Male Suicide Rate Higher Worldwide. See a problem yet people?

Male Suicide Rate Higher Worldwide.  See a problem yet people?
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  1. Anonymous says:

    The problem of male suicide is an old one, it’s just been worsening in the last 20 years or so. Despite all the talk about addressing the problem, nothing much has changed and nothing much has been done.

    The truth is that the world expects men to carry the load, but does not give a flying fuck about them, and never will. That might change if men everywhere downed tools for a while – let the world see how well it gets on without its mules.

    1. vortex says:

      Do you think the archetype of a man is Atlas? Because you gave me that link here:

      “…the world expects men to carry the load, but does not give a flying fuck about them…”

      …and it matches the job description of good ol’ giant Atlas.

      Anyway, have a nice day

  2. Ob says:

    I take this as a lesson: No one will care about my health so I take care about me first and the world after.

  3. vortex says:

    “He was a good worker”, “We thought he would earn so we could eat”, “We hoped we’d be content and comfortable”

    Speaking of entitlement. Since my early youth i’ve recognized unthankfull(?) behavior from people, ten years after i’ve realized that those people were almost exclusivly women. And the men that behaved in that manner, were pretty feminine. Maybe i red their narcissism as female trait.

    Please excuse my poor english, a member of the “old europe a la Rumsfeld” here

  4. tamerlame says:

    Women discard surplus men, mothers abuse their boys more than daughters.

    I honestly think teaching men to hate women is the only way to save a lot of men. If men have no regard for women, they will not give a shit if women have discarded them.

    1. vortex says:

      Well, “hate” is another thing as to “have no regard” towards them is.

      The mastery of your own Desires is what set you free from your own animalistic nature ( survival, reproduce and conserve energy ).

      Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of women worth hating. But realize that hate towards a woman, in most cases, makes women thrive. Any kind of emotion is welcome. But indifference doesn’t take from you like hate does, leaves you with time and energy for more fruitfull occupations. Plus, its venom for the Ladies, if you mind them.

      We should teach our younger brothers, but i must disagree that hate should be the content of said teachings.

      Hope you can understand my points ( because of non nativ speaker )

      have nice evening ( or so )

    2. bro.K says:

      Self-love should be more proper;
      jay double gee has made excellent commentaries on this regard.

      Funny dowries are meant for the men to take on brides.
      These frustrating times.

  5. Max Hydrogen says:

    You know when something so indifferent, cold and stark becomes apparent that one is stunned with nausea and inflamed throat… I bet H.P. Lovecraft had days like this…

  6. Cale Olsen says:

    With farmers it could be the pesticides. One health professional tells me it is very dangerous for mentally ill or stressed people to be exposed to pesticides. Recently I was using pesticides for a few weeks, my emotions overwhelmed me and I beat a brother, in hindsight he did not deserve it. This paranoid urges are usually noticed as paranoid urges and reasoned away. On this occasion it was no resistance to crazy.

  7. Han Lockhart says:

    When will the insanity end? Well as long as we have websites like this, spreading the word, there is hope, hope that men will one day start caring for each other and show male solidarity to the state. then and only then, will things truly change for the betterment of all. But MEN have to stand up and be counted togther. Stop ignoring it because it does not happen to be YOU.

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