osbourne cackling like a hyena about male castration on The Talk. Feminists are trying to paint cis-men as haters when it comes to transgender, but this is just to take the spotlight off their own intolerance.

    Homophobic MGTOWs will balk at the idea, but trans women are natural allies of MGTOW. A core idea of MGTOW is that it shirks off Gynocentric decrees – like neo-masculinity or Return of Kings-style posturing – of what constitutes manhood. We live by own our scripts. The same can be said of male-to-female trans women. Or for that matter female-to-male trans men. In my book, the shared goal of male self-actualization trumps everything else. Case in point, there’s a trans woman MGTOW active on Youtube going by the name of Crossing Ways.


    I believe we should show Crossing Ways and other trans MGTOWs support and welcome them to the fight against gynocentrism.

  5. Other than this is a completely moronic idea and actually rolling back the sexual liberation: How do your prove it was a lie? Maybe the guy was erring when he said his Business will make him a millionaire by next week? Or what was even being said?

    I guess we have to take the “lady’s” word as the Gold Standard here.

    Next Level of Misandry unlocked: jail men when random woman says so.

  6. Louis says:

    The problem with social justice is when you see everything in term of feeling and oppression, you end up with contradictory beliefs.

    For example, feminists told for 2 generations that differences between men and women were social constructs and totaly distinct from biology. So that mean that you can be a man and like girlie things and have feminine attitudes. The same thing apply for women who can be masculine and like manly things.

    Then the trans acceptance crowd tells us that they are women in their mind, but not born in the good body. And this is supposed to be distinct from guys who just happens to be unmanly and feminine. If differences between men and women are social construct, how is it possible to be born in the wrong body? That’s would be like me saying that i’m born in a white body but I am a japanese for real and if you dare disagreeing you are oppressing me. All this is supposed to be distinct from me being fascinated with japanese culture or something like that.

    I heard some transfolk saying that they are born with the brain or part of the brain like the genders they identify with. But that would mean that men and women are really different in some fundamental way and open the discussion about that and contradict the first premise.

    Another problem is trying to be against islamophobia and beeing feminist at the same time. Or defending freedom of religion or gays.

    Sorry for spelling mistakes and grammar but english is not my first language.

    1. mary says:

      There are 100+ studies on trans men and women and how their brains match the sex opposite of the one assigned at birth. So when we talk about sex characteristics we can discuss chromosomes, hormones, genitals, brains and secondary characteristics such as body hair. (Adding brains to this is a radical idea even with 100+ studies backing up statistically significant differences) At any rate a trans man will have a brain like a cis man, hormones, body hair, and even genitals can be altered. (Same with trans women) It may also be important to note that there are many chromosomal makeups. So when you talk about sex characteristics trans men and women are men and women more so then the sex they were assigned at birth.
      Now, separate from all that talk about sex is gender. Which is your internal sense of maleness or femaleness or otherness. In terms of gender you are what you say you are. Just as much as a cis man is male because he says he’s male a trans man is male because he says he’s male. No one gets to police your gender and check it over like some cheap detective.

      1. MScience says:

        Yeah, fucking lady brains, right, Mary?? Bullshit, read Cordelia Fine’s Delusions of Gender. She thoroughly exposes the illegitimacy of this particular study and many others. Hundreds of studies, Mary? Not really, the ONE study that is always referred to had a sample size of 12 or 13, and no control group. They found slight differences in the white matter in brains of trans males (MTF) who had been on female hormones for a time and men who had not. There was no control in the way of measuring the brain of trans who “identify as” women but do not take hormones, so there is no accounting for the effects of estrogen on the trans MTF brain. What this study may suggest is that that estrogen has an effect on the white mater of male brains, but it in no way suggests that trans MTF have “lady brains”. I believe the study showed that trans FTM still had white matter that more closely matched cisscum women that the MTFs did, but that doesn’t fit with the trans agenda , so it is never mentioned. Gender is a socially enforced set of rules for clothing and behavior, it is not something that lives inside you like a ghost. If you believe in some “lady essence” or “lady soul” that lives inside you, that is called religion, not science.

  7. Emily says:

    While I appreciate what you are saying with regards to TERF, it is difficult for a trans person to read this and not be frustrated at the stance you are taking. On the one hand, I appreciate that you think everyone has the right to do their own thing, but then you go ahead and refuse to use the correct pronouns for Caitlyn Jenner. I think it would be valuable for you to read some of the material that supports the treatment and confirmation of transgenderism.

    Let’s start with what being transgender means. Generally, mainstream media condenses it into “boy who feels like a girl” or vice versa. This is… kind of true. Gender not actually a binary. It is a combination of chromosomal, physical, and mental states. On the mental aspect, there have been a number of studies (http://www.journalofpsychiatricresearch.com/article/S0022-3956(10)00158-5/abstract, and http://www.journalofpsychiatricresearch.com/article/S0022-3956(10)00325-0/abstract) that show how trans people who have yet to go through hormones have brain structures that have characteristics of the desired gender.

    On the physical aspect, I’ll let WPATH (World Professional Association of Transgender Health) do the talking in their Standards of Care document: http://www.wpath.org/uploaded_files/140/files/Standards%20of%20Care,%20V7%20Full%20Book.pdf

    Note that this is the document that insurance companies follow when it comes to approving trans-related health costs.

    So that’s the first two areas, but what about chromosomal gender, you ask? Well, chromosomes are only one determining factor of gender identity. There are a lot of pre-natal factors that can affect a person’s gender (physical and mental) even without any deference to chromosomal rules. Here is an example: http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s10508-005-4338-5#page-1

    So as you can see, gender as mainstream society sees it is not really a construct rooted in simple, physical rules. It is, as others have said, a social construct. It’s more of a spectrum (sounds like sexuality doesn’t it!), and those of us whose bodies fell on a different end of the spectrum than our minds take corrective action to fix it.

    I hope the above sheds some light on how trans people feel and can make you more inclined to identify Caitlyn Jenner as a woman.

    Thanks and i look forward to any replies you may wish to provide.

  8. Leo says:

    You’re utterly incorrect about the Y chromosome. Cis women with Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome also have a y chromosome. Tell them they’re male. You can’t construct a definition of a female that doesn’t exclude some intersex female cis women. You come across as someone pretending to be educated with no real background on what you’re talking about.

  9. Radu M says:

    I honestly believe that part of the people that identify as feminist are only fighting for woman`s rights ( lets be objective and appreciate in some regards women dont have the same opportunities and privileges as men – especially in some societies and countries where traditions are verry strict and gender roles are strict as well), other feminists tend to be equalitarists yet they temselves act that way they dont use that term – equalitarism and at the same time we have feminazis that call themseves “feminists” and cause all the bad rap that feminism gets. Honestly the same thing in some regards has happen with the Men`s rights movement – some are for men`s rights and only that, others wants equal rights for all genders and others (a small percent) are extremists and utterly hate and despise women. We have extremists both ways. The problem isnt necessarily with the movements per se – its in the lack of fairness we treat each other, the lack of understanding and the hate. Dont worry though – what goes around comes around. Extremists will often times end up punishing themselves with their hate, their lack of empathy and lack of humanity.

  10. jon burger says:

    jenner, Lord Willing, is female if she is so made and understood. not a “wannabe”, “poser”, “freak”, or “trap”.

    tangentially, and gender identity aside, there are five or six “biological sex-defining” characteristics. (hormones, genitalia, gonads, chromosomes, secondary sex characteristics) chromosomes being only one, and there are masculine phenotype xx individuals and feminine phenotype/ais xy individuals, perhaps aside from, or perhaps not aside from, transsexuality and/or transgenderism. many trans people address the non chromosomal ones w surgery, hrt, etc. there’s also the subject of brain matter and composotion and transgenderism.

    Lord Willing Lord Forgive be i or any wrong or offbase, PLGB

    For God So Loved the world, He Gave His Only Son

    1. jon burger says:

      moreover, where certain “sex characteristics” are not fully surgically, etc. addressed, they may be neutralized (refering to gonads by name, rather than just as masculine or feminine anatomy) re-termed (genitalia for example, esp. those changes resulting from hrt, but perhaps others), binding, etc.

      Lord Willin Lord Forgive PLGB

      1. jon burger says:

        Lord Willin Lord Forgive n yall as well be i or any wrong or off-base. Lord Help me to not be so, n to be honest and true. and repentant if n when need be. Amen

  11. Leona says:

    Sexism is rooted in what sex you were born with. The transgender MTF’s especially the fetishists act like sexists. They clearly don’t have a “female brain” if they cannot comprehend why women feel a certain way. It sounds like to me the transgender “rights” group is really being used to fuck over women. No you’re not “one of us”. You were born a man. If you are confused…that’s not our problem. That’s your problem.

    This whole erase women’s biology, distort what a woman is…is VERY much so a sexist movement. Notice how it’s aimed at women?? This is what happens with omega males that hate on women. Oh and the Male Rights Activists view of transwomen as their black knights….what does that have to say?

    If anything, many transwomen have personality disorders. There is now even a push to skew violent statistics. Now…if a biological man gets arrested for a violent crime but identifies as being a “she” it’s recorded as a crime done by a female. This is wrong. Cut the crap! It’s obvious this is sexist in nature.

    Crossdressers, transvestites, drag queens are NOT women. Being born a woman is completely different than becoming or pretending to be one. So tired of the male ego fucking everything up and then blaming everyone but themselves.

    All men want to do is drive women out of basically everywhere. Bunch of jerks!

    1. Ob says:

      I try some conceptual rewriting by reversing the gender.

      Sexism is rooted in what sex you were born with. The transgender FTM’s especially the feminists act like sexists. They clearly don’t have a “male brain” if they cannot comprehend why men feel a certain way. It sounds like to me the radfem “rights” group is really being used to fuck over men. No you’re not “one of us”. You were born a woman. If you are confused…that’s not our problem. That’s your problem.

      This whole erase men’s biology, distort what a man is…is VERY much so a sexist movement. Notice how it’s aimed at men?? This is what happens with ugly feminists that hate on men. Oh and the Female Rights Activists view of transwomen as their black knights….what does that have to say?

      If anything, many transpeople have personality disorders. There is now even a push to skew violent statistics. Now…if a biological woman gets arrested for a violent crime but identifies as being a “she” it’s recorded as a crime done by a male. This is wrong. Cut the crap! It’s obvious this is sexist in nature.

      Crossdressers, transvestites, drag kings are NOT men. Being born a man is completely different than becoming or pretending to be one. So tired of the female ego fucking everything up and then blaming everyone but themselves.

      All women (in general and feminist escecially) want to do is drive men out of basically everywhere. Bunch of cunts!

      1. jane doe says:

        Since you’re such a beta-cuck maybe you could do us all a favor and put your cock into these lipsticked eunuchs mouths, so that BOTH of you will not bother the actual female population ever again?

    2. Ob says:

      You are a woman Leona, you only care about yourself and we can feel it in the tone of your comment.

      Transgender people is a consequence of years of feminism negating the differences between men and women.

      It seem that MTF transsexual are often men that have been broken by the propaganda of toxic feminism always speaking of the bad aspect of masculinity while minimizing the bad aspect of feminity.

    3. It’s funny how gender is no longer a “social construct” when it doesn’t suit you.

    4. cold257 says:

      The feminist movement are the ones who’ve spent the past 50 plus years “erasing biology and distorting what a woman is”.

      Feminism at its core is cowardly and cruel, driven by greed and narcissism, so their abuse of transpeople (a group that is vulnerable to suicide) doesn’t surprise me.

      What is ironic about SJWism is that it exploited the West’s tradition of classical liberalism against itself, so now only SJWism has such rights, and all else are are subordinate to its will.

    5. z3o says:

      Thank you glad theres 1 comment on the side of WOMEN

  12. jj says:

    Is this dude trying to emulate blogger “trust your perceptions”, but with the opposite-of-correct content.

    Guess what. If blackface is not ok, womanface is not ok.

  13. n/a says:

    Lord Willing:

    transmen are actually truly men
    transwomen are actually truly women
    and there are apparently non-binary individuals as well

    “odd” as their realization/manifestation may seem

    “All that the Father gives Me will come to Me, and the one who comes to Me I will certainly not cast out. For I have come down from heaven, not to do My own will, but the will of Him who sent Me. This is the will of Him who sent Me, that of all that He has given Me I lose nothing, but raise it up on the last day. For this is the will of My Father, that everyone who beholds the Son and believes in Him will have eternal life, and I Myself will raise him up on the last day.””
    ‭‭John‬ ‭6:37-40‬ ‭NASB‬‬

    thanks/praise/bless God/Lord,



    “For God So Loved the world, He Gave His Only Son….”

  14. Lara says:

    All post-operative transwomen were once MRA’s or MGTOW’s…until they realized the situation was hopeless for both themselves and the Male Slave gender. Thus they made the needed changes and are now members of the Master Class.

    1. BloodthirstyDick says:

      In your dream.

  15. Libertarain MGTOW says:

    How are tranny’s the concern of MGTOWs?

    Oh, I get it, y’all visit tranny prostitutes and don’t want anyone to think you are gay so you have to be “inclusive,”

    What a bunch of libtard bullshit.

    oh, yeah, when’s the book cumin’ out brah?

    1. not me says:

      isn’t liberTARDianism a mix of social liberalism and economic right?

      1. Libertarian MGTOW says:

        I do believe that I should be well compensated for my labors on the free market rather than watching Amazon and other corporations turn everything into a McJob and I do believe I should be able to lite up a joint without government regulations. So on that point, I guess you could oversimplify and call it a mix of social liberalism and economic right.

        As for calling me a TARD, well, I do feel like one right now. I trusted BarBar to deliver the ultimate MGTOW book, he took the money and ran. He didn’t just ghost. He started a twitter and became a total whiney liberal ala Jeff Bezos.


        I really hope the dude proves me wrong and delivers on the book, better late than never…

        1. not me says:

          seems like the comment system ate what I wrote…

          liberTARDianism: my country (HU) has been suffering because of them. they privatized, sold and stole everything profitable, ransacked our healthcare system, and even attacked protesters via police, shooting some of them. what’s more, the current tyrannical government has become so powerful because of them.

          book: why don’t you ping him there?

          1. Libertarian MGTOW says:

            uh, I don’t have a twitter account and I think I need a cell phone to get one. Don’t want the NSA tracking me.

          2. not me says:

            @Libertarian MGTOW me neither, for this very reason.

            I’ve been watching barbar’s videos for a while now, and he gave an email address a few years ago. you could try to find that one and send him a mail but I don’t think he checks it anymore. I wouldn’t be surprised if this site went offline in a few months because it seems that he abandoned MGTOW completely.

    2. Libertarian MGTOW says:

      strange, BarBar moved the i on my name to perhaps make me look a fool…

      what kind of IT shenanigans is this?

      Leader of MGTOW (a leaderless movement BTW)?????

      I think NOT!!!

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