Max Shares His Misandric Experience Against Boys While Teaching in China

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Your article is beyond words, and I can only hope that it is not true

    1. Max Hydrogen says:

      I’m afraid that’s just part of it: women in China are out of control and I now understand why there used to be foot-binding.

  2. Aaron Peters says:

    I find this shocking, even though I shouldnt given China’s 20th century history. Sad part is those female teachers are probably doing what was done to them as kids as well.

    Title needs changed though, as it describes quite a bit of content pertaining to treatment of female children as well.

    1. Max Hydrogen says:

      Yes, they treated all the kids badly and reserving most of the corporal punishment for the boys. I think the article relates to Men’s issues as it provides an example of how women, contrary to the “narrative”, are more authoritarian than men.

      But this stems from Chinese women’s aggressive domination instinct which is inherently misandric.

  3. Anonymous says:

    This typical catty and passive aggressive female behavior. As others have said before me, they create the next generation of bullies, and the cycle continues.

  4. Anonymouse says:

    That was a great experience for Max. There are now a lot of open ESL skype teacher jobs at because of teachers like him.

  5. vortex says:

    Holy Emperor berries,

    those children seem to grow up in hell. Thanks for sharing your (horror)story.

  6. bro.K says:

    Thank you so much for this article, Max, and Barbar,
    having worked in a Chinese company not in China, the manipulation
    of the HR from a female is just the same. Maybe all the working men
    just feel the same and accept it as it is.

    Same deal with most ‘typical’ Chinese mothers. These are all the truths;
    although most are just vicious in their outbursts and treatment of the younger
    ones.., most do struggle to keep their families running like everyone else.

    Is this an issue with the ‘grades’ of their mindset, education, or just the way
    their biological nature is? This I really want to understand, and why Barbarossa’s
    videos are so helpful.

    I also thought that it would be really interesting and life-saving for the Chinese
    to understand more about the origin of this ‘dominative nature’ of the Chinese
    mothers possess as Max has mentioned. And on the side, the ‘foot-binding’
    practice has actually been used to be as sex appeal; so there could be some
    sort of ‘revolution’ that has happened in their, and our western culture, to be
    led to think that it’s the patriarchy’s fault again for maybe trapping the women?

    1. Max Hydrogen says:

      I think most of the characteristics of 漢 han people are parameterized by their huge population; we the same kind of raging matriarchy in India. I sincerely believe that foot-binding was practiced specifically to limit Chinese women’s mobility as they tend to destroy all they touch; Chinese women have traditionally been the downfall of China and I don’t see the pattern changing anytime soon…

  7. Forge says:

    I was in China for two years teaching ESL in two different schools owned by the same company.

    The first school I was with had some issues; though not as atrocious as yours. Shouting at little children and sometimes hitting them behind the head did happen; though this was far from representing the majority.

    The second school I was in felt even more humane than anything I’ve ever seen in North America. So this article’s way too one-sided and all of you reading shouldn’t be taking this at face value. I hope you all understand this.

    I’m a strong defender of Chinese society; these people have welcomed me with open arms. In having lived two years over there, never have I ever felt in danger. People in the vast majority are friendly towards one another and have a pleasant demeanour. Yeah, you sometime see a man and a woman beating each other in the middle of the street, or a person having a seizure in the middle of the street and no one does anything.

    Though there may be behaviours that are shocking in our opinion; this is not our society and we have nothing to say. They have allowed us foreigners to live there for some time, for that we should be grateful.

    I had a feminist colleague at one time and she was brainwashing my female colleagues to not put up with this and that from their husbands. “Hey yo brainiac, this isn’t North America”. If the young adult man and woman don’t get together; you’ve got the parents and grand-parents from both families who will fall down in the streets and not have any form of support. They have not gone through the same transitions as a society as we have. If that Husband/Wife component breaks down, you’ve got whole families ending up in the streets. THIS IS NOT THE WEST. I mean seriously, I’ve seen too many of these people go in there and impose their GODLY WESTERN VISION unto these people. For fuck sake, if they ask for your opinion, give it, if they don’t, shut your fucking self-righteous mouth; you guys are creating chaos when you go inside these countries.

  8. Max Hydrogen says:

    “you guys are creating chaos when you go inside these countries.” Right, the Cultural Revolution was caused by “GODLY WESTERN VISION”.

    “They have allowed us foreigners to live there for some time, for that we should be grateful.” So you’re not a fan of Multiculturalism, I take it…? You must bare the attitude towards foreigners living in the West, right?

    “For fuck sake, if they ask for your opinion, give it, if they don’t, shut your fucking self-righteous mouth” I didn’t ask for your opinion.

  9. Forge says:

    Pardon for my language yesterday; I had a lot of anger coming out and it shouldn’t have been directed towards you like I did; so again, my bad.

    You are right, I’m not a fan of multiculturalism. I like going in such a country as China and actually having Chinese culture and Chinese people. Much like with India, Ghana, Russia or any other country.

    I’ll give you a few examples. As you know, in China, people don’t make line up when getting in line.; they simply rush the counter. While I also know they gradually want to change this. It’s not my place to argue, it is their country. Being in line is more efficient and our countries have adopted that. But, I shouldn’t be complaining when I have to face their customs and habits. Similar with spitting on the ground or on the bus; I have to deal with that being in their country.

    Here’s another example. I went to another city for a visit. Stayed in this hotel. Some guests had been rowdy making noise day and night. Another guest complained and asked the host if they could talk with the noisy guests. The host indicated that they had paid so they had the right to do whatever they wished; even though they had had a few guests complain about it. In our countries “Customer is right” and we do not accept this behaviour normally. The host did not budge. We tried to reason with him, but to no avail. This is nonsense, but am I really to begin berating the guy? Again, not my country.

    I have seen many foreigners in the middle of the afternoon, pissed out drunk yelling and screaming in the middle of the streets in China. I mean, it’s not the place, maybe in our country this is acceptable, but c’mon really? I just saw this too many times. If this was a norm in China, why not. But as it goes, it isn’t. It’s all about respecting each others culture and customs. If I am fault me for that; go ahead, we are at a disagreement and I doubt their can be any reconciliation on that matter.

    To clarify my position on multiculturalism. I am not against having foreigners in my country and amongst my people; but I do not wish to be overcrowded by groups of people which are not ethnically similar to myself. This is simply my personal preference. If preferring the company of people who are more closely related to me by blood makes me a racist, then I am a racist. And you just need to look around, people naturally gravitate towards their own. In my own city I am lost in a sea of other languages. And as with China or any other country for example; the fact that they have been able to preserve (to some extent) their cultural habits, makes for a different society. I value differences. I desire to preserve my cultural heritage and continue on that road as a distinct society.

    I am against the current form of multiculturalism that is being practised. Simply, wave after wave after wave of immigrants coming in at an incremental rate each year. And you know what, this change of vision is due to the fact that I was abroad for some time and had the time to live inside other societies amongst other people. I treasure their culture as much as I treasure mine. Am I wrong? If I am, please give me the hole in my argument. Unless your a pure Buddhist, I don’t see anyone willing letting go everything they could of called their own. We’ll wait a second, most people in western countries are already doing this. Knowing where you come from and wanting to continue on that same path; while also adapting to changing times shouldn’t be wrong.

    And what I find sad is that I find the younger generation of Australian, British, French, Spanish people and they are all identical. I mean, the clothes, the speech, the music they listen to, their cultural knowledge. There is barely any distinctions anymore. You then meet an older generation British or French person and you see the pride of their own people still present, the language is more elaborated, their ideas more refined, you can actually clearly identify their culture. The younger generation is simply a mishmash of what is sold on the mainstream media. And again, if you want to fault me for having my personal preference, go ahead. This is my stance.

    I don’t want to turn this discussion into a big multicultural debate; and I don’t think that as a whole we want to enter into a multicultural discussion inside the MGTOW space; there are other places for this. Yes, I brought the subject forward and derailed it into this direction; so my fault.

    So please accept my apology; hopefully I have been fair to you in my reply.
    Take care

  10. Forge says:

    And to the possible detractors; as I know this topic has arisen a few times within MGTOW. I am not against inter-racial dating; I’ve done it myself and I find nothing wrong with it.

    And Max, I did not dislike your last reply; that was someone else.

  11. Your current positions continually have many of really up to date info. Where do you come up with this? Just stating you are very creative. Thanks again

  12. TheReservoir says:

    Do not think that it happens only in China. This is the culture of whole Asia. Although where I am living there are two systems of education O/A level system and others are ordinary government and private ( which follow government curriculum ). Only in O/A level system this type of behavior from teachers is not tolerated.

    check this out:

  13. Jessie Nagy says:

    Asian shame-culture: “You dishonor your family.” You have a little red mark on your shirt. You can’t do that.”
    This was similar to my experience working in a authentic Chinese Restaurant. They barely trained me, as I asked questions, this whore got irritated, thought of it as “weakness,” then told her male boss in her own language about how “inferior” I was.
    That fucking cunt needed to have her jaw broken. If you think hatred is bad for male spaces, you are mistaken. Hatred was an evolutionary product of being discerning, & it’s really the suitable choice.
    That fucking cunt thought she owned everything because she sits at home reading ’50 Shades Of Greed.’

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