Paul Joseph Watson Goes full retard With "Neo Masculinism", Infowars whiteknights Hard

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  1. MikeTO says:

    Apparently Neo Masculinism is for Rooshland. The term was obviously started with roosh to sell plots of land.


  2. Darth Sin says:

    Neomasculinism is an attempt by PUAs to try and define MGTOW as they see fit in order for them to make money. They are a lot like AVFM in this regard.

    Criticizing them for their stupidity is a must but at one point, we must move away from them.

  3. David says:

    This was spot on, as per usual, thanks Barb for bringing the fractal into crystal-clear focus.

  4. elementaltruth says:

    “gynocentric nature as a species” – again something’s wrong. It’s either somewhere in the west men have been emasculated into thinking that. Society would often train you to think like that. If you think your nature is gynocentric, you are not thinking deep enough, or you are some other species. There are no reasons for humans to be gynocentric by nature, it holds back innovation, improvement, technology. We’d still be animals. The culture’s gynocentric. “control your base biological urges”, hah. Feminism is not a bad thing, it exposed their corrupt nature.

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