Roosh Fires shots at the Red Pill Reddit. A MGTOW Analysis

Roosh Fires shots at the Red Pill Reddit.  A MGTOW Analysis
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  1. yup, couldn’t stomach that video–like watching someone you love get assraped by a bunch of neo-nazi’s….

    anyone who bashes low status men with the term “beta” or “mangina” is no freind to MGTOw-that includes Elam, Roosh, Roissy, Jack Donovan, Aaron Clarey and Paul Elam…

    the whole “red pill” dichotomy is stupid shit anyways. The power of MGTOW can most easily be described as “opting out.”

    Rooshtard is esssentially a male feminist.

    it’s funny how the biggest bullies can dish it out but can’t take it….

    1. barbarossaa says:

      dude how can i contact you?

      1. see the updated email in the reply box…

  2. Darth Sin says:

    Roosh has gone full retard. I guess women have baby rabies but men have NAWALT rabies.

    The PUA & TRP community would do well to kick the fool out of their community, he does not belong there anymore.

  3. David says:

    He’s lost his shit. Smh
    He’s gone insane.

  4. Anonymous says:

    That Roosh video is the most hilarious thing I have ever watched.

  5. Odia says:

    It’s interesting watching these traditionalists fighting over the steering wheel as the bus is going over the cliff.

  6. vortex says:

    Looks like a pope, searching for a job. Good thing i was lucky enough to dodge that bullet.
    Questionmarks were popping over my head, when he was like;

    “My seed, you’ve all swallowed it, i am your father, why don’t you obey”

    , and i never even heard anything from that guy. Not even his name.

    I guess he must have used his “alpha-spirits” to convey his ” glad tidings of great joy”.
    Exept when you’re a filthy faggot. No masculinity for you Mr. Mercury.

    Well, in a sense, i am grateful that he makes it so easy to “choose sides”.

    On one side there is the promise that you may be the servant of every higher-status man, and every non-man. The priviledge of conducting social/real hunts on gay men and to follow a leader. Roosh führt, wir folgen!

    The other side puts out the notion to be aware of your own faults, desires, talents and self, to reject identities that will enslave you for the benefit of others. To take back your mind and (re)gain an independent soul/spirit/life.

    The path to choose was never so plain simple to pick.

    In that spirit, thank you senior ahab roosh. Your example and your idea’s have reached my ears, and as i mentioned thanks, but NO thanks.

    And thank you barbar! I’ve been watching your content for a couple of years now. You get better and better. As a side note. Are you fond of red beards, or why did you chose that name?

    Have a great sunday.

  7. Anonymous 2 says:

    What’s the difference between this neo-masculinity and tradcon?

  8. Roger Anaheim says:

    The more I see of Roosh’s content, the more my head hurts.

    He’s supposed to be this grand leader of PUAs who brazenly declares himself an “alpha” and yet he has not charm or charisma to speak of. Jesus Chirst, the average high school jock has more “game” than this guy and he’s in his 30’s, runs a website (that he e-begs to support because nobody wants to advertise on it) and has published several books (of the vanity publishing variety I’m sure.)

    He’s absolutely nothing.

    It’s not just that he’s full of shit, it’s that he can’t peddle his snake oil to save his life. He’s gotten famous for saying outrageous things that got a reaction. Anita is at least twice as persuasive because she acts all upset and concerned and she’s a fear-monger. This guy is supposed to be a master of seduction and he couldn’t sell crack to a crackhead, for free.

  9. Roger Anaheim says:

    I used to look over ROK but the incredible dissonance between the articles was just too much for me

    Does this seem confusing to anyone else:

    Fuck as many bitches as possible.


    Women should stay virgins until they get married. + The best thing in life is to get married and have kids.

    Or do I just have a massive tumor in my corpus colossum?

    1. Tim says:

      It’s like a women is secretly writing for the site, coaching men into maximizing women’s benefit from PUAs and then subliminally telling the PUAs to eventually get married. Maybe that’s how women get men to completely transfer their wealth to women and the state now – or maybe the state is paying ROK (like how the CIA manipulates other governments). AVFM does the same.

    2. Pellaeon says:

      No, it’s not just you. Roosh has a tendency to contradict himself depending on what mood he’s in. It’s one of the reasons I could never fully respect him, despite prodding from some of my friends.

      Dude can’t seem to figure out what he actually wants out of life – one minute he’s bitching that women are too easy, the next minute he’s bitching that women are too difficult. The whole time, however, he’s touting his magnificence to the world.

      1. Anonymous says:

        It’s the Jews! Just ask Roosh. Big daddy will set you straight about those ” cultural Marxists”.

  10. Zeeb says:

    What’s comical about these pua idiots is that they’re all in third world countries getting laid. If you look at Roosh’s content, he’s been trolling east europe, particularly ukraine, to play sexual marketplace arbitrage for a few years now.

    So essentially, his “game” is being american in countries which are impoverished by american standards, and he then sells his “techniques” to people.

    It is a complete fraud and scam. Really, any western man can go a third world country and pick off a reasonably attractive woman. At least more attractive than they could get in the West. I’ve seen it myself and it’s never a happy ending. once the veneer of the honeymoon phase wears off, the man realizes he’s stuck with a woman who is, psychologically, 2 or 3 human generations behind Westerners in terms of sophistication of thought.

    1. Dark Triad says:

      That’s exactly what I think! Roosh, Matt Forney etc supposedly masters of game and yet their strategy appears to be to travel to economically weaker countries and depend upon hypergamy to do the leg work for them. Says a lot about the efficacy of their “techniques”.

      1. braininavat says:

        If you read enough of the PUA shit (and, yes, I did once upon a time, when I was trying to figure out what went wrong in my own life) you will occasionally find those who admit that it is a “numbers game.” In other words, the “techniques” of the approach are admittedly bullshit; what counts is your willingness to get in the face of enough women that one eventually says yes. If you can increase your number of approaches, you might get lucky. If you add to that the “sexual market arbitrage” mentioned above (a wonderful phrase that I will remember) and letting hypergamy do the heavy lifting for you, you might get lucky as often as Roosh claims to get lucky. But it comes at a cost: spending your days and nights in continual pursuit of pussy. This is an opportunity cost. The time a PUA spends pursuing pussy could be much better spent on something intrinsically rewarding.

  11. Phar0ah says:

    Here we go again, another SNL PUA skit. Why is he worried about internet avatars attacking him? He’s supposed to be “Alpha” right? Do you even lift bro?

    This is his attempt to redeem himself after getting owned by Dr. Oz (who he probably views as “beta”) by reinventing himself as the king of neomasculinity.

    It seems as if he’s having trouble seeing the end game though. There is no changing the system, bringing back the nuclear family, or resurrecting the “patriarchy”.

    Soon there will be an army of Tradcon PUA hybrids roaming around getting slaughtered by the system because they were lured to the plantation.

    PUAs and tradcons can keep getting slaughtered on the “front lines” of this unwinnable war. As long as they’re cannon fodder, the attention stays on them. They can’t say we didn’t warn them.

    Watch for neomasculinity e-books full of recycled PUA and tradcon elements and neomasculinity “gurus” peddling workshops to pop up in the next few months. There’s always a financial aspect involved.

  12. Tim says:

    Makes perfect sense to me. Tradcons, progressives, the gynocracy, feminists and the patriarchy all have the same goal – to subjugate and make disposable men. As we all know, MGTOW is the same as saying, “I’m not following the gynocentric life script (marriage) that has destroyed tens upon tens of millions of men – leading hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of those to suicide – over the past 40+ years.” MGTOW isn’t a destination. It’s a path. Where that path leads to is a personal choice. MGTOW doesn’t define a destination. MGTOW removes women’s and the state’s power to determine that destination for men. Why? Very often, women and the state intentionally lead men to their own doom.

    When men get married, they sign a contract that gives a woman and the state the power to destroy them physically, psychologically, emotionally, legally, spiritually and financially. MGTOW is a simple way of saying, “THANKS – BUT NO THANKS!”

    “Once upon a time, a prince proposed to a princess. The princess refused. The prince lived happily ever.” For some reason, a lot of women think that by opting out of marriage, they’re getting back at and/or punishing men. For every women that opts out of marriage, there’s a man saved from divorce and spared the life of a puppet and disposable ATM. That being the case – because of social conditioning and brainwashing – most men won’t even know how lucky they were TO NOT get married. It’s like the old saying – “Be careful what you wish for. You just might get it.”

    Tradcons, progressives, the gynocracy, feminists and the patriarchy all stand to lose big if men opt out of marriage en masse – which makes opting out that much more worthwhile (and fun). The same goes for the pope saying that men need to stop blaming feminists for the decline in marriage – knowing full well that the women’s movement is about (1) destroying the patriarchy (destroying men and transferring their wealth and power to women), (2) women’s sexual liberation and (3) escaping the “slavery” of marriage. Give it up pope – and start looking for another job. The gynocracy runs the church now.

    The war isn’t against MGTOW. The war is against men following their own path – in direct defiance of the PTB – which causes many formerly powerful to lose power. Men going their own way means the halt of billions of dollars of wealth transfer/redistribution from men to women every year. I can see how this would piss “them” off.

    1. Tim says:

      I should have said, “…the halt of billions of dollars of wealth transfer/redistribution from men to women, lawyers, judges and the state every year.”

  13. Robert says:

    I enjoyed and agreed with the article, just one thing…Please don’t compare Roosh V to Reverend Jones. That’s offensive and VERY insulting- to the right Reverend Jones. That said All the Best and enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend.We all should take a second to remember the men whose deaths we are honoring, and keep in mind that many women encouraged and manipulated those same men into those deaths. Few speak of it but much violence and warfare is instigated and egged on by women.

  14. Tim says:

    TIM’S PUA 101:

    What causes poody quiver and/or the need for frequent panty liner changes/excessive vaginal discharge?

    Hint – Pretend you’re the blonde guy:

    1. Mark M says:

      Roosh is full of shit but he is a clever internet marketer, far better than the idiot PUA clowns and average manuresphere writer and much better than the hapless MGTOW nerds.

      Roosh has never cared much about ideology despite what he says. Look at his record: He started off as a hardcore PUA, then manuresphere, then pseudo MRA and flirted with MGTOW, he just tries to get a foothold in every market like a smart marketer would. He’s interested in selling books, and advertising revenue.

      You guys accuse him of “e-begging” but LOTS of mgtow guys including Stardusk and barbar have asked for money. In Stardusk’s case it’s not even for content or a products it’s just so he can “survive” because for some reason, despite his alleged intellect (which seems to consist of re-hashing trollbait used by Sam Harris and Steve Pinker to sell books) he can’t support himself.

      Sandman asks for donations, as do many other mgtows. The difference is Roosh plays the game a lot better. Roosh brings in at least 5 figures annually from his enterprises, going on Dr Oz gets him exposure and when it comes internet marketing and advertising the Gerald Ratner School is as good as any other.

      I can’t understand anyone who thinks the Redpill reddit is some kind intellectual powerhouse. It comprises of EXACTLY the same type of evo-pysch PUA bullshit that I see all over the internet, and Roosh is correct in saying it is heavily moderated, from what I’ve seen, probably by women.

      I would also say that at least Roosh does not hide behind a monitor. He does get interviews and go on TV for better or for worse. This at least gives him some credibility, in the manuresphere, which mgotw is a part of – nobody has ANY credibility whatsoever.

      After all, Roissy claimed to be a suarve, anti-government, libertarian figurehead, convinced that his mighty-whitey genetic endowment elevated him leagues above the lesser women and non-whites who require government supplementation and employment. The truth: He’s was 40 year old nerd man, employed by a government department FINRA cashing in his government cheques by day but running home to his duplex to do his best Dostoyevsky impression by night.

      Underneath the flowery prose Ferdinand Bardamu/Matt Forney was just obese sex tourist who makes money selling books on how to make money by being an internet troll.

      Barbarossa was always telling men to avoid relationships with women, but he is in a relationship with a woman.

      All PUAs/seduction coaches are scammers and frauds- but this has been known for centuries.

      Stardusk is a depressed, middle aged divorced man who ties himself up in knots with scatty mixtures of theories from “intellectuals” like Sam Harris and bodged together clipping of abstracts from scientific papers which fit his own conclusions. This counts as “scientific” in his book.

      His main contributions are running around attacking other mgtow’s (for intellectual purity – of course) whilst constantly pontificating whether the whole business of doing so is beneath him. Despite all his theorizing he seems unable to hold down a basic job but has time to play hours of video games – hence we are always made acutely aware that he is on the cusp of destitution.

      As for mgtow itself, why isn’t neomasculinity mgtow? Mgtow has stagnated to the point where it is both meaningless and useless. When I read mgtow conversations or watch videos they usually involve, Pua batshit, scientific racism or HBD, using science to try and explain things which cannot be currently be explained by science, displaced atheists who don’t understand science, outrage at feminism, “small government” crap, trying to claim credit for or latch onto what 4/8chan/gamergate did and of course spending most of their time complaining about women (of course the women they are claiming to reject).

      Compared to the fools I’ve written about, Roosh isn’t even that bad.

      1. Alex says:

        You obviously misunderstand the MGTOW project because u caricature it and find tertiary points of criticism. I will only mention three issues that you ignore: 1) the universality of gynocentrism, hypergamy, and male disposability. 2) the systematic usurpation of male property and the destruction of the family instigated by feminists and their masters via every social economic and politico-legal institution in the country. 3) the unconscious realization of female nature by men and the cost benefit analysis to avoid them as well as entangling relationships.

        Your post was eloquent but empty and your contempt for MGTOW is meaningless. Enjoy paying back the national debt you (cock) sucker.

  15. Mark M says:

    Again – Why are mgtow supporting TRP reddit?

    Reddit is currently led by one of the most a hardcore feminists in the entire Silicon Valley area a woman called Ellen Pao. Just read about her recent litigation and her “harassment policies”.

    All TRP reddit users and mgtow reddit users are spending their time generating FREE content for reddit to use. That’s right. mgtows and TRP Reddit nerds are helping put $$ straight into the pockets of people like Ellen Pao to send on making more rules to shut down online discussion.

    Mgtow are such passive bitches they actively produce content for sites like reddit.

    This is exactly what happens when you have a directionless, aimless passive movement like mgtow.

    1. barbarossaa says:

      Ridiculous, a good portion of all social media has some kind of feminist agenda behind it, and it would be silly to imply that one has to stop using it so as to appear to take some moral stand. In doing this one would only be hampering ones ability to communicate its message

      1. Mark M says:

        I’ve been listening to your videos for 5 years and during that time the “Red Pill” concept has taken on a life of it’s own.

        (i) The phrase “Red Pill” as it is used on the internet today basically means:- “something you wouldn’t say to work colleagues” Red Pill encompasses a great many groups including :-

        -Pickup artists/scammers/ and internet marketers
        -Manuresphere marketers/trolls clickbait hunters like Roosh/Matt Forney
        -race realists to straight up white supremacists.
        -actual real misogynists
        -tinhat the government is hiding under my bed types

        My point is “redpill” is a phrase that means a whole lot of things and just supporting people who identify as redpill is very foolish.

        (ii) The “message” on the RedPill Reddit consists of PUA bullcrap, whining about women, and misdirected outrage. There is zero action, just repeating nonsense about “The Wall” over and over and over. Small government nonsense, Austrian hard money economics even though the USA/UK use soft money. Nonsense about how minorities are the way they are because they have lower IQ’s.

        The Redpill Reddit is a feminist goldmine a veritable treasure chest.

        Go and read “MGTOW Reddit” – As written on the sidepane :-

        Goals Of MGTOW

        Limited government.
        As close to zero tax as possible.
        No quotas.
        Disbandment of ‘family’ court

        Is this Mgtow? They are more than happy call out feminists regarding censorship, but if you challenge any of their small government shtick with facts they will ban you – very liberal.

  16. Pellaeon says:

    How can you attack your own father” … “the language that you speak everyday, the improved sex life that you now have, That has my seed written in it”

    I don’t see how that could possibly be, Roosh didn’t invent shit. I have his book – it’s basically just a recycling of mystery method, peppered with a few lines personalized to his style, and some other personal anecdotes.

    Roosh can certainly claim to be one of the most controversial PUA’s out there, probably second only to Roissy, but he’s no founding father. The only term I can think of that he could have coined is “flag,” and that’s such an inconsequential concept. It’s probably true that he helped add some nuance to existing ideas, but I can’t think of anything he pioneered on the topic of game.

  17. alright, is bullying a bully wrong…

    Roosh can go fuck himself, he’s worse than a feminist….

  18. JTC says:

    TL;DW, dude is a joke.

  19. Mike Oldfield says:

    Roosh has always been a hypocrite. On the one hand he insults women for not being virgins and holding until marraige, whilst on the other hand he completely ignores the prudish virgins and instead dedicates his whole life to meeting and having sex with as many club sluts as possible. Now he’s become totally delusional: declaring himself the founding father of PUA and expecting adoration and obedience from anyone that has ever read his blog or watched one of his videos.

    It might be amusing to read about the exploits of someone that has travelled around the world and banged a lot of hot chicks (many of which are probably interested in goldigging what they think is a rich foreigner), but that doesn’t mean that we regard him as some sort of “founding father” or intellectual genius. He’s not the first person to think of going abroad and banging foreign girls. He’s not even the leader of his local youth club, let alone anything else.

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