The Government Cant Replace Fathers

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  1. vortex says:

    A turd well flung. Maybe we could employ monkey’s to raise children. That would relief the police force, and raise the quality of education.

    Throw some fecal matter on my behalf, you glorious rascal.

    1. Jessie Nagy says:

      ♂ T.F.M. still misses the point though if you watch his video on hypergamy & hybristophilia: There’s lots of dismissing by mistaking past models, when psychopathic traits were more necessary, of evo-psyche for the standard now, yet, when I claim that most of that now, when men have far transcended women in evolution, is ‘artificial masculinity,’ they accuse me of being a believer of “leftist” social constructs, while they’re also willing to share anti-feminist articles that bluntly states that ~75% of male criminals come from single mothers, which is true. ( & female inconsistency & personality disorders is even more rampant with those same situations.) ♂

  2. Animatronic says:

    I liked the article but I’m struggling with the hypothesis. I especially liked all the facts woven in. The part that makes sense to me is the message that even when there’s no father in the home, men continue to play the fatherhood role in the lives of boys. The evidence for this message is that men provide resources through disproportionate taxation/welfare. And men provide discipline, either through law enforcement or the penal system, as humorously illustrated in the opening story. The crime stats and other evidence of poor outcomes for kids raised by single moms show that women are largely unable to fill the fatherhood role. Still, I have a hard time agreeing 100% with the hypothesis, that mothers have no purpose once a kid is beyond adolescence. (Yes, chores are largely automated now.) I’m not hostile to the idea, but I would like to see evidence that adults who lost their moms when they were kids and were raised by their dads turn out ok.

    1. Ayam Sirias says:

      I raise my son on my own without his mother and he gets any motherly attaention from female teachers and my maid. Women are baby making machines and thats about it.

  3. David says:

    Listened to your long podcast Mr. turd. I like the way you think… Keep it up.
    You used your unsavory past experiences to mold you into a well spoken man, congratulations.

  4. Just to clear up one detail before I’m accused of being misleading:

    Although more than 50% of government spending is entitlement programs and welfare, and thus more than 50% of your tax bill is welfare, most people only pay about 25% of their gross income in taxes (depending on your tax bracket).

    So even though the RATE is double, the actual percentage of your income that is taken out in taxes vice alimony is less because one is a percentage of your income, and the other is a percentage of your taxes, which in turn is a percentage of your income.

    For example, if your ex-wife was getting 20% of your net income, and you made $50,000/year, your ex-wife would be getting about $7,610 a year.

    Meanwhile your tax bill would be around $11,946 a year, and with half of that going to (mostly) single moms on welfare, your welfare “alimony” bill would be about $5,973.

  5. Martin says:

    I am getting seriously bored with US politics. Can’t you see that the problems are not with the politicans and changing the flavor does not change policy. This is especially true with US politics. Why do I even have to say this. You have one party with two factions.

    Your problems are not with alimony or taxes. Trying to change those is fighting the wrong battle. Going on about it may even be counter productive since it is making MGTOW seem to be all about material things and guarding ones stash. You see, your siyuation will not be better just because there is no alimony and the other stuff you english speakers go on about.

    The other videos are good so I see this one as a rant

    1. Even if the problem can’t be solved, it’s worth exploring and understanding.

      I agree that politics is fruitless, not because legal reform would be undesirable, but because women are 51% of the voting population, and will support pro-male legislation the same day congress votes for self-imposed term limits.

  6. The Reservoir says:

    Fathers not only develop discipline but also give compassion and sympathy when the son need it. This boy may not get the affection he need *from a man* and I am afraid this will make him a misandrist.

  7. Daycare and other forms of communal or socialized education (such as schools, kindergartens, toddler groups) are anyway already the reality. Another issue is that children do need other children around to grow and learn, which is why they should as soon as possible be exposed to these forms of upbringing.

    And if women would start to work more, we could cut down the men’s working hours and thus both parents would have more than enough time to establish and maintain a meaningful parental relationship.

  8. Cary Harris says:

    Ironic that the police, such as the one called upon for the fake arrest, largely exist because of single mothers. Consider Ann Coulter’s statistics. They are getting dragged into this parenting by proxy whether the resources are there or not. They will perform the real arrests on the children of single moms. Parenting by proxy is carried on by the juvenile corrections officers and further by monitoring the children upon their release from detention.

    Note along with the disparity of welfare drawn from men and women, men will die sooner than women and therefore will use less social security in retirement, and generally less drain on medical resources as they will require care for a shorter period with a shorter life. How about a cry from feminism for women to pay an equal or commensurate amount of taxes based on disproportionate of government assistance drawn by women?

    1. Seth says:

      Did you really fucking say that police exist because of single mothers? Kill your self.

      1. Jessie Nagy says:

        ♂ Yeah, seriously, Cary, shut-the-fuck-up. You whores always find yourselves usurping everything men construct. It’s proven facts, time & time again: women resonate with violent behavior. & the word violence has a nature of polysemy. ♂

  9. Art says:

    Spot on, and glad to have in an article what TFM says in videos on the regular
    Prior to the tender Years Doctrine, children were almost always given to the Father in divorce, as he was financially responsible for them
    That seemed to work far better than giving responsibility to one parent, and authority to the other
    Glad to see you doing the written word TFM

  10. Turd Flinging Monkey says:

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