Elastic Victimhood and the Wives of the Super-Rich

Wives of the Super-Rich
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  1. Hahaha…rich women as victims. Articles like these show how many privileged women live a life detached from reality, packed in cotton-candy and silk scarfs.

    While I would basically back the idea of socially funded inhouse-daycare for Kids (which can also benefit not only women but also fathers, especially once their relationship with the mother breaks down – mind you dads in this situation need daycare even more than mothers), the idea that working class taxpayers should fund nannies for the 1% wives is ridiculous.

    My response would be: if you want free daycare for all citizens, then tax the husbands of those wives. I have no problem with that. If you want these women to be respected, then let them earn their respect by doing something else than wasting their man’s money. It is time we demand female Utility, like expect male Utility. Women do not produce anymore 7-10 Kids. So then they must produce the same surplus value like men. How about having this discussion?

    1. Gandalf MGTOW says:

      MRA Logic: What is this? Why do you speak of hiding and destroying? The Ring could save all Middle Earth!

      1. Let me know when you shrunk the government from your secret off-grid base

        1. Gandalf MGTOW says:

          MRAs are house negros, MGTOWs are escaped field negroes!

          1. Oh sorry…I did not know that you are the authority of approval who doles out MGTOW Membership Cards.

            Besides, taking an active interest in male issues is rather a defining moment of MGTOW, indeed much more important I dare say than growing your own potato chips.

            Unlike MRAs, or rather the American variant of it, we seek not to “repair” anything but pursue our individual and collective interests as men.

            And before I forgot: you haven’t escaped anything. You are part of the same society, subjected to the same legislation and Your taxes go overwhelmingly straight to women’s pockets and programs.

            So you are not escaping. You are paying, serving and just one accusation away from being jailed.

            In fact a very useful “negroe” who tries to stifle discourse and organization of discontent.

          2. Gandalf MGTOW says:

            It finally happened, MRAs followed Roosh’s neo-masculinity scam and are trying to now co-opt the MGTOW movement by asking them to get politically involved.

            To the newbies and lurkers: What this self-righteous prick described above is still an MRA shaming tactic just rebranded.

            Big Daddy Government has exacerbated the black community’s problems already (I am a black man btw), illegitimacy rates which were already high hit escape velocity after LBJ’s War on Poverty. You cannot win working within the system, you have already entered their frame by acknowledging it. The only way to win is not to play.

            MGTOW threatens to bring the system down to it’s knees and MRAs cannot handle this uncertainty. A better resource is in addition to Bar Bar & Stardusk, remember to think for yourself – no one is stifling discourse, just calling out a wolf in sheep’s clothing who is arguing using ad-hominems in previous threads, I have responded in kind as they don’t understand any other method!

            It’s the same shit just 4 different piles :
            1) Tradcons: Be a man and wife these sluts.
            2) PUAs: Man up & fuck these sluts.
            3) American TrandCon MRA: Fix divorce laws stop escaping.
            4) TradSoc MRA hailing from EUCCP (camouflaging as MGTOW): Stop escaping you pussy, take an ACTIVE interest in men’s issues get politically involved else you are an Untermensch…a lower MGTOW than us. *CONDESCENDING LAUGH*

            Good luck TradSocs getting 1 pee pee touch and free yogurt within reason!

            Don’t ask what you can do for your country, but ask what this granfaloon called country is supposed to be and why is it always trying to do things to me!

          3. Your black women have shown you the door…not the government.

            But guys like you rather belong to TrueForcedLonliness than to MGTOW.

            You just adopt MGTOW label because is sounds better to you ROFL. And why don’t you just “escape society”? What are you doing on the internet? Why do you pay taxes? Why don’t you already live in the Rocky Mountains off-grid ROFL.

            I hope your 16th birthday will bring you the necessary wisdom LOL.

          4. CelibateObjectivistMGTOW says:

            This what MRAs are doing is infiltrating MGTOW space and saying GYOW silently and shut up – BarBar was having the same issue on his channel, if any actual former TFLers are reading this you guys are welcome to the movement and we wont shame you like MRAs and PUAs for being virgins, lonely, young etc (these are standard gynocentric shaming tactics).

            We accept you with open arms!

    1. Ziggy Zeitgeist says:

      Thanks for the link, Alexander. I’ll definitely check out the article. Regarding what you wrote above, I would like to see true equality between the sexes. This would mean society discarding gynocentrism completely and revoking the unacknowledged privileges that women currently enjoy, including their access to – and reliance on – male utility. In such a world it wouldn’t be at all uncommon to look out your window on trash day and see a team of women hauling away your trash. Thinking about this image warms my heart.

      1. There is no shame in being a “trashworker”…in some countries they call them “recycling-technicians” and pay them well. Given the scarcity of ressources, a profession with great future.

      2. besides…pecunia non olet…as long as it is earned

  2. jimmy says:

    Good article, it’s classic “in group preference”, or women lobbying for themselves. The writer of that article believes that one day she or her dopey readers might snag a Russian oil baron, and want to take him to the cleaners so women must therefore be excluded from the 1%.

    There are no “greedy women” just women who are concerned about their children aka The motherhood scam.

    That said, i’ll never understand these rich guys who get married to some hot woman that just shows up, despite all this money/success they still have that female shaped void they need to fill.

    1. Ziggy Zeitgeist says:

      Ideally, men will one day be able to fill the “female shaped void” (great term, by the way) with virtual sex partners. This would deprive women of their sexual bargaining chip. Of course, men would still have the problem of male-mother-need, but perhaps that could be reduced by interfacing with a feminine artificial intelligence similar to “Samantha” in the Spike Jonze film “Her.” I don’t know if we will ever see that day arrive, but it’s something to shoot for.

      1. Male mother need is the result of exclusive female caregiving. Mind you that we have seen civilizations such as ancient Greece, Rome or even the medieval world where especially boys were removed from their mothers at a young age and placed under the authority of fathers, uncles, older brothers and male teachers.

        Once we outgrew the “nuclear family” setup male mother need will vanish just the same way, and it is already happening in front of our eyes to some degree,

  3. bonus says:

    Barb you’re on fire, m8

  4. Alex says:

    It seems that female writers operate with distorted hermeneutics that are essentially manipulative. This is consistent with their nature and it begs the question: can we learn anything from women? I would ask people if they have ever learned anything from a woman.

    Why are you all so silent?

    I studied theology and religion and all the women students did was cry over the masculine pronoun for God and try to read patriarchy into religious texts. It is true that religions have an unflattering view of female nature, but that is nothing different from the common stock of knowledge for even the most secular MGTOW.

    Let this be a warning to beware of women’s opinions and to only engage their ideas execution style and to inform other men of the lies.

    1. Max Hydrogen says:

      How ironic considering that women invented religion in the first place and THEY want God to be male just as they vote for men and promote the father as head of the household ONLY to enforce their own control.

    2. Ziggy Zeitgeist says:

      I don’t know if it qualifies as theology, but I think the ancient Greeks were on to something when they concocted Medusa. The image of the Gorgon provides a handy symbol for what we are up against. Feminism is the snake that hisses the loudest, but Gynocentrism is the head.

  5. vortex says:

    Holy moley.

    You got to admire the chuzpe of that author. I think she could get away with a piece about how the earth is actually a double helix.

    Thanks for letting me know a whole new spectrum of crazy. Chapeau to you Ziggy Zeitgeist.

    1. Ziggy Zeitgeist says:

      Thank you. It brings me solace to know other men are waking up to this nonsense.

  6. Great article. To a Feminist, all women are victims regardless of the objective reality. It doesn’t have to make sense, contain logic, or demonstrate evidence. It just has to make women feel good.

  7. Ziggy Zeitgeist says:

    Thanks for reading, TFM. Yes, I wonder what it must be like to enjoy the perks of victimhood by default. Take Anita S. It is truly a twisted reality that allows a woman to decry the damsel in distress trope while playing said trope to the hilt.

  8. Caploxion says:

    Another great article with some strong terms for concepts I’ve thought about, but never given terms to.

    This elastic victimhood is backfiring so badly on women and the gynocentric imperative. Even the most naive 16 year old young man, who thinks that pleasing a women is the key to happiness, will at least question the cultural norms he’s been indoctrinated into, when he hears and reads about the top 1% of women in terms of wealth, complaining about these petty things, such as the recent man-spreading fiasco, or employees not providing “high quality” crèches for free (I smiled at length, when I red this).

    But Feminism can not do anything but create these victim falsehoods. Feminism doesn’t exist without women being perceived as victims. So as it enters this self-destruction phase, men are going to be awoken en masse. Whilst this has happened before in history, it has not happened with the wealth of knowledge circulating like it does now, to the point where you could openly talk about disregarding women altogether with other men.

    Interesting times ahead, gentlemen.

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