Men Aren’t Interested in Women? It’s Men’s Fault!

Interested in Women
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  1. Pellaeon says:

    As someone who has experienced it first hand, I can tell you that Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction IS a real thing, and so is Porn addiction. In fact, I realized, in retrospect, that I probably would have lost my virginity six to eight years earlier if I hadn’t been affected by it.

    When I lost my virginity, it was to a girl with a cute face, but who was distinctly overweight (though luckily she still had a decent hip to waist ratio). I had been twenty eight days without porn at that point, but even then I had trouble maintaining an erection.

    The next woman I had in my bed was admittedly plainer faced and still overweight, but MUCH less overweight than the last woman. Overall, she was more attractive than the girl I lost my virginity to. I’d just masturbated to porn three times the night before, however, and found myself completely unable to get hard with this girl.

    Last year I decided to attend a SMART recovery meeting (for those unfamiliar, it is a support group for addicts), since I was struggling to go longer than a week and I knew I needed to try something new. Everyone else there was either an alcoholic or a coke addict – several expressed doubts that “porn addiction” was a real thing. As they shared their stories, however, I couldn’t help but notice just how much their symptoms lined up with the same thing I was experiencing.

    Most notably the tendency to say “well, I’ll just do it once, there’s no harm in once” – in their case one drink, in my case on porn session – and then find themselves staying up to ridciulously unreasonable hours and ending up coming to late work the next day as a result.

    Later, I visited a psychologist who managed to convince me that I was mistaken – that I had convinced myself that porn addiction was the source of my difficulty staying productive, but that the real issue was that I just wasn’t applying enough willpower. This was around the time I’d first discovered MGTOW, and had decided (at the time) that I was going to swear off women anyway, so who cares about erectile dysfunction, I’ll just fap to porn if I can still achieve my goals at the same time.

    The result was that I spent that entire summer doing little else than watching porn and playing Eve online in my free time. I completely fell off my diet and exercise (I had lost fifty pounds the previous year), and ended up gaining twenty pounds. Additionally, I ended up staying up late, and coming in to work late a lot, and having difficulty concentrating at work (while I was good about staying away from porn I managed to be a lot more productive at work). I fell behind on my chores – laundry only ever got done at the very latest time possible. I began avoiding hanging out with friends because I needed to get fix of Eve online.

    At the end of the summer, I realized that this most certainly was a problem, and renewed my commitment to quitting porn. Every time I stay on track with that, I am productive, I stay on top of my commitments and keeping contact with friends and family, an I stay consistent with my diet and exercise regime. EVERY time I give in to porn, I end up staying up late, I fall off my diet, an it becomes very difficult to anything productive in my free time.

    I’ve been ADD all my life, and I have lots of experience with how it feels to be on my medication, and how it feels to be off of my medication. Not only does my mind state when engaging with Porn feel the same as my unmedicated ADD mind state, but the difference in results is just as drastic. I gain a huge boost to my ability to stay focused and get menial, but necessary tasks, completed when I stay consistent with my medication. I gain AS MUCH of a boost to my concentration and productivity when I stay away from porn.

    Now all of this is simply anecdotal evidence, so if anyone finds it unconvincing, I can pull up some of the hard studies that have been done on the subject. I’m currently enrolled in the NoFap Reboot camp, and they just sent out a newsletter with information about refuting the doubts that have been spreading on the net about porn addiction.

    In the meantime, I want to make it clear that I don’t think porn and video games are a bad thing. I like porn, and I especially like video games (I went to school for game development after all). If I could watch porn without it interfering my life, I would do so, but I’ve come to realize that I can’t. I understand that others, however, may not have the same problems.

    I don’t think anyone here denies that Alcoholism is a real addiction. That doesn’t make alcohol bad though. I myself drink socially on a semi-regular basis, and I do not have an alcohol addiction (currently I am avoiding alcohol to boost my weight loss efforts. I HAVE had two drinks the past two weeks, but that was mainly due to the social situation – my friend had a wine he really wanted me to try because he bought it while abroad, and last night we were at a rather expensive hotel bar and I felt guilty about not buying anything, but the only affordable food would have violated my diet more than the alcohol).

    So just as I can drink without having a problem, but others may end up addicted, so I believe that some people can watch porn without issues, but I find myself addicted. For instance, reading between the lines from several of Barbarossa’s videos, I DON’T think he has a porn addiction, though I also gather from what he’s said that he does watch porn on at least a semi-regular basis.

    1. I empathize with your addiction. If you have an addictive personality, and find yourself getting easily pulled into things, then you need to be very careful.

    2. evilwhitemalempire says:

      “As someone who has experienced it first hand, I can tell you that Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction IS a real thing”
      OMG! You should check this out!

  2. Funz says:

    Good read. Thanks as always.

  3. Darth Sin says:

    This is why we are seeing the push (or rather the attempted push) by feminism and gynocentrism into video games.

    The human female collective just simply cannot leave the human male collective alone. Women as a group do not want men as a group to be happy or for men to live their lives on their own terms. Instead what women want is to control and manipulate men into being in the plantation for their own benefit.

    Seriously, that is what all this “men are not interested in women so it is men’s fault” boils down to. Women are losing their slaves, their Homo Manginae and their Sir Knight Whitingtons and they cannot handle that.

    1. evilwhitemalempire says:

      Most females could care less about playing video games.
      Sarkeesian herself has admitted as much.
      I’m quite surprised nobody in the manosphere has postulated that feminists seeking control over video games is actually feminists trying to seize control over the platform for VR sex.

  4. braininavat says:

    [A figure stands up from the audience, walks to the front of the room, and takes a position behind the podium. Some foot shuffling and coughs are heard. The speaker clears his throat.]

    “My name is BraininaVat and I am a MGTOW addict.”

    [Loud clapping and hooting, with occasional, “Hello, BraininaVat!” come from the assembled audience.]

    “I have no control over my consumption of MGTOW content. The first thing I do each morning after waking up is to check Shedding of the Ego and The Black Pill blogs for new comments. Then I see if there are new videos from Barbarossa, Stardusk, Turd Flinging Monkey, Johntheother, and a long list of favorites. I can’t do my work unless I am listening to MGTOW conversations. Just last week was great, with long dialogues between Ayam Sirius and TFM, Stardusk and Ayam Sirias, and Barbarossa and Johntheother. There was enough new content that I didn’t have to go looking through the archives and re-listen to things I’ve already heard a dozen times.”

    [“Yeah, Brain!” from the audience.]

    “If I don’t get my MGTOW ‘fix’ I start to feel myself backsliding. Even though I have personally, in my own life, experienced the unjustified viciousness and callousness of every woman I have ever known, my opinion of the fairer sex starts to soften, and I think about actually making an attempt to engage with women again. I just can’t learn my lesson, no matter how many times I try, I keep thinking, ‘Just one. I can meet just one woman, and she’ll be a decent human being. After one I can stop.’ Nope. Not happening. ”

    [Further supportive sounds from the audience.]

    “I guess I’m just a typical, weak-willed guy who needs constant support and understanding from men who have been through the same experiences. If I don’t get reminded repeatedly and pointedly of the havoc that a woman can wreak in a man’s life, I go back to the same old source of misery. MGOW reminds me every day that I am not alone, and the stories of what other men have suffered make me feel lucky in comparison. I’ll be a MGTOW addict the rest of my life. Thank you.”

    [The speaker finishes and returns to his seat amidst resounding applause as another member of the audience rises and walks toward the podium.]

  5. Max Hydrogen says:

    Zimbardo was the guy behind the Stanford Prison Experiment:

    This liberal relic is just trying to keep his name in the spotlight and what better way to do it?

    1. HorkSupreme says:

      Zimbardo has a clear agenda though and I’d say it’s similar to the feminist one. Environment (society/culture) has the largest or sole effect on people. He tried defending the soldiers involved with the Abu Ghraib prison with this rhetoric that it wasn’t their fault they acted like assholes and abused the prisoners, it was the environment!

      And even the famous prison experiment was flawed in many ways which only by reading this article did I learn of it. It wasn’t mentioned when I took a social psychology class, the topic being brought up a few times, and you’d think the books would talk about the criticisms of the experiment. Nope, need to push that agenda.

  6. It is a good thing that we learn to control our sexdrives, and maybe porn is for women just what methadone is for heroine: a substitute that will eventually help to control and even supress the addiction.

    After all, aren’t women afraid all the time that our appetite for them will only lead to rape and mayhem? Aren’t they supposedly tired of catcalling, sexual objectification and harassment?

    Of course there is always the way of repression: outlawing and criminalizing porn, the same way they did it in Sweden with prostitution. I would not be surprised if that is the next thing. The more men withhold their labour and attention, the more the machine goes crazy.

    1. Golden Eagle-owl says:

      Regarding potential bans. Some would say that keeping men sober, so that they were focused on being productive individuals and good family men, was the exact same motivation that let to The Prohibition.

  7. Golden Eagle-owl says:

    That kid is bright, he knows that “the juice isn’t worth the squeeze”. Porn is good because for me it is a reminder that the only thing the women have to offer is sex (reproductive value), and for the remainder, women are just unnecessary for my everyday life. And since I use porn to suppress those pesky biological urges, I’m a lot more free.

    A little note: actually, I would say that societies are not being destroyed by women walking all over men, since societies have always been centered on that concept, and on what’s best for women overall. It’s up to us to bring societies to a halt, by walking away in droves.

  8. DoomRulz says:

    “I know you’re shocked, but it’s a serious problem. If men aren’t slaves to their dicks, and willing to bow down and worship the holy vagina, whatever will become of society?”

    LOL, loved this. This piece and your other one on WAF are fantastic, TFM. I look forward to reading more.

    1. Thank you. I plan on writing a couple of articles for Shedding of the Ego on the weekends, and then making videos of those articles early in the week (Mon-Wed).

  9. PiratedEmotionDealer says:

    Zimbardo perfectly exemplifies the typical failing of many Gynocentric thinkers. They purposefully ignore where the evidence leads (the why of why men are resorting to these outlets, the source that is causing them to extricate themselves from social watering holes and the hostile matrix of male-female interactions) and instead focuses on the outcome. From this he conjures up a diluted account of modern male behavior and then uses this as shaming tool against men. Thus, never identifying and targeting the cancer itself.

  10. Bonedagger says:

    There really is no such thing as porn addiction, or indeed sex addiction. These are, and will remain, myths. You do get the odd commentator claiming their “porn addiction” led to this, that and the other, but there’s never been any forensic evidence whatsoever to support the existence of porn addiction. The issue is never the thing to which people claim addiction, but the person themselves.

  11. Chukhed says:

    Well put, PiratedEmotionDealer.

    This mangina will look for any scapegoat to avoid calling out the real culprit.. sacrificing video games, pornography, or anything else that makes men happy, in an attempt to deflect any wrongdoings done by women, because to admit that women have become toxic, he himself would undergo extensive shaming torture, and pussy withdrawl. As they’ve been telling us.. “Dont make waves!” or “happy wife, happy life”.

    I’m glad that we have this website available to us. Thank you all!

  12. steve says:

    Nine out of ten women will pick a brown-eyed handsome man – as the song goes – and woe to that man if he can’t see the hidden beauty behind their attitude. He just doesn’t know what love is with a “real” woman. That same real woman won’t make fitness nor holding an intelligent conversation a priority when she can fool him with a low cut dress, perfume and a load of makeup . That kind of “real” woman just feathers the nest by fooling brown-eyed handsome man with a temporary acting role. But once the deal is made and her “real” self is revealed she will shame him to keep the gravy train rolling with stories about the kids and the family responsibilities going to hell. When it comes to poor dick who may be fit but not great looking, he will be dropped by “real” women without her batting a fake eyelash and that’s just how they all do it but god help that guy if he goes to find a little satisfaction with porn. Life is truly unfair for people but for men these days it sure is worse with all the blame game women hammering at them expecting things to fall into place while they can’t produce enough of their own value in the trade. Maybe their passive aggressive attacks about male incels and their porn are not so surprising given the sheer numbers of “real” women unhappily awaiting to be selected these days.

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