Is It Possible to Protect Men and MGTOW, While Feminism Consumes Itself?

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  1. vortex says:

    Knowledge sets us free. So they say.

    But knowledge without the awareness of the self is like firepower without target. The investigation/reflection of the ego caps the use of knowledge to ones own benefit.

    And that’s why we see, imho, lots of brilliant minds devoured by a social/economical/sexual moloch. All those scientists, artists and leaders succumb to feelings and needs of everyone but them.

    Men of all ages were very busy to harness external matters. To accumulate power ( may it ressources, social or military ) and win the tournament of reproduction.
    In all that time, the self-actualization comes short by most of them. In many places and times, it is/was even sanctioned to explore one-selfs grades of autonomy.

    If the two, knowledge and a free mind, come together, there will be the backbone to go the hard way. Against our wider social peers. For a social species a hard way indeed.
    But that would be the first step to fight misandry. Stand up/crack a joke/avoid further interaction or whatever you have in your personal arsenal, but expose the dehumanisation that men* face, despite the fact that this dehumanisation is often faced with stoic proud, and even joy.

    Humans are animals, but with the potential to control the “animal-drive”, to “reprogramme” it’s impuls control . By understanding the animal, and internalizing that knowledge. Not just to know, but to act as well. Thus become able to reject our gynocentrist preferences, and in turn disables the power dynamic, that favors women. Without that power there will be less fertile grounds for misandry.

    Question is, when is critical mass reached? ( Also artificial wombs )

    Have a great evening everyone!

    *there are women that are dehumanised too, but it’s about misandry. Just to clarify

    1. vortex says:

      “Men of all ages…”

      Sorry, it should have been: “Men of all era’s” or “Men from all ages/era’s”

      Non-native speaker culpa, i guess.

      See you space mgtow…

  2. ” The objections to this nail polish may seem irrational, but they follow a logical progression, the feminist belief that it is ok for some women to be raped due to lack of this nail polish, if the “men are bad women are good” social jihad they’ve declared on society is allowed to continue, and frankly, most women are a-okay with this. ”

    okay a couple things here…

    at one point I read about female infanticide and thought, that’s real misogyny, not the stuff that white, upper middle class feminists like Marcotte fly into a haterage over…

    Some feminist’s do mention it but not nearly as many as you would think over such an issue. I asked a 2nd wave feminist why this was the case. She said that it’s because
    Western feminist’s get berated any time they talk about an issue in a different culture. (My guess is it also runs in contrast to Western feminist’s desires for abortion clinics on every street corner.)

    Another thing, if you’ve had the misfortune of reading feminist’s hateful screeds against “Nice Guys”-you’ll see that they hate these socially inept men far more than “men” like Warmachine that have severely beaten women or Hugo Schwyzer who almost killed an ex-GF in a drug fueled rage. My best guess as to why this is so is that a violent man may hurt a woman but he can also be manipulated into dealing out violence against men that feminist’s don’t like. They merely see a few beaten women as acceptable “collateral damage.” MGTOW’s and “Nice Guys” are completely useless to them. MGTOW’s because they cannot be manipulated by shaming and “Nice Guys” because they are powerless and openly complain about their situation….

  3. Cary Harris says:

    Hmmm, the application of fMRI in situations where a female accuses a man of rape. Can the accusers mind be manipulated in such as way where she sincerely believes that, for example an ambiguous consent to sex constitutes a personal affirmation that she was raped, hence not triggering any fMRI anomalies? Can the feminist propoganda machine influence the mind to that level?
    Or in the case of the defendant, when a young man is constantly bombarded with both gynocentric, and misandric messages, does that mind internalize the message to consequently trigger a fMRI anomaly? If a young man internalizes the often repeated and culturally sanctioned message that all men are rapists, does that trigger negative test results when he is asked if he raped a woman?

  4. PCb says:

    Men’s and womens brains are different, and it wouldn’t surprise me if the bits that are involved with lying are very different. A worst-case scenario is that neurological lie-detecting is perfected for male brains, the algorithms don’t work at all for female brains (or psychopaths), and the neurological evidence that these false rape accusers are telling the truth is accepted by courts.

    1. ob says:

      There is no such thing as truth or lie in the brain of female, therefore female never lie and if they never lie you cannot detect them lying.

      The only thing that bother woman is if she is afraid that someone won’t like what she is about to say.

      Men have to pass a lie detector, women have to pass a truth detector.

  5. Jeg Martin says:

    The mis-conception about the men telling lies and women telling the truth can’t be taking as a cogent proof or truth. In the African societies where we experience black-thoughts that women can’t be trusted and men being too androcentric, which in most cases due to social stratification, heterosexual individuals are impelled to act in some certain behavioural to save themselves from resentment. I must say that it depends on the personality life-style in which the individuals must have primitively evolved… I think heterosexaul individuals just need to educate themselves about themselves.

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