Song of Songs, a MGTOW Analysis

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  1. Female romance fantasy is very cookie-cutter when you consider the tropes involved.

    – Naive young woman with very few (if any) character-defining features. There is never anything particularly special about the woman in these stories. Even if the woman is attractive, it’s a subdued beauty without effort (i.e. she doesn’t workout or fuss with makeup to be attractive).

    – The young successful man that in no way needs the woman for anything, and yet (because it’s a fantasy) falls madly in love with her for no reason, and can’t live without her.

    A modern addition to this is the “love triangle” where the woman gets attention from a second young man that may lack the resources of the first man, but is more physically attractive and sexual. This represents the “cock-carousel” for women. She will “have fun” with the second man, but ultimately settle down with the first man because he has more resources. The two men usually end up fighting over her over the course of the story without regard to the fact that she’s cheating on both of them, and either one of them could easily do better.

    That’s female fantasy in a nutshell: a woman getting attention, sex, and resources from multiple men for no reason because vagina.

    Male fantasies are just as unrealistic, but we don’t pretend to live our lives by them. We understand that if you’re a pizza delivery guy, a harem of beautiful women aren’t going to invite you in for an orgy.

    1. vortex says:

      “Male fantasies are just as unrealistic, but…”

      Unrealistic, yes. Bur -just- as unrealistic, no.

      The man, in his own fantasy, is a man who does swashbuckling things to earn the titel heroe, and therefore is permitted sexual access to his desired woman by this women.

      “Blue-pill pussy persuaer(?)” heroes do exraordinaire things to get the wanted approval of their love-interest. Slay dragons, slay magicians, slay this, steal that, bring exotic gifts, overthrow her father, write the best poetry in the world, save land/people/her.
      In that regard, i find most of these male “women-conquering” fantasies quite realistic. Alladin for instance, knows that he has to make the american dream ( i.e become a prince ) come true and get the massiv wealth and status to even dare to ask for Jasmins hand. And he went through a lot.

      Unrealistic, maybe. But the fantasy is realistic in itself and coherent to our understanding of the world.

      Fifty shades of grey, on the other hand, is paralell to a power fantasy of a ten year old boy. Everything is instantly available, there’s no real challenge and the world bends its reality to the autocratic mind of the truly egocentric. Sooner or later most boy’s are bored with this concept and move on. Maybe because a twelve year old boy is treated more as an adult as his own mother is.

      Better stop it there, my misoginy levels are rising.

  2. Weenis says:

    If a single word of the bible was written by a woman, then the entirety of it should be thrown out.

    This blog was written with a nearly audible sneer, with obvious bias and intent to kick this passage in the balls with disdain. Mission accomplished.

    Unfortunately, I stuck around looking for some meaningful deconstruction, but the sneering and jeering detracted, making that impossible.

    I see this passage as more of an ideal, an ecstasy expressed, if even just in a dream.

    One thing that MGTOWs might do well to consider is that everything about this glorious exaltation of love would be just grand, and that any man would thrill and frolick about in this wonderland described…. were it not for the now-certain event of her cheating or trading up. We note that part of the dream here is that she is chaste and very careful not to be or appear otherwise. Such a thing has existed, though it’s hard to imagine a woman of any virtue these days.

    Anyway, given the intro to the piece, it is evident that the OP thinks that the Song of Solomon was written by a woman. The OP must necessarily be someone who does not regard the bible as the Word of God, because if they did respect it thus, they would be aware that it is impossible that the Song of Solomon was written by a woman, and would have had to approach it differently.

    My question to the gallery here: If the Song of Solomon was written by a man, how would you evaluate it then? Equal disdain for the pathetic dreamer who doesn’t realize that all women are skanky whores?

    Or perhaps, a nod of understanding that each of us dreamed about taking a lover just as this man did, and understanding too that it must necessarily be a dream?

    Perhaps that is the point of it all- if you go romanticizing women, it will have to be in a dream, because a virtuous woman, who can find?

    1. braininavat says:

      Whether it was written by a man or a woman, the MGTOW message that a man finds in it is likely to be the same. If you asked me, I would say that I agreed with the post author’s interpretation regardless of the gender of the author of the Song of Songs. We all know that a great many men say things merely because they know that women want to hear it. That is a major source of our literature. It might also be the source of the Song of Songs, but it’s still the same gynocentric narrative.

      Also, I don’t think that many MGTOW are hung up on finding a virtuous woman. I am more concerned with not having the government take my money from me and redistribute it to women, not getting thrown in jail, not being subject to anti-male legislation and propaganda, and perhaps every once in a while being recognized as a human being instead of a utility or as entirely invisible.

      I really don’t give a shit about virtuous women any more than I give a shit about “fallen” women — which observation suggests that Max Hydrogen might also consider writing a MGTOW interpretation of the Magdalen.

  3. Tim says:

    Both men and women base most of their life decisions on unchallenged illusions and enchantments. This is why so many people survive suicidal ideation only through anti-anxiety and anti-depressant medication. Most follow the life script laid out before them and are rudely forced to face the facts of life only after they discover they were duped. I’m guilty of this naivete as well.

    It’s the red pill/blue pill challenge. The problem with the blue pill is that the matrix is programmed to eventually destroy you. Which pill you swallow isn’t a choice. Eventually, you swallow each – sometimes more than once. The red pill is the most bitter and toxic of pills for men to digest. The red pill can destroy your self-esteem and ego; hence the shedding of the ego. The red pill is a death sentence of disillusionment for many a man – which is why so many choose to remain in the blue pill world.

    The question becomes – In which world do you want to live? The world of illusions and enchantments or the real world? For many, living in the real world is impossible as they cannot handle the truth. These are the people that get married 3, 4 and 5 times or more. For others, once they’re exposed to the truth, there’s no going back. No matter how disillusioning it might be, over time, they learn to accept the truth and might even prosper as a result. We call these men MGTOW.

  4. Nils Dacke says:
    related MGTOW video from BabyBlueRanger.

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