Cringeworthy PUA Documentary Elucidates the scam that it is

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  1. Phar0ah says:

    Is this real life or a SNL skit.. He’s definitely a con artist. Training men to play a game that we’ve played naturally for thousands of years. Only problem is that the game has changed and the only way to win is by not playing. It doesn’t mean to give up and run away with your tail between your legs but to formulate your own rules based on the MGTOW philosophy. A lot of thirst in this vid though. If you’re thirsty drink a sprite lebron mix, don’t feed these women’s already overinflated egos.

  2. hahaha, I can’t help but think that PUA guru is a gay dude scamming hugs and cheap feels from his “straight” students…

    and to think of all the money he’s scamming for the “bootcamps.” Why don’t they just hire prostitutes if they want to get laid?

    as anyone who’s worked in sales know’s getting an extension or an email IS NOT closing a deal…

    I bet half the womyn give fake numbers just so he leaves…

    in fact, making cold approaches sounds as painful as making cold calls…


    1. Cary Harris says:

      I am not one to personally spend effort “chasing tail.”

      But I do think there is a point to just throwing caution to the wind. We live in such a restrictive, politically correct environment, that young men face great challenges in being self actualized. They cannot say anything for fear of offending someone.

      They have internalized the politically correct vocabulary and values, and have become incapacitated. I don’t think the crazy PUA dude is some kind of ally to self actualization, but indirectly by exposing oneself to something they fear, they can overcome the control the fear has on them. By “cold calling” women in bars or coffee shops, they can dismantle the power they perceive women have over them, and gain some self sovereignty.

  3. tamerlame says:

    Glad you are exposing the PUA con Bar bar.

    Black pill has done loads of posts debunking this anti male scam. PUA is anti male because the marks of the con are all male.

    1. barbarossaa says:

      glad to do it, many of these PUA’s are nothing but scam artist pussy addicts

  4. Zeeb says:

    Sad and interesting to see that his clientele are almost entirely ethnic minorities. Seems like these poor guys don’t really understand the female perceptions of race and social hierarchy.

  5. Cary Harris says:

    I like the way you have structured this Bar Bar. Essentially leaving the viewer to deconstruct, and analyze the PUA fallacy, without resorting to the obvious attacks.

    And noted, the suckers in the video are primarily men of color, and actually good looking men of color. I am having trouble recognizing why they would need to work on some “game”. But that is me. I do acknowledge we inhabit a gynocentric society where a young man is measured in the context of female companionship, whether this assessment is valid or not. Indeed, I would be curious to see their accreditation, degrees, success levels, or similar markings of achievement, compared to the average person.

    I suspect they have detoured their efforts from social endeavours to that of a foundation for success, or perhaps achieved a good deal of success already. We know that success requires sacrifice.

    As you have posited, these men do need to recognize, they are the prize.

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