Can Proposed "Gun Violence Restraining Orders" Be Used to Target Mens Rights?

gun violence restraining orders
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  1. David says:

    Just read a post on FB about a suicidal man who lost his Job and relapsed on alcohol.
    He went to bed with a knife telling his gf that he was going to kill himself…
    Girlfriend calls the cops, two cops come in with assault rifles and a minute later, bang bang, he’s dead. Cops claim he tried to assault drunk with knife, but all bullets and blood is confined to the bed he was resting on.
    What a shitty was for police to handle suicide prevention, calling it using the police to commit suicide. SMH

  2. Mark M says:

    Yes but Americans live in a bubble and don’t seem to understand how unprofessional and dysfunctional your police force is. Even when there is video evidence of Police shooting without reason establishment press and Fox news defend them to the end:

    “He was running away” , “turns out he had a criminal record” etc.

    What’s worse is that it always becomes a racial issue and everyone is forced to pick a side. There are many other armed Police forces in modern countries, but none are as dysfunctional as the those in the US, on the issue of misconduct by US state police SJWs have a good point.

  3. Max Hydrogen says:

    Great, so we’ll have a society where women can bare arms and men can’t… Wonderful!

  4. MGTOW Mo says:

    Power is the ability to influence the behavior of others to get the outcomes you want. There are two types of power: Hard power, the use of force and money to influence the behavior or interests of others. It is direct and aggressive. This is what people think of when they hear power, Guns, big muscles and loads of money come into people’s minds. Its why feminists love saying women have no power. The “second face of power” as its aptly called is soft power. Its aim is to attract and co-opt. It is indirect and passive-aggressiveness. Where hard power coerces soft power co-opts, where hard power is direct soft power is indirect.

    Contrary to feminist literature gender isn’t a social construct and men and women exercise different types of power due to their biology. Men are bigger and stronger so naturally they use hard power while women being the smaller physically inferior are left with soft power. This is why women are perceived as soft and men as hard.

    So this attempt to take guns from men can be explained as women using their soft power to take away mens hard power, this time guns. The principles are at play when women say men shouldn’t hit women, they are trying to limit mens hard power, in this instance their superior physical strength. She can’t defend herself using hard power because she biologically lacks in that department so instead she uses her soft power to defend herself. In the Art of War, Sun Zu says “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”

    Money is another tool in the arsenal of hard power. That’s why you see women divorcing men and taking half their assets and the man being ordered to give percentage of his future earnings too via alimony. Again using their soft power to take away mens hard power. The same strategy is at work when women lie about wage gap to get more money and use quotas to get into powerful positions in the academic/corporate/political world.

    Refuse as a man to give up your hard power to women and you’re a sexist misogynist whose oppressing her, according to feminists. However men aren’t allowed to take soft power away from women. In the instance a man tries, he’s met with fierce resistance, soft power style. One of the tools in the arsenal of soft power is propaganda and you see it at work every time you witness men being dehumanised on TV by being presented as idiots or females, feminist or not, spouting some misandric bs about men how all men are violent and all men care about is sex. If a man were to attempt take this soft power tool and turn it on women he will be met with a screeching wall of female noise. They’ll go as far as it takes to silence him, from shaming him (misogyny accusations) to sacking him (under the pretence of “creating a hostile working environment” for women of course). Every time you see a wife/girlfriend berating her man she’s exercising her (soft) power. She does it and it’s just nagging, he does it and he’s an abusive partner who should be locked up and she needs to leave him and she can do better.

    Women claiming men locked them out of the halls of (hard) power (Parliament, boardrooms) is just them projecting. They’re the ones who locked men out of the halls of (soft) power, home and school. At home women chose the role of house wife for themselves giving them all the alone time in the world with the children. And in divorce women get the children. Remember that famous saying, the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. All this due to the presumption of motherhood which you see on full display on Mother’s Day were an extra $7.4 billion is spent compared to Father’s Day. And if you’re saying money and love aren’t related well how about this then, a survey found 3 out of 4 children said they loved their mommy more than their daddy.

    At school a 1/4 of primary schools in England are staffed entirely by women. In all men present just 12% of male primary school workforce and in state nurseries it’s just 3%. Women completely discourage men from childcare. When you hear women complaining men don’t do their fare share of he childcare they mean changing nappies or waking up in the middle of the night to feed the baby, not have unsupervised time with a child so you can feed him red pill knowledge. Men who work in childcare always have the suspicion of pedophilia hanging over their heads and that is enough to put other men off.

    When women are in a position of authority over a men in their formative years why are we surprised that when said men grow up and get in relationships the women wear the pants in those relationship?

  5. Tim says:

    “Can Proposed “Gun Violence Restraining Orders” Be Used to Target Mens Rights?”

    Every ounce of law that can further women’s power to destroy more and more men is already and/or has been in the works for decades.

    VAWA – You call the cops to report that you’ve been beaten by your girlfriend or wife. The cops arrive. The woman has a scratch and a bruise on her arm. You can’t prove that you didn’t put the bruise or scratch where found. You’re taken to jail. You’re later convicted of domestic violence. You’re unemployable for life. Giving you a death sentence for her abuse against you would have been kinder than your DV conviction.

    Look at affirmative consent. It’s the same as above. You’re automatically destroyed for having looked the wrong way. Look to all gynocentric man-hating laws – they all contain identical characteristics.

    The important thing is that we flood the Internets with these truths. Starve the twin beasts of white knightism and gynocentrism. Starve the beast of male disposability. Starve the man-hating cunts.

    80% of yearly suicides are males. 98% of combat deaths are males. The majority of homeless are males. 95% of forced wealth transfer via vagimony and cunt support is from men to women. When you drive down the road, nearly everything you see was built by men – not women.

    Time for hope and change.

  6. Tim says:

    Everyone saw the outcome of the Ghomeshi trial in Canada, right? It was proven that multiple women colluded to destroy this man’s life via false allegations, but nevertheless, he was acquitted. But even after the proof of collusion and perjury by the alleged “survivors”, women went into a frenzy demanding that Ghomeshi be given life behind bars.

    “Can Proposed “Gun Violence Restraining Orders” Be Used to Target Men’s Rights?”

    Women can make up any kind of bullshit they want and some gynocentric pussy licking ass kissing white knight is going to use her tears to wipe thousands of men’s lives out without a thought – cause victim pussy.

    Ghomeshi won’t escape the man-hater’s wrath. Before long – he’ll be prosecuted and given life behind bars. Women past their wall will continue to flood forward against Ghomeshi for his sin of dumping them after he got what he wanted. That’s male disposability. That’s hypergynocentrism. Marriage was invented to prevent men from escaping after getting what they wanted. If men stop getting married – additional means become necessary to destroy men’s lives.

  7. Tim says:

    In case it wasn’t noticed – the push behind all man-hating gynocentric policies and laws are (1) the assumption that men are always guilty, (2) that men be destroyed regardless of truth or justice, (3) that men be denied any possibility of innocence and (4) that women be granted unconditional trust.

    Phuck that.

  8. Tim says:

    Ignore all I’ve written to your peril.

    If you’re convicted of DV or any sub-DV conviction, you’ll be unemployable for life. Just ask the millions of men already convicted of DV living lives of desperation, poverty, addiction and suicide.

    All she has to do is dial 911 and your life is as good as over.

  9. AllTheRuss says:

    Sounds like some feel good law anyhow. It would make sense if the state has a law preventing their LEOs from enforcing federal law by penalty.

    “”The Lautenberg Amendment to the Gun Control Act of 1968, effective 30 September 1996, makes it a felony for those convicted of misdemeanor crimes of domestic violence to ship, transport, possess, or receive firearms or ammunition.”

    If one has a DVRO, they automatically lose their 2A for the duration of the order via the Lautenberg amendment to the Gun Control Act of ’68. That includes just ammo too.

    Take note that it is a federal act. Thus if the ATF gets wind, a federal felony is given to the DVRO if caught by them.
    And with federal judges having an anti-gun slant, it doesn’t bode well for the “offender”.
    Getting that pardoned is about impossible, as a president has to sign off on that, versus a state governor.

    In any case, if one gets a DVRO, get the guns and ammo out of your possession as fast as possible, as it can only become more usable with these “silver bullet” family law types.

  10. Andy says:

    So what? Does this help me to be a better man? Does this let me grow in mind and character? No, but instead it brings once more all the bullshit i don’t care about anylonger back into my life, cause its so going my own way to care about the bullshit society i left behind. Their problems ain’t my problems and i don’t need to pretend or care about those problems.

    I just don’t care, and you shouldn’t too.

  11. Kong says:

    Obviously something like this won’t amount to anything, but the fact this idea is out there and seems quite official it does make you worry a little. It’s similar to the ideas about curfews for men after 10pm, or indeed any other thought that reduces men’s freedoms turning them into a criminalised oppressed class of people.

    It’s scary because every so often somewhere in the world something like this really does happen. Take Spain for example, a while ago a socialist mayor in a Spanish town passed a law banning men from drinking at their local bars after 7pm on certain weeknights. To enforce it he hired the towns women dressed in pink sweat pants and hoodies to patrol the bars issuing fines to any many caught drinking in them.

    The was soon repealed and the women very unhappy, but it just shows however small this may seem it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that once in a while an oppressive law against men will be enacted.

  12. John Lord says:

    Imagine. Those horridly violent and unstable boys playing “violent” video games. We might need to introduce higher levels of feminization by way of social engineering and more chemical castration. [More Ritalin etc.) Only women and girls are allowed to be violent. After all, haven’t they suffered enough oppression over the years.

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