Tell Men not to Rape! How Women Sometimes Choose Violent Men as a Protective Buffer.

Violent Men
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  1. bonus says:

    I wish the truth pissed me off less.

  2. Golden Eagle-owl says:

    Great stuff, but one thing that made me cringe was the part of stonerwithaboner’s comment where he writes ” “men” like Warmachine “. I really hope that he doesn’t mean with those quotation marks, that men like him aren’t “real men”.
    Forms of expression like that one, are only aftershocks of our primordial mindset regarding men and women, and the battle against those instincts is not a easy one. But while on our new path, I don’t think it’s our business to go about taking away the “man-cards” of others.

    Disclaimer: Of course I don’t support what Warmachine did, but then again I have no idea of what exactly happened between him and Chrissy Mack, and what events led to that.

    1. don’t worry brah, I ain’t a white knight. But I ain’t an M(h)RA-I don’t think Elam is a voice for men and I don’t think most men are my brothers. In fact, many men’s self interest is diametrically opposed to mine.

    2. Mark M says:

      There’s a difference between being a white knight and calling out someone who behaves like nutcase, as if he wouldn’t beat you up if you stepped on his shoes.

      “Macho men” and men who actively try to dominate other men and think life is one giant dick measuring contest are usually huge white knights. All their actions, actively trying to display large muscle mass and physical strength, obsessions with fighting, (dominating other men), tribal tatooes, it;s all a just mating displays

      Tradcons ” we need to defend the nation/culture” and military types are usually mega white knights too as are PUAs and other associated lunatics.

      Also men who promote all this retro nu-traditional masculinity which is basically going mad over hobbies like working out, obsession with sports, MMA etc usually fall into this category, many men just engage in these hobbies because they think it’s “manly” to do so.

      who are popular in “redpill” circles like Joe Rogan are huge white knights,

      1. SJ says:

        I guess working out and sports are a great way forward for MGTOWs. Extra testosterone is absorbed into muscle building and hence libido goes under control. Also being in better shape and looking good can give pleasure coming out of narcissistic self validation and hence need not be aimed attracting females and/or validation by females.
        Anyways better physique enhances the chances of one night stands without dishing out to shit tests as there are more women available. Also a better way to keep macho white knights away by flexing those muscles.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Women insisting that society teach men not to rape makes about as much sense as demanding that society teach people not to rob or steal. People still go out and commit crimes regardless of what the law says, or what society teaches.

    If I go out for the evening, I take steps to minimize the chances of being robbed. If that means dressing and behaving in a certain way, or avoiding areas of town that are known to be bad news then that is exactly what I do. Why is it such a problem for women to have to take steps to protect themselves. The article really says it all – women want the right to be recklessly stupid and not held accountable for their mistakes or bad behaviour in any way whatsoever.

    Women also want 100% security and safety provided for them by men, despite their insistence that they are strong, independent, and equal to men in every way. Do they not see the huge disconnect in that proposition? It’s as if women see themselves as untouchable princesses that must be put up on a pedestal and encased in bulletproof glass.

    1. Anonymous says:

      might be the reason why women pray so much more than men.

  4. Max Hydrogen says:

    I’ve as said before: women selectively breed violent men. In typical female illogic, men should be taught not to rape only to be encouraged to perform rough sex, bdsm and rape simulation to please women…

    Ode to hybristophilia.

    1. This is just something I’m curious about…

      I’m sure there are guys white knighting for Jodi Arias, but I wonder if there are guys sending her love letters?

  5. Thanks for the shoutout barbarossaa….

    Also excellent analogy about the big dogs. My sister was in an abusive relationshit-the guy smashed her face in. She LOVES big dogs. She had a dog that was half wolf and half siberian husky. A beautiful animal but not very sociable. Ironically, my sister has one of the sharpest tongues I’ve ever heard. She used to denigrate me ruthlessly but I would just laugh. I suppose a white knight/feminist would say I was complicit in her abuse because she probably thought she could talk to all men the way she talked to me with no fear of being hit. Over a phone call, she told me she loved the motherfucker who smashed her face in. Over an email, she called me a worthless piece of shit. Funny, a guy smashes her face in-love. A brother who unarguably isn’t a great brother-piece of shit. Sorry, she is fucked in the head. I really don’t want any contact with her.

  6. iMGTOW says:

    Im not really sure I agree with the part that reads: ” MGTOW’s because they cannot be manipulated by shaming ”

    I see many “MGTOWS” becoming angry when they are the target of shaming. Some of them dont even require it to be themselves to be the target specifically.

    The ability to trigger anger via shaming in newer MGTOW is fairly common.

  7. Super Saiyan Maze says:

    A very good observation. I hadn’t thought that deeply about it before, but it’s true. And it makes me think of the future of humanity, where the mindless brutes are the ones passing their genes, while those who build the future are buried and forgotten in the past. But oh well, the species will get what it deserves, then.

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