Three Year Olds Are Tiny Assholes…are Women? -MGTOW-

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  1. Darth Sin says:

    When the environment and systems do not provide incentives for groups of people to better themselves and to move beyond their primitive habits, they will not.

    That’s what’s happening to women as a group.

  2. Max Hydrogen says:

    Excellent writing! So strong is the male desire to pedestalize women that the blatant fact that women demonstrate LITTLE care and nurturing for children and others is taboo. Women are more cruel and vicious than men,but of course, it’s not THEIR fault, there’s always an excuse…

    1. elementaltruth says:

      corrected: “So strong is the beta male desire to pedestalize women”

  3. Actually we can even confirm that men develop strong bonds and affection for children, once they are primary caregviers as confirmed in this study:

    I was myself for almost 3 months a primary caregiver for my newborn daughter and actually she preferred being on my arm than on her mother’s, because I was there 24/7. That even made the mother envious. So much for “nurturing females”. It is time to actively combat these stereotypes and shatter traditional motherhood in the same manner as traditional fatherhood was shattered.

  4. DarkElement82 says:

    My mother was the cruel parent. I remember being beat for tearing a sheet of paper out of my notebook, for coming home a different way from school with a group of friends and for playing with the Velcro on my shoes. Any little thing would set her off. My dad never struck me, not once. There was the odd pluck to the forehead when I was being a little shit but nothing more than that. He actually could give me a look that would shatter my soul and make me want to do better. I could not stand to see him disappointed. I remember my parents were arguing and she threatened to “kick all three of you bastards out!” As if my twin brother and I had anything to do with their relationship problems. This is how women think. Children are extensions of their fathers to be used against them. She grew us inside her for several months and still we were nothing more to her than just horrible evil males. I will never give a woman power over me the way she had power (my brother and I) over him. NEVER.

  5. Cary Harris says:

    From the first line of the article I knew it was written by a woman before the name was given. Make no mistake, the stereotype of woman as nurturing caregiver is a lie we desperately hang on to.

    Consider how readily feminists support aborting, or how quick married women are to opt out of a marriage, even when we know the children will be worse off in this scenario. We know the performance of young boys in a gynocentric educational system is getting progressively worse, yet little is done. We know that as women achieve more success within an economy, they will readily give up child birth, simply look at the declining birth rates amongst all affluent nations.

  6. John Galt says:

    If children could be seen as assholes to any degree, a reasonable measurement would be the degree to which they are exposed to or educated by cause and effect.

    Example: my son at age 7 was caught with matches in his bedroom by his mother. She of course designated me to “discipline” him. I chose to take him out to the back field and light a variety of materials on fire. He gained the opportunity to witness and participate in cause and effect directly. The experience served to highlight the recklessness that can result from not understanding fire which he immediately understood as a result of direct experience.

    Without reading more than the title and reference to the mentioned article it would seem the author of “3 year olds are assholes” is peddling her own version of solipsism. Of course what else can you default to when the interaction with children is designed to self validate. The old tactics of “wait till your father get’s home” was always a metric used by a mother to conflate nourishing with nurturing.

    Of course this parental solipsism has become such a social norm that few people see the difference between developmental nourishing and developmental nurturing.

    I’ll stop here before I get pissed.

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