Gamergate and Rape part 2

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  1. dudeschmock says:

    Some unrelated editorial idea: Could you please post some short abstracts/excerpt, or even easier, just the first paragraph of an article, instead of the whole article, on the front page? Would enhance the browsing experience by quite a margin.

    I believe the WordPress CMS can even do this with really little work, there are some cool plugins for that (e.g.: https://wordpress.org/plugins/advanced-excerpt/)

    1. Anonymous says:

      Will look into it. Thanks for the input

      1. dudeschmock says:

        I see you implemented excerpts, and it really did improve readability (at least for me). Thanks !

  2. Mark M says:

    Quote “Thus Women in their quest to maximize safety and pass on their genetics with the most fit male specimen they can find, seek to eliminate male genetics they deem faulty that subconsciously, they see as a threat to their womb, this is what men sometimes mistakenly associate as female hatred of nice guys, nice guys are to women, genetic failures, weirdos, that set off their maternal radar and cause a irrational fear of impregnation by these (according to them) genetic defectives…”

    This is actually very apparent nowadays, with all the hysterical focus on street harassment. It’s not simply that women don’t want men hitting on them, they do, but they want to have a cuffoff point where any man who they deem unworthy should not approach or even interact with them.

    I went to a bar here in London, UK and there was a sign essentially saying that “unwanted advances” are sexual harassment.

    So now the average guy has to initiate the conversation and move the encounter forward. Anywhere in the process she has the right to call him too feminine for not being dominant enough (a pussy) or overbearing/sexual harasser if she deems it too much.

    In any case ALL the responsibility is on the man, women won’t take any responsibility, in the same way they will NEVER ask a guy out, even if they are madly in love with him, they will just hang around and hope “something happens” The elephant in the room is of course

    Why don’t sexually liberated women ever ask men out? That would eliminate all problems right? Lots of “anti-feminist” commentators say “they want traditionalism as feminism” but this is too glib of an answer. What they want is complete power of choice and veto. Asking men out involves being rejected, the idea that they have power and agency, and the possibility of being rejected (having their ego damaged) so they will never advocate for this as a group.

    Even in extreme circumstances women want to hold onto the power of veto. For this reason If a woman is rejected expect a borderline psycho reaction. Sexual power is almost as important as food to them and such a key part of their identity, essentially because it determines their ability to choose the potential health of their offspring.

    Now that dating is moving online women are now seeking to control which men interact with them using apps. Have a look:-



    Notice the theme in these apps? (probably created by male high tech white knights)

    -Women want to select the pool of desirable men, they want to decide who gets to contact them it’s just pure hypergamy.

    What cracks me up about manuresphere writers and PUAs clowns are the idiots who think women are unconcerned with the way a man looks. Women are way more shallow than most men because they have more suitors.

    Here is a good blog regarding dating/fake harassment


    1. M.C. Farage says:

      Other areas you can see this with are the fat positive & “redefining beauty” types. Notice how, amidst all this “aren’t fat women pretty?” and “isn’t this girl with down syndrome so beautiful?” there is ZERO male input, because a guy doesn’t even need his brain switched on to know that a fat/disabled bitch isn’t attractive because neither are healthy and health is perhaps the most important factor in finding bitches attractive. These people are so fucking far from earth they’ve left the Oort cloud and have photos of Pluto to share with us.

      MGTOW and other wacky groups who take an objective look at the world are too cynical (the word fits) to add anything to the female-friendly consensus so we’ve got to sit outside and draw our ideas in the ground with sticks while all the good technology and all the real funding goes to these fuckwits, performing studies on how rapey Robin Thicke songs are. Just give MGTOW a million dollars for the hell of it and watch the magic that would follow.

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