Where have all the Women against Feminism Been? The Rise of MGTOW

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  1. It is said that Judgy Bitch is behind the whole Womyn Against Feminism ™ schtick…

    however, she claims a womyn who wished to remain anaon came up with it…


    At the end of the day it boils down to this…

    “Boys, go out do the heavy lifting, go die in wars and you’ll get a home cooked cupcake–and if your really lucky maybe a BJ…

  2. hahahaha,

    I know a surefire way to scare off these quasi feminist’s-tell ’em if they are really against feminism they can be “comfort girls” for WizardChan and all the incel guys out there…

  3. David says:

    This made me chuckle, apocalyptic sausage fest it is.
    God said it was bad for man to be alone in the garden, so he made eve. Eve destroyed society, God says, “Maybe it was better when man was alone.”

  4. bonus says:

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  5. Funz says:

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  6. Darth Sin says:

    Women all over the world, especially the ones in the Western world, should take a good hard look at Japan, Specifically, at young Japanese men. That’s what they are going to end up with in the near future. The Western country to experience this first will most likely be Canada. The best part is that no matter what they do, they cannot stop it.

    Third-Wave Feminism is akin to Pandora opening her box. What came out of that box shattered the eons of feminine mystique to reveal to men worldwide what women are like. That box and that mystique are gone, forever.

    You can’t do nothing ladies. Bed, made, lie.

    1. Jas says:

      Pandora’s box was opened back in 1843, when feminism began; and it was misguided form the start.

  7. braininavat says:

    What exactly would this apocalyptic sausage party look like? Consider one dystopian vision — The Stepford Wives — and how rapidly this meme invaded popular culture. The protagonist of The Stepford Wives researches the past of some of these docile wives and finds that they were accomplished women, some of them even (gasp!) feminist activists. The term “Stepford Wife” is now almost universally recognized as a slur. If the Stepford vision of society accurately reflects what men would construct for themselves if given a free hand (the kind of nefarious plot that would be hatched at a men’s club), we can understand the gynocentric culture’s strong response to this vision.

    Given reproduction through the artificial womb and sexual satisfaction through robots physically indistinguishable from perfect sex partners, is this the society that men would construct for themselves? Maybe some, but certainly not all. The Stepford Wives was equally a satire on the sterility of suburban life, and it could be argued that the suburban paradigm of safety and domesticity was created (by men) to satisfy the expressed desires of women. However, like so many other demands made by women, once they were given this suburban paradise of manicured lawns and labor-saving appliances, they rejected it.

    I suspect that, without women to force them to conform, and to reinforce the comforting norms of traditionalism, that men will adopt a wide variety of ways of life limited only by imagination.

  8. Tim says:

    My first meeting with the MGTOW mindset was in 2011. What a wonderful meeting that was! The day I discovered MGTOW was the best day of my life! Within a very short span of time – maybe a month of research – I knew I’d struck paydirt. MGTOW isn’t ‘a way’. MGTOW is ‘the way’.

    For centuries, men have been duped into sacrificing for the weakest, most cunning, most conniving, most manipulative creature on the face of the planet. The MGTOW mindset lifts the veil of manipulation and scrubs away the man-hating cultural programming. Men are taught from birth to death that they are the optional gender and that women are sugar and spice and everything nice. Nothing could be further from the truth. The study of the MGTOW mindset, brought to us by some of the most brilliant male thinkers on the planet, is without question the most valuable study any man could hope to undertake. MGTOW should be the basis for a mandatory men’s studies course in high school and college. We all know that will never happen and we all know why.

    Women have taken control of society. How? Through misandric laws and policies that give women the power to destroy men’s lives (forced redistribution of wealth and power); to wit:

    The VAWA, Yes Means Yes, Title IX, no-fault divorce, alimony, child support (alimony light), false rape, false DV, false harassment, false sexual assault, exemption from selective service, Affirmative Action, SNAP, WIC, women-only scholarships, lighter/no punishment for equal crimes, use of state and federal funds for majority/female only funding and soon paid maternity leave and free child care for single mothers.

    Who enacted/will enact these laws? The white knights of the patriarchy – at the behest of the pathologically narcissistic, entitled gynocracy. Why? To get elected/re-elected – the majority of men have been tossed mercilessly under the bus – by other men – for decades.

    You see all kinds of talk in the media on how women are doing so well and how men are becoming a liability to society. Women are doing well thanks to the forced/redistributed wealth and power from men to women. In Sweden, under threat of fines and/or dissolution, the feminist government is demanding at least a 40% representation by women on all corporate boards.

    The patriarchy is purposefully destroying lower class men in favor of women. Women aren’t doing well. Instead, men are being purposefully destroyed through force of hypergynocentric laws and policies. It is the MGTOW mindset that allowed me to see these things and freed me from my own gynocentric brainwashing.

    Awesome article TFM! Love your work!

    MGHOW for LIFE!

  9. Chir says:

    Women have been waging a war on any men’s rights up to and including the rights of men to congregate together without a woman present or included. This war on men is a war of words and laws. But as men we know the truth. Words accomplish nothing. Words do not harvest the crops or get them to market or prepare them or put them on our plates. No one eats unless a man shuts up and shovels the fuckin’ gravel. Thank you No’mam. MGTOW is terrifying to them because what happens if a significant number of men say “No”. We will not shovel the fuckin’ gravel.

  10. Of course the “feminism” they are fighting is the feminism that wants them to work as men do and serve in the armed forces as men do and stand on their own feet and share the children on an equal basis with their ex-partners.

    Women against feminism is basically a female collective mating dance to attract men by underlining their “morality”, since they know that men might fall for this.

    But the endresult is inevitable: traditional families are either breaking or are not any more formed in the first place. And therein lies the opportunity for progress for men.

  11. John Bliss says:

    All WAF is basically saying is, ‘Feminists you’ve gone too far. You’re fucking things up for us women!’

    1. Anonymous says:

      Well, there is some truth to that…

    2. Anonymous says:

      The real problem is that they expect men to do EVERYTHING about it!

  12. cariboo_j says:

    Nice to see a bibliography

  13. Cary Harris says:

    I agree the WAF movement is generally the same entitled narcissistic sex as the feminists, of any wave. But I think the act of women speaking out against feminism, whether they be aligned to a WAF group or not should be acknowledged. In fact, the reaction to feminism seems like a logical consequence, where the lies, hatred, entitlement and hypocrisy of feminism is so apparent, it is inevitable that even some women call bullshit on it. Just as many MGTOW were former white knights until they could no longer reconcile the contradictions of feminism. If there is any hope for young men in the future, it depends on support from men and women to challenge the misandric deceit of the gynocracy.

    I suppose at this point, feminism should just come clean and say we dont give a f_ck about equality, we hate men, feel massively entitled and will do whatever we need to feed that entitlement. Gynocentrism is so entrenched, the feminist objectives would be pursued regardless.

    1. dean says:

      that’s just it ,though- the modern feminists KNOW they CANNOT come clean about not actually seeking equality but seeking the destruction of men, firstly because that would be like Marxists admitting they believe in state terrorism and gulag camps ,Soviet style,these admissions costing those movements all popular support

      pretending to be liberals-basically scaring most supporters away and galvanizing opponents (together comprising the vast managorit

  14. Tony says:

    WAF is just a ruse to get us all back on the reservation. At this point, I find them all to be disingenuous gold digging leeches. As long as the gynocentric laws and culture continue to exist, those WAF bitches can go pound sand. The problem at hand is women only appreciate our utility in its absence. So we owe it to ourselves to make damn sure that absence of utility is felt on a visceral level for every woman we encounter in our lives.

  15. knxguy mgy says:

    Can you hear the sirens sing
    Singing the songs of desperate men
    It is the music of the masters
    Who want their slaves again.

    1. actually the “slaves” were men who hacked at the coal face day after day to provide for their dependents… they were the men who laid their life down in wars defending their women and children… the singing sirens were the hussies who flaunted their tits to lure them to their demise… so the mistress has never departed and still sings her treacherous song.

  16. Jessire Nagy says:

    ♂ F.M.R.A.s are not much different from W.A.F.. People like Gynocentristwriteswhat were good little cheer leaders for masculine perspective earlier, but now they just need to get the fuck off the interent so that M.G.T.O.W. can inherit the full attention. F.M.R.A.s are talking mostly about superficial aspects of the legal system & politics, but are they going to talk about how ’50 Shades Of Female Nature’ truly is? No they’re not. In fact I sent Gynocentristwriteswhat one of my presentations a long time ago that heavily criticized female psychology & sexuality as aesthetically receptive & degenerate, rather than functional, & because I emphasized anti-egalitarian ideas, she actually indirectly, so as to not by proxy sponsor my presentation, put a taint on my content by stating that “feminists call art faggy”, which is a major lie considering that feminists love to side with postmodern idiots. It’s not even good dis-info., but her audience-base wouldn’t be able to discern that anyway because they are of the pop. culture & not the science that M.G.T.O.W. is concerned with. F.M.R.A.s are also bi-polar in their thinking due to sexual dimorphism. They might claim to be for masculinity, but they are still anti-science & gynocentrist in many aspects. ♂

  17. As #TransWomenAgainsFeminism we believe that men and women are complementary genders and that we can live together in mutually beneficial symbiosis… even when we can’t reproduce.

  18. Recvi says:

    Men go East. These girls are still woman Forget the West!
    They cant compare. .
    The west will be distroyed by woman .but the east never, woman of the East just something else
    Forget the West go your own way, Go East let western woman take the fall

    1. M.G. How says:

      Thought exercise:

      Imagine every eastern woman was secretly stringing along some local guy.
      What would the effects of sexual tourists be on the population where you don’t inform the women of your intentions to use them sexually?

      My answer is that you’ll get them addicted to the cock carousel but they’ll think you intend on settling. Congrats, the wave of western men destroyed the eastern haven by tramping up their women’s hypergamy.

      Women in the east compare men the same way women in the west do, friend.

  19. Russell says:

    M.G. How. This is a complex issue. Nothing is solved by sexual tourism mentioned above. It just spreads the disease of feminism. It creates a fertile breeding ground for it. Sexual tourists are not MGTOW. I’m not even sure what to call them.

    The goal should be to go our own way until a realization takes place that the relationship should be symbiotic. What we have now is that women are vampires. There is no symbiosis. Women acknowledge this when they say that they don’t need men. Symbiotic relationships are based on need, not want.

    Present society wants to paint the picture that there is nothing special about men. Hogwash. This can be seen how manginas included, wanted to believe that Ronda Rousey could beat men in her weight class. You got a small taste of what would have happened to her had she face bantam weight men, when she got knocked out by Holly Holm. Of course, now the bandwagon will jump on Holly Holm as their new Champion. Now it will be her that can beat the men.

    I am really sick of all the girl power songs on the radio now, etc… Face it, we live in a matriarchal society. The only way to empower yourself as a man is to be a MGTOW. The second you have a child, or get married, you empowered the government to rule over you in a way that they cannot when you remain single and childless.

    So it does not work to be a MGTOW when you go sleep with women and either use no protection, or leave it up to her. You must have the conviction to get the VAS snip done. Shoot blanks, but keep it to yourself.

    But never fear, the Matriarchy will be along shortly to make it illegal to have sex with a woman without first informing her that you are VAS Safe. They will say that having sex with her without informing her of this is interfering with her reproductive rights because she wasted time sleeping with you when there was no chance of becoming pregnant. She could have been spreading her legs for a man who was not VAS safe.

    Also, as to “going east,” that is not a solution. Look, unless you move East, then you aren’t getting anywhere. Everything that makes an Eastern woman special is destroyed within 2 years of her being in this country. She will become Americanized, and there is nothing you can do about that. If you want to marry an Eastern woman, move to her country. That will ensure that what makes her better, is not tainted by Western feminism. But also keep in mind that the internet is quickly bringing feminism to the East so it won’t be long before the East is destroyed also. So your best bet is to just learn to be happy being single. Find and make good friends who will have your back. That and your family will take care of your social needs.

    1. dean says:

      true- i know plenty dudes who hooked up with east asian women and in no time at all started being hypergamous .many chinese mainland girls on the first or second brazenly ask you what your income level is!

  20. Please help us non-feminists. We’re being silenced.

  21. Insidious_Sid says:

    Of course WAF are simply trying to smooth things over a bit. The reality is that between MGTOW, male indifference, and the harsh realities of life during and after the carousel ride, women are finally graduating past “Ya! We won!” to “Wait, what is it we’ve won exactly?” Until women’s groups are storming parliament to support men in demolition of the anti-male systems, laws and policies, then they’re just paying lip service.

    There is another group of people on the planet right now who are desperate to convince everyone else they are just “moderates” and their version of law will not bring harm to anyone…

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