Bobby Knight, Heavy Metal, And The Last Bastion of Men Beating on Their Chests

Bobby Knight
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  1. Roger Anaheim says:

    Yeah, the bank-fest that is ROK would have you think being an “alpha male” means seeking out the best pussy in a 100′ radius, pumping it and discharging ejaculate inside.

    For humans (as opposed to wolves or chimps) being alpha means being the sort of man with such a powerful spirit that other men (even men who are both strong and intelligent themselves) are happy to follow and take orders from.

    1. Roger Anaheim says:


  2. Max Hydrogen says:

    I don’t speak Greek.

  3. Max Hydrogen says:

    This article reeks of Traditionalism.

  4. Roger Anaheim says:

    While the PUA definition of Beta is pretty ridiculous (anything that isn’t alpha) I see “alpha” in this context as meaning a strong-willed man who is a natural leader.

    Vince Lombardi was another legendary coach. Not nearly as outlandish a character as Knight but every bit as successful and respected by his team

    1. Max Hydrogen says:

      But what does a “Natural Leader” mean and is it parameterized by gynocentrism?

      1. Roger Anaheim says:

        Say a “natural leader” is a man who takes charge, be it through pure charm or fear. He is capable of leading other men and while he is in charge everyone benefits.

        Say a plane crashes on a desert island (a la “Lost”) All the survivors are men, one happens to be a Navy SEAL. This guy organizes and leads the group of men and they all benefit from his leadership. This wouldn’t be a matter of gynocentrism, but just survival and quality of life.

  5. Speed Wolf says:

    This is why I still enjoy attending metal shows at the ripe age of 39. They are one of the last remaining male dominated spaces left on earth.

  6. I’m uncomfortable with this article…

    in fact I dare say that it would fit better at a cesspit like ROK than a place for Men Going Their Own Way-and if indeed this is what MGTOW is, then I am something far different…

    Leave “Alpha” for “men” like Roosh…

    I do think anger is a legitimate emotion and since you are referencing metal here:

    I’m screaming revenge again
    I’ve been wrong for far too long
    Been constantly so frustrated
    I’ve moved mountains with less
    When I channel my hate to productive
    I don’t find it hard to impress”

    (Tell me which band that’s from and I realize I am of the “uncool” era of metal.)

    now I know very little about Bobby Knight, but I’ve listened to the Nuge…

    He really should shut the fuck up and play guitar…

    as far as the 80’s, I doubt it was censorship so much as better musicians-Eddie Van Halen, Stevie Vai and of course those super angry thrash guys-Nuge just wasn’t relevant any more…

    and that is all forgivable but what ain’t is his chickenhawk mentality….

    He shit’s all over hippies and is a proud neo-con, but when it was his turn to serve, he was no where to be found. In fact he may as well be Hillary Clinton with a penis. Who the fuck is this motherfucker to tell young men to die in military service when he wouldn’t do the same. Muhammad Ali took a much more principled position:


    Now let’s call out forced conscription for what it is-Human Slavery. I don’t think the guys who went to Canada are sissies or faggots as some “real man” piece of shit like Captain Capitalism would probably claim.

    Still, I can’t stand on the side of a chickenhawk even if he plays some nice geetar and it will be just as big a joke if Hillary becomes President.

    1. Jive Turkey says:

      I did make sure to mention that the Nuge is an arrogant, loudmouth prick. I don’t agree at all with his politics. But he is a badass guitar player who was, at one time, at the top of his game. This article was simply to illustrate the demonization of the alpha male.

    2. Roger Anaheim says:

      I empathize with your disgust with Roosh and his buddies and their demented terminology.

      I have no taste for The Nuge but I think he’s just trolling the left at this point. I probably wouldn’t like Knight personally but he was a successful coach of professional athletes and it takes a lot stronger demeanor than Mr. Rogers to pull that off.

      Throw out, “alpha male.” Have you ever admired a male leader who inspired confidence and respect from all (or at least most) of his subordinates? How would you describe the main qualities that distinguished his personality? Or if not someone you knew personally, just name someone more famous. I am genuinely curious.

      1. O’Bombya-that’s just a joke of course…

        y’know, I thought Stanley McCrystal is an interesting character. Went on combat missions with the troops, of course there is a bunch of controversy with Tillman’s death…


        as far as other types of leadership, I was impressed by bands like Metallica that were successful and then accused of selling out. I was impressed when Lars Ulrich spoke out against Napster. When I saw Some Kind of Monster-Kirk Hammett impressed me because surely he is a greater diplomat than guitar player (and that’s no shot against his guitar playing.) He was dealing with James Hetfield and Lars-the two biggest ego’s in the universe…

        1. Roger Anaheim says:

          I didn’t see SKM but I heard a lot of good things about it as a study of how a world-famous band continues to function after decades of great fortune.

          What you mention of Hammett is a key leadership quality that guys like Knight and Nuge sorely lack, diplomacy (which I would categorize under Honor): being able to proactively cooperate with other big-shots without bullying, alienating, or letting them walk all over you.

  7. Cary Harris says:

    Yes, motorcity madman worship does not do much for your case:


    Pro NRA but literally shit his pants when the opportunity came for him to shoot, but maybe get shot back at. Just web search nugent draft dodger.

  8. jimmy says:

    This site is becoming more like Return Of Queens every day.

    We’ve got the usually women shouldn’t be doing STEM blah and now the canonization of the archetypal Alpha male sport coach. Next we are going to be hearing about how American Sniper Chris Kyle is some kind of brave alpha male blah.

    This stuff is an ode to ROK transnational /neomasculinity, where screaming instructions like a drunkard is considered “tough”, being rude and deliberately provocative under the guise of “speaking your mind” is “un PC = baddass”

    People in the manuresphere think that being non-PC is some kind of virtue in itself, in being “un PC” they put themselves on the level of every uneducated, moron who says offensive racist/sexist/ things because they actually believe them. They then e-cry like babies when they get lumped in with actual misogynists and butt-hurt white supremacists.

    Mgtow should distance themselves from all this shit.

  9. Ziggy Zeitgeist says:

    Great article Jive. As I’ve grown older I’ve watched with sullen dismay as my favorite types of music – heavy metal, punk, and rap – have gotten watered down by SJWs on a crusade to reform men. I considered metal one of the last bastions of knuckledheaded goodness. But now even that is under attack. If you have the time/inclination, check out this video by Rageaholic…


    It’s about SJWs trying to reform metal. It’s hilarious and infuriating at the same time.

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