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On Masculine and Feminine Motion, How We Resemble Our Own Gametes

Masculine and Feminine
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  1. M.C. Farage says:

    “Male motion is linear: it is a forward motion and even male physical features are rectilinear in essence: from the classic square-jaw to the angled V-shape formed by broad shoulders and thin waist. Female motion is more circular: an orbital path around a central point towards which every direction points and round like the ovum which itself is a destination.”

    This reminds me of the Black Sabbath album Technical Ecstasy. The cover shows a male and female robot having ‘sex’ and the artist said, “I thought of two robots…It’s really quite simple – he’s just done curves for the female and hard, angular, macho lines for the male.” Just a coincidence that I read that the other day. Very nice article btw.

    1. braininavat says:

      Two robots having sex on an escalator. Exactly.

  2. joe says:

    It sounds like you are saying traditionalism is in our genes. I have long thought it strange that my desire to be a financial/resource provided felt strangely connected/similar to my feelings when I ejaculate.

    1. Max Hydrogen says:

      It is in our genes but we have the power to resist and evolve.

      1. joe says:

        I am not yet convinced of that. The one reason I think mgtow might survive, is that the self preservation instinct might trump the reproduction instinct. I know a modern woman can’t get me to marry her, but a true feminine traditional woman might. I am competing for survival against the modern woman, so I can learn to see her almost as just another sperm. But with the traditional woman, her femininity lowers all my learned defenses and I revert back to what I am programmed to be, someone who gives himself to her.

  3. The Reservoir says:

    Outstanding article.

  4. D says:

    This article starts out with some truly great observations before delving into personal hangups. In order for our society to achieve balance, Women need to work on controlling their “hot” emotions with linear, rational thinking to achieve self-realization and on the flip side Men need to work on overriding cold logic by becoming touch with their emotions and being able to let them come to the surface in order to empathize more easily with others. Also, if men’s minds are programmed with an instinct for “Freedom”, then isn’t that is the opposite of team-work and cooperation? Freedom, although a beautiful thing, is also fundamentally Selfish. Generally, Men are more about the One vs the Many, whereas Women are more about the Many over the One (a natural instinct since Women share their bodies with another human for 9 months). I wish this author would challenge himself to see the positive AND negative aspects of both genders instead of playing the blame game that is getting all of us NOWHERE. Instead of actively trying to create a further divide, lets all meld together and recognize that though we have our differences, we are all still human beings.

    1. Max Hydrogen says:

      As I stated in the disclaimer: the ideas I presented are merely allegorical. As for freedom being the opposite of cooperation: the choice to work together without being coerced IS freedom because one is not forced into it but rather voluntarily participates; you seem to believe that freedom is synonymous with isolation which I do not understand; why do you think this?

      Indeed, as I wrote, men are conditioned to compete against one another just like spermatozoa (although sperm-cells actually cooperate in getting a few of their peers to the ovum) but I do not understand your statement “women are more about the Many over the One because they share they body with another human for 9 months”… What do you mean exactly? That women’s preoccupation with their offspring induces their domineering behavior over men?

      The “Blame Game” rhetoric smacks of MRA/Anti-Feminist revisionism; as a MGTOW website, the content posted hereon shouldn’t be concerned with osmosizing a “balance” between the sexes (if such a thing is even possible) but rather is concerned exclusively with the plight of men at the hands of a gynocentric society.

      I think there are positive and negative traits inherent to the sexes: men, like all outwardly forces, are positive and women, like all inwardly forces, are negative:

      陰 yin, 陽 yang: the traditional daoist concepts of Positive and Negative associate the former with Male and the latter with Female, in fact, the simplified characters thereof use the moon for negative/female 阴, and the sun for positive/male 阳. 陰性 female sex, 陽性 male sex just like 陽離子 (Cation)mean positive/male ion and 陰離子 (Anion) means negative/female ion.

      In fact, most cultures associate positive and negative with the and moon respectively and in spiritual practice, the sun and the moon are almost invariably male and female respectively.

      I’d love for society to be a place where everyone respects everyone else but I think female nature makes this impossible as society ITSELF is a system operating on male disposability for the purpose of female provision.

      1. Kali says:

        “I’d love for society to be a place where everyone respects everyone else but I think female nature makes this impossible as society ITSELF is a system operating on male disposability for the purpose of female provision.”

        This may the harsh reality of our existence. Due to females’ inherent solipsism woman cannot be expected to create balance, and thus falls on man to instate this balance, or as close to balance as we can reasonably achieve.

        This was an excellent article and I love the allegorical parallels that you found. I find myself thinking along these lines quite often. Much of my thoughts have been towards how to achieve such balance in a society in not just the interaction between the sexes but a balance in productivity, and personal fulfillment for all its individuals

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