Men Have A "Younger Women Problem" Damn You Biology

Younger Women
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  1. Max Hydrogen says:

    Women have a rich man problem…

  2. Stone Morningwood says:

    What you’re really stating is that women have an Older Man problem…

  3. M.C. Farage says:

    Stop selling teenagers those fucking tight black yoga pants and I’ll stop finding a healthy ass appealing, I don’t want it this way. I wish I found clouds sexually attractive, or trains. Fuck.

  4. big_red01027 says:

    Men could do better than those three, even.

  5. Cary Harris says:

    The feminist critique of young women/older men dynamic is at least predictable and consistent. Consistent in the sense that it aligns with their inference that women are helpless children, incapable of self determination. They have been forced and manipulated into these relationships by “sad broken old men attracted to youth like a vampire.”

    Of course feminists are generally silent on the scenario where the old hags are the sad ones attracted to young men like vampires. No, because in this case it is the old hags self determination that is fully displayed.

    1. Anonymous says:

      The critique of the cross-cuktural and time honored oldr-younger relationship is a strategy by which older feminists try to shame younger women out of dating their male peers.

  6. hahahahahahaha….

    look at all that “dating advice” where men are told to “improve” themselves.

    improving ones self takes time and effort.

    so if a man is told to improve himself, is he supposed to dedicate years to self improvement, then hook up with womyn his own age who are already divorced and with another man’s child????

    doesn’t sound like a good deal to me…

  7. Mr. Black Pill wrote a great article that is tangentally related…


  8. CelibateObjectivistMGTOW says:

    This won’t be popular especially the 2nd half of the below post but I just had an epiphany (maybe because for the few LTRs I did have were girls around my age, I have refused to even have sex with girls more than 2-3 years younger than me despite their IOIs):

    PUA’s shame moderately celibate MGTOWs who don’t wanna drop their standards and dumpster dive like them by saying we are not men by not choosing to define our masculinity based on female validation. Their naïve readers do not understand that you dont need much Game&effort to LTR/date with younger women, just show them you have a steady job and hypergamy takes care of the rest (given women prefer older established guys)…if you are reasonably fit and not terribly looking you can get great sex. I have lost any and all respect for PUAs after this realisation who brag about getting girls probably 10 years below their age.

    Personally the whole pseudo father-daughter LTR/sex dynamic just doesn’t appeal to me especially me dating a younger girl is unfair to my younger male counterparts who are slogging to make their money and careers… although given we are all biologically different I don’t judge fellow MGTOWs having the urge to date younger girls (as long as they are in the know that age-based hypergamy is in control and she is not a unicorn i.e standard stuff).

    I guess I am the only MGTOW who feels this way about younger girls and as I touch 30 am looking at a lifetime of voluntary celibacy given girls my age are all used up and are getting thrown off the CC by now… unfit to be mothers. I am at the point where I dont care if I ever get laid again ever.

    Fuck romanticism but to me sex is more than the hedonistic animal act of a nether ape, it should be about 2 people sharing higher values (on the same page as Ayn Rand & Tesla on this although I disagree with Rand a bit as one cannot wholly eliminate the hindbrain component but could weigh it less in mate selection). This is what makes us sentient beings able to override our basal primitive intincts.

    To add a limiter – i agree with bar bar’s vid about tradcons & virginity (but I would want a women who has only had sex within monogomous LTRs).

    I am pretty sure when i get older and go through long spells of no sex my hormones will kick in and will probably do it with a younger woman but the fewer the better – I want young guys to have their chance with them .. I had a not so terrible experience with girls my age but it could have been better had older guys overriden their basal instincts and not (dare I say) ‘preyed’ on their innocent late teens and early 20s while younger bluepill guys went through heart wrenching pain knowing their close friends who they wanted to raise a family with originally were getting their innocence raped (although not abdicating blame off these you ger girls)

    This is just a counter argument – i think dissent is good so I don’t give toss about down-votes.

  9. Zhentaren MGTOW says:

    This is exactly the type of hypocrisy I’ve come to expect from feminists, male or female. Old woman + young man = fine, old man + young woman = pervert/sexual deviant/rapist/praying on her. What about all those old bitches that got Twilight tattoos and were drooling over those young guys….not one feminist said shit about that.

    They can all fuck off. As long as the two parties are of age and consent, who’s business is it, other than theirs.

  10. Speed Wolf says:

    I have a few things to add from personal experience. I am turning 40 this year, and recently dated a fresh out of college, 22 year old self-proclaimed feminist. The shaming language that came out of this girl was unbearable, and I eventually broke it off. She never passed up an opportunity to make a comment about my age, where I was at in my life, my sex drive, etc. The words “old man”, “grandpa”, and “dirty pervert” were muttered often. Yet here she was, showing up at my apartment on a consistent basis to have a bestial sex romp. They can stubbornly try to redefine human biology, but it cannot be reprogrammed.

  11. TOTCD says:

    Men should be ‘dating’ women that are younger for a number of reasons.
    If you’re a 40 year old man. You should be looking at women 12-15 years younger.
    If you’re in your 30’s = sexual prime. As long as it’s legal I don’t see any problem.
    The real issue is. Women over 35 hate the fact that men their own age don’t want them anymore. And they have to look at men in their late 40’s or early 50’s.

  12. well…where were those Hollywood actresses when I was 18 and needed the money lol…damn it…they were dating older guys with even more money

  13. David says:

    I hate it when this is brought up. As though something is wrong. I am 51 and I am dating a girl who is 25 and we will probably get married. Who cares? What the heck have I done wrong? Why do some women say this is unacceptable? This being the internet, I can be completely honest: I don’t want a post-menopausal, divorced trainwreck with kids. Not ever. No way.

    1. Jenny says:

      I was 21 when I married my husband who is 16 yrs my senior.
      We have a few kids together. And looking back over the last several years I can honestly say that I have to wonder what the hell a 37 year old man was doing marrying a 21 year old woman.
      Approaching our 20 yr mark I look back at the last 20 years and realized that he had far more years to really enjoy his youth. Being able to go out and have fun without the commitment.
      20 something yr old women have no clue what the nxt 20 yrs can be like. None. They don’t have the same frame of reference that older people do. That life experience is what enables them to make better decisions as they age.
      Consider this:
      When you’re 70 you’re wife will only be 45. Yeah, you’ll be a young 70. That’s all been said before.
      And the fact is, she’ll be at a point in her life where she’s going to want to still be having fun, enjoying her life. And instead, she’ll be nursing you.
      And yes, I’m sure she’ll say “but I love him! And even if he were my age we could still have to face similar issues.”
      Not. The. Same.
      Not whatsoever.
      YOU know better. YOU are doing this because a young hot babe on your arm makes YOU Feel Alive, Grand, happy etc.
      But if you truly LOVE HER then you are going to want what is in her best interests. And that means looking ahead and considering how you’re advanced age will affect her while she’s still young.
      At 41 years old I am now having to worry about my husband’s health. And while in the beginning he did his best to stay youthful, as he’s gotten older, he’s had more injuries (common as your body gets older) which has slowed him down.

      Older ANYONE marrying younger are looking for what makes them feel good now. They’re not really looking at the long term effects for their partner. Because if they were, they’d take the life experience of the last 20 years of their life and realize that the younger partner still has so many life changes to go through.

      And judging by your comments, you are the typical superficial person who cares more about arm candy and hot sex then commitment. If your girlfriend has any common sense she’ll realize that a long term relationship with you would be the worst possible thing for her. Becuase guess what? 20 years from now when she’s trying to work through her own perimenopausal stage, she’ll have a grumpy 70 year old man who still won’t let go of his youth and won’t be able to cope with his advancing age.

      1. mike says:

        Is this a joke?

  14. cold257 says:

    Hollywood’s main audience is women, and as such they are simply catering to women’s hypergamous desire to see A-list actors with young “Mary Sue” type of characters they (the female audience) can live vicarously through.

    The older man/younger woman is a common trope in romance novels and rom-coms, most of which are written by women for a female audience.

    The truth is this is women’s own hypergamy backfiring on them. Women spend their teens and twenties chasing alphas, then when they get to their mid thirties they can no longer compete, and this is when you start seeing articles like this whining about ‘menz not going for womynz their own age’. The entire time the women have largely been ignoring the beta boys their own age, some of whom have spent those lonely years improving themselves and now have the status to pull the young babe he should’ve been able to get when he was younger.

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