Interview With Johntheother on Roosh, The future of the manosphere, Conspiracy etc

Interview With Johntheother on Roosh, The future of the manosphere, Conspiracy etc
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  1. Ob says:

    Very interesting as always. Just a remark on the form.

    You should let each other the time to speak.

    You interrupted each other a lot of times and it made your podcast unpleasant to listen.

  2. joe says:

    This in response to what you an John said about the empathy gap for men and why mras will fail. Sweden, the most feminist country in the world showed that empathy. I am a big proponent of platonic co-parents as a mgtow solution to reproduction and all we need are the right laws. Sweden shows that even under feminist rule we can have those laws.

    “Entitlements were providing a secure economic situation for mothers and children, and the entitlement system was forcing fathers out of mainstream economic activity and into long-term poverty.

    The investigation ordered by the government was publicly released on April 28th. (1) It recommends what is in effect a reversal of the previous reforms. Amounts that many noncustodial parents are ordered to pay will be reduced and much of the accumulated debt will be forgiven. In addition, the report recommends that mothers and fathers should share in some of the entitlements previously offered to only one parent. Working parents should be allowed to keep enough of their income to support themselves. Fundamentally, both parents have an equal responsibility to support their children. And regular contact between children and both their parents should be encouraged, not sabotaged by removing economic support from one household. “

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