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Female Serial Killers : Why We Refuse to Believe Women Can Be This Violent

female serial killers
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  1. joe says:

    I know many here are probably pro-choice, but the thing that started my red-pill journey was not a woman’s relationship with me, but women’s relationship with their children, especially the ones they kill. Nothing epitomizes selfishly killing because you want something more than abortion. And its done regularly by the average woman, not a serial killer. So watch your back.

    1. ihab says:

      I agree, and they try to justify their mass abortions by saying it’s not really a human, which i call bullshit on that one.

      To me since the ultimate stem cell is born, it’s a damn human because all of its genetic components that will shape it to a human is determined right from that point, but society is trying to make women not feel like monsters when they are acting like evil selfish cunts by trying to say it’s not a human yet therefore it’s ”okey”.

      Women will sometimes go to the degree of killing their own children just so they can skip taking responsibility for their actions, as we see with abortions.

    2. Max Hydrogen says:

      I’m inclined to think that MGTOW would mostly be Pro-Life (as I am). Historically, infanticide was carried out by women; I only wonder how many of those killings were committed to preserve the status of Alpha Females and not for any of the grim practical reasons usually prompting it…

      Great comment by the way.

  2. Max Hydrogen says:

    Great article! Even in prison they get better treatment e.g. Karla Homolka. If they are less female violent offenders it is because they get men to do it for them. If a women claims she killed her abusive partner out of self-defense, the person on trial becomes the man who is unable to defend HIMself. The media still acts like a violent murderess is shocking and as rare as Haley’s Comet…

  3. Tim says:

    All across the globe, marriage rates are tanking and single motherhood is becoming the norm. If women can’t strip men of resources through marriage, then they have no use for marriage. To women, men are simply beasts of burden, mobile ATMs and disposable/imprisonable should they fail to make cupcake happy. Now that marriage has been ruined – women are looking for additional/alternate ways to transfer men’s power and wealth to themselves. Couple that with men waking up to the sucker’s bet marriage represents and POW – marriage goes extinct. This is why the UK is working on the Cohabitation Rights Bill. They didn’t even try to hide the fact that it was designed to give vindictive women rights to alimony and asset division should X months of cohabiting result in her getting dumped. That’s equality! What a sham! It’s all a ruse!

    The best thing about the MGTOW mindset is that you start to see women for what they really are – pathologically narcissistic parasites. My own mother and sisters were/are no exception. All three milked (no pun) the men in their lives to the extent possible and ensured each man would/did suffer an early death. Through the MGTOW mindset, the gynocentric programming/brainwashing is erased and you start to see the horrific damage white knights have done/continue to do to men. You start to see how white knights serve to encourage the pathologically narcissistic parasites.

    The women’s movement is about (1) destroying the patriarchy – which means using misandric laws to force the redistribution/theft of wealth and power from men to women, (2) liberating women sexually – which means making it acceptable for women to cuckold their husbands/boyfriends and (3) freeing women from the slavery of marriage – which means making the state the father so that women can sleep with whom they choose while still transferring men’s wealth to themselves via taxes, child support, free childcare, paid maternity leave, WIC, SNAP, etc, etc, etc.

    The VAWA, Yes Means Yes, Title IX, no-fault divorce, alimony, child support (alimony light), false rape, false DV, false harassment, false sexual assault, exemption from selective service, Affirmative Action, SNAP, WIC, women-only scholarships, use of state and federal funds for majority/female only funding and soon paid maternity leave and free child care for single mothers are all designed to force the redistribution/theft of wealth and power from men to women. Who enacted/will enact these laws? The white knights of the patriarchy – at the behest of the pathologically narcissistic, entitled gynocracy! HA! Why? To get elected/re-elected – the majority of men have been tossed mercilessly under the bus – by other men – for decades. If you ever wondered why women weren’t allowed to vote in the past – this is the reason. They’ll vote for socialism/Marxism (state enforced redistribution/theft of wealth) every time.

    As others have mentioned, the ease with which women abort is a dead give away (no pun) to women’s genetic psychopathy. Everything a woman does is designed to draw attention to themselves for the purpose of extracting resources from the naive and gullible; hence low cut blouses, breast implants, makeup, hair dye, high heels, thongs, mini skirts, etc, etc, etc. They use state enforced redistribution/theft of men’s wealth should that be the only/better option.

    I thank my lucky stars each and every day that I’m single and child free. Each day living free of a woman’s power to destroy my life is a wonderful, wonderful day!

  4. Dex says:

    It is always interesting how women are absolved of heinous acts, take FGM for example, Gloria Steinem or some other prominent feminist called it a tool of the patriarchy to stifle female sexuality, yet from what I’ve looked up, it is women doing it to other women, women threatening and berating other women for not having it done, look up the Sande society, if I recall correctly they threatened a woman into hiding for speaking out against it, and Ironically just recently in Nigeria, it was a man that finally outlawed the practice.

  5. Roger Anaheim says:

    I think it’s worth mentioning here that all the “evil stepmothers” in fairy tales were originally just the mothers.

    That’s right, the ordinary, regular, biological mothers. In the Victorian Era, the fairy tale scribes and those who influenced them decided they couldn’t be letting the kiddies think that their mothers were capable of evil, and so they changed it to step-mothers (there were no SJW politics in them days and step-moms were acceptable targets to be made into pariahs.)

  6. Ob says:

    I think that there is a vicious circle between white knight defending women who comitted horrendous crimes and women who feel like they can do anything wrong.

    I think that exposing that crime that female can commit is a key to reduce gynocentrism by disgusting mangina from the church of gynocentrism.

  7. I wrote to the author of the New Yorker article offering corrections. The article repeats several long-superseded misconceptions. I do not think she corrected the factual errors.

    Take a look at this: “Female Serial Killer Collections”
    for a very useful pool of content that writers can base highly original articles on.

    The research reflects more than 850 cases. Perhaps female serial killers are rarer than males, perhaps not. But the 1 to 6 ratio is dead wrong (and is a number that is inferred from scanty research).

  8. Re: “I find it hard to believe that they commit crimes thinking that they risk being punished to the fullest extent of the law.” — It is well-documented that women do indeed do this and have done so for a long time (based on their awareness of chivalry (White Knight mentality)).


    A Woman’s License to Kill: “La Mode Rouge” – France 1930

    Chicago Murderesses Express Their Preference For All-Male Juries: Much Easier To Manipulate – 1912

    HERE’S a murderess who knew she could murder and not be executed for it, so she did the murder.

    Chivalry & the Death Penalty: The Cora Vinson case – 1922
    Chivalry & the Death Penalty: The Cora Vinson case – 1922

  9. Radium says:

    There is one more element of female misbehavior that this article did not discuss, and that is trust. Many accounts of female murder or pedophilia include a description of how the perpetrator gained the trust of the victim or the victim’s family. I’ve never read anything that directly addresses this topic. I suspect the female psychopath gets pleasure from violating trust, but I also know that trust is a necessary tool that female psychopaths require to complete their harm.

  10. PS says:

    Yeah, well poor women… Boo the fucking hoo..
    TEDxwomen proves that no one gives damn about male suffering.

  11. Sphere Meme Reversed says:

    The Manosphere always claimed “women love serial killers” but apparantly men do too!

    “Nurse Daniela Poggiali from Lugo, in central Italy, has been sent fan mail and wedding proposals while she awaits trial in relation to 38 unexplained deaths on her shifts”

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