Scenes of Male Rape are A-Okay in Hollyweird

male rape
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  1. Roger Anaheim says:

    On the subject of rape as it is treated on TV, I’d like to bring up a different but much longer-running and more popular show Law and Order: SVU. The show got a well deserved bad rap from the manosphere after their laughably horrible portrayal of Gamergate in an episode this last season.

    I thought this was really unfortunate, as SVU frequently portrays false allegations of rape and pedophilia against men as weapons wielded by petty, vindictive women. Anyone familiar with the show will tell you it doesn’t gloss over how such allegations can ruin a man’s life VERY quickly. There’s also sympathetic portrayal of lonely men who get played by beautiful siren con-artists.

    Many episodes have dealt with grown men who were physically and/or sexually abused as children (some of them at the hands of women.) There have been at least a few episodes dealing with the rape of men. Though they’re not treated nearly as sensitively as the women, there’s a lot more compassion than in the show Barbar has discussed in this post.

  2. Anonymous says:

    It’s season 3 episode 5, title “mum”.

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