Pope Shames MGTOW Minded Men into Marriage.

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  1. DarkElement82 says:

    Why should anyone trust anything he has to say? Where was the shaming of the clergy that molested young boys for countless years? Glad you brought that up too.

    Women again are without blame. The fact of the matter is, speaking in a biblical sense, that Eve was the downfall of mankind. God gave her life, Adam gave her companionship (she benefited from his company just as he from hers) and there was no such thing as crime in paradise so she did not need protection nor resources because the garden was full of food. She changed all that.

    Eve decided to listen to Satan, who had given her nothing whereas God and Adam both were interested in her well being to the point that Adam cried out “At last flesh of my flesh..” when she was presented to him. She decided to listen to the great liar and then somehow charm Adam into eating of the forbidden fruit so she would not go down alone. She even added to what Adam had told her (not to eat from the tree) she added that the tree should not even be touched which was not part of the rule. Satan told her she would become like God knowing good and bad for herself. He never said this to Adam. Women to this day see themselves as Goddesses. Even when they have Paradise they always want MORE like Eve. She kept looking at the tree and seeing the fruit was beautiful and delicious looking and she ate. Women have looked at men’s lives (what they perceived as the good things in them) and they wanted a slice without thinking of the bad so the ’emancipation’ of Eve was at fault and women mirror that today. No one dare speak ill of Goddesses though.

    This old windbag can keep his opinions to himself. Men see women for what they are now. Ungrateful lying traitors who listen to someone who has done nothing for them than men who literally would and have given their lives for them.

    No one wants to bring up women’s part in being the destructive force behind every human society since the beginning. Fuck that. Women are no more infallible than this false shepherd wearing his ornate outfits and crowns of cloth when Jesus himself had no place to lie his head. This is why religion is nearly dead. This is why marriage is as laughable as an idiot who trusted a talking snake as if every snake had spoken before and it was normal.

    Requiescat en pace Religion. Spirituality will still live on, just not in its current distorted form.

    1. Phar0ah says:

      “Eve was the downfall of mankind”

      Exactly. The story of Adam and Eve perfectly explains female nature but I have yet to hear a religious figure interpret it this way. I guess they’re thinking, “Oh noez, I can’t offend teh womenz”.

      1. Anonymous says:

        story of eve might show that eve lead to the downfall of mankind but it’s validity is nulled when one knows that most of it was written by men. it’s better not to use these anecdotes but to stay with the scientific explanations unless one is debating a christian feminist.

        1. DarkElement82 says:

          Doesn’t change the fact that those men of ancient times knew the true nature of women and set up society to guard against that nature and to warn future men. Also it was written by men but inspired by God. In that sense look at them as secretaries penning God’s thoughts. I’m not particularly religious but I do think there is something to spirituality apart from the corruption of it by mankind.

        2. JDH says:

          Why not debate him in his very own belief system? Nothing wrong with that, thats why the Guttenberg Bible was such a great thing – people could finally check on whether what was preached actually represented the christion faith or not.
          I’m not claiming that the answers you get there will be scientifically accurate, however even if your world view is not scientifically proven it has to be consistant

  2. I went to a Catholic HS….

    My mom always berated me for not wearing deodorant. After graduation I was watching TV with mean ole Ma. A news story came on about priests molesting boys. I told her, “now do you see why I didn’t wear deodorant, I was trying to keep those fuckers away.”

    It was shady, there was a pair of twins, I was in class with one of the brothers and generally got along well with him. One of the priest’s would bring them to his office. They disappeared mid-school year and he was transferred to another school shortly thereafter. I don’t know exactly what happened, but I don’t think it was pleasant….

    Then the popular guys/football team would have small parties where everyone got blackout drunk. They would always invite one of the unpopular guys and it was frowned upon if if the unpopular guy turned down the invite. One of the stories was that they got one guy liquored up, put on a porno, told him to get ready cause a slut from the girls school was gonna suck him off and maybe more. They left the room then a few minutes later, came back in and saw him touching himself to the porno. They beat him up. Another story from those parties was that one of the unpopular guy’s got buttraped by someone on the football team. I vaguely remember being invited to one of these events and being all “hell no.” I was berated for being a “faggot” and “sissy.”

    At least I got out of the shithole with my sphincter in tact. However, my HS experience (and other things) has left me distrustful of other men and unable to form close male friend ships. To this day I am a bit homophobic. I realize not all gay men want to rape straight men just like I realize most straight men don’t want to rape women. Even though I understand that intellectually, I dislike and distrust gays.

    I hope I never set foot in a church for the rest of my life…

  3. Phar0ah says:

    I wonder if he’s becoming senile or conveniently ignoring how toxic society is towards men.

    He hasn’t watched TV since 1990, doesn’t use the internet, and only reads a leftist italian newspaper. With his limited perspective of the world he can’t possible see the whole picture.

    Gynocentrism has infected just about every aspect of society and there’s no cure for it. MGTOW and lifelong bachelorhood is just a natural reaction.

    It’s obvious that what we’re seeing is history repeating itself (Ancient Rome). Doesn’t the Catholic Church have historians?? Or have they overdosed on blue pills and are laying catatonic on the Vatican library floor..

    1. barbarossaa says:

      “He hasn’t watched TV since 1990, doesn’t use the internet, and only reads a leftist italian newspaper. With his limited perspective of the world he can’t possible see the whole picture.”

      Interesting, I didn’t know this.

  4. The Reservoir says:

    Its not just pope, if you look closely what’s going in the religious conservatives circles of Arab, India, and Pakistan you will know that every conservative group is pandering to women. ISIS is promoting women to join them. I read an article that Pakistani parliament has abandon Islamic laws relating marriage just to make women happy.
    Religious people are realizing that in this age women have the power to give a man positive social identity. And its true that majority of men will do what women in general like them to do.
    Religious leaders are pandering to women to save their religion.

    1. anotherbastard says:

      Yes, conservatives and religionites are pulling for women. Or trying.
      I see two other reasons besides your excellent theory.
      1) The right is trying to change public perception. The left paints them as a bunch of dirty old white men. So if they make the traditional men-service women mentality prominent, they’re hoping to bring back old whitie’s soft side.
      2) As Barbarrossa stated in Humanity First and Foremost, women are the slogan-swallowers. To have them on your side is to have a loyal, dogmatic following. They shape the minds of the young and society gives a shit when they stamp their heels.

  5. Rickard says:

    Sad that he is so uninformed. The feminist narrative has affected every aspect of society, at least in the West. Most people believe the narrative of women being oppressed or having been oppressed throughout history.

    1. Golden Eagle-owl says:

      This isn’t new to him. A while ago on his tour to the philippines, I think, he spoke against the sexist attitudes of men, yada yada. I stopped having a positive view of him sometime ago.

  6. Ob says:

    Pope francis seem to me to be very gynocentric but the journalist that report his interview is even more.

    We should look at his full discourse to see if he hasn’t say something more than just this.

    Actually the topic of his discourse was children disturbed by the instability of marriage and broken by divorces but the smart journalist avoid that entire topic citing the most polemic sentence of the speech.

    Beware gentlemen.

    Journalists say bullshit about everything always go to the primary source of the information if you can.

    1. Golden Eagle-owl says:

      Journalism today is a joke. 80/90% of stuff in the newspapers are reports and articles infused with the writer’s personal opinion. Trust me, I used to date a journalist and that was really obvious in the stuff she wrote. And apparently that kind of shit is even encouraged by editors-in-chief.

      1. Ob says:

        Thing can even go worse:
        A journalist of the french information site 20 minutes has modified a page on fr.wikipedia about fifa, took a screen shot of the modified page and said wikipedia said blah blah.

        He was smart enough to do it from his celle phoone but the modification was reverted in less than 1 minutes so it is impossible that he’s seen this by hasard.

        1. Golden Eagle-owl says:

          Even so, just making a reference to a wiki page is lazy. IMO journalism, at least the in the mainstream, lost that aspect of proper investigation and the well constructed reports that defined the pretigious news outlets during the pre-internet era. Now there’s hardly research.

        2. Golden Eagle-owl says:

          That being said I would really like to see Barbar’s opinion in a article or a video, on the topic of lazy journalism, gynocentric journalist, and the dangers of false information.

  7. Golden Eagle-owl says:

    This isn’t whiteknight syndrome anymore, it’s even worse than that. It’s whitebishop syndrome! Beware his diagonals!!!

  8. MGTOW Mo says:

    The same way the Catholic Church punished Galileo for rejecting the Bible’s geocentric teachings, its now punishing MGTOW for rejecting the Bibles gynocentric teachings. The reason why the Pope is siding with the feminists on this one (by not blaming them on why men are not marrying) is because traditionalists and feminism both worship at the Church of Gynocentrsim. The same way Catholics and Protestants worship Jesus Christ but only disagree on how to worship him best, traditionalists and feminists only disagree on how best to worship women. MGTOW are seen by both as heretics, the Godless amoral atheists who want to burn the Church (of Gynocentrism) to the ground.

    To follow up; The Bible and other Abrahamic Holy books were actually red pill but the problem is religious leaders are blue pill beta male (for lack of a better word) manginas. A man before anything else, is a man. Biology comes first and ideology (religion) is second. To full understand this compare the marital advice a religious leader in a feminist European/North American country would give you to that of lets say an African. Both men are reading from the same book but translating the text through different cultural filters (one of feminism and and another traditionalism) resulting in two completely different advice. Imams in the UK advice Muslim men to do their fair share around the house citing the Hadith in which the Prophet washed his own clothes. An Imam in living Africa would NEVER tell a married Muslim man to wash his own clothes.

    1. HaHa? says:

      If only I can understand the language being spoken.

  9. harry says:

    I advise to read theology of the body written by John Pope 2.
    A one on one copy of the scum manifesto.

    1. Ob says:

      No theology of the body is blue pill bul shit but doesn’t reach the hate toward men that are contained in scum manifesto.

      The theology of the body mentions and condemn the fact that women use their sexual attractions as a tool to manipulate men for example.

  10. Signor Farfalla says:

    That 70% of divorces are initiated by women is pretty much standard but I think it makes it seem even less drastic than it really is. 70% women makes it seem like, ‘okay, 30% male initiated’ but I don’t think that’s the case. Wouldn’t there be about 20% mutually agreed upon splits? Leaving only about 10% of divorces truly initiated by men (in my estimation).

    To think that marriage is a gynocentric cultural device to begin with and they STILL end it all the time is just so telling. It’s like men getting to have their den in the house as they wish to and then 70% of the time, they end up, like, “Fuck it. No more den!” The wife would be like “What? That was for you to begin with”

  11. mgtow aotearoa says:

    Before this catholic bastard wrecks himself whys he remain silent on promiscuos females? The modern western female aged under 45 only wants a quick bang-n-beat it session. And when a marriage minded male falls into the clutches of these hobags especially if its more than once his confidence in women emotions self esteem pride and mental health are destroyed. His trust in women destroyed hes happier alone.

    Modern culture has taught women that quantity over quality is the norm for relationships. Gone are the meet>get to know>date>relationship>marry>kids>grandkids>live happily ever after. For most women now theyve embraced the meet>bang>reject 12 hours later>else relationship>ends 3 months later cos each partner doesnt know one another well enough and so the sorry cycle continues.

    This simp should just shut his papist piehole and look at women nowadays rather than men who have been fucked over all too many a time despite their desperate attempts to find a bride.

  12. Jason says:

    To the unmarried and the widows I say that it is good for them to remain single as I am.

    1 Corinthians 7:1-40. Apostle Paul

    Both Jesus & Apostle Paul were both confirmed bachelors.

  13. Peter Shaw says:

    The Pope is entitled to his opinion.. But even in orthodox Catholicism he is only infallible on matters of faith and morals, ie the sacraments, abortion etc. The church has has many bad Popes in the past. This Pope is not the worst but in my view he is bad for the Church. His views often verge on Paganism, going on about global warming when his job is to prepare people for the next World. . He doesn’t stand up for persecuted Christians, or Christian refugees. He’s only interested in Muslim refugees. His response to the Charlie Hebdo massacre in France was to justify murder by Muslim gunmen as how a man would react if his mother was insulted. I think he’s a dangerous idiot and I say that as a Catholic. Catholics only have to follow the Catechism, not new age politics of a trendy Pope. The fact he’s so liked by the western media is a major red flag.
    I wish I’d never married. The best way for many believing Catholic men to behave is to forsake sex and marriage, lead a good and happy life. It’s not a sin to be happy!

  14. Ryan says:

    Ex-Cathhedra was not invoked and thus it is not infallible.

    Nonetheless, cohabitation is still a condemned sin.

    In regards to sexual abuse: VIRTUS training.

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