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  1. Anon says:

    The problem when you bring this up with tradcons and PUAs who have taken the red pill about women having agency is that they say mrm and mgtow suffer from a false sense of equalism. It is ridiculous!

  2. TruthSeeker says:

    I thought you were smarter than this. Black Pill is a wimp who can’t form and lead a godly family because he is effeminate. He is more than happy to serve the depopulationists and so are you. MGTOW is the mirror image of feminism which also serves the depopulation agenda.

    Going your own way is going the depopulationist way. We are supposed to go God’s way not the depopulationist way. I’m sure you will call me a “conspiracy theorist” which is a meaningless epithet used to denigrate anyone seeking the truth.

      1. TruthSeeker says:

        So you can’t come up with an actual argument against those of us seeking the truth. You know I’m right.

        When the depopulationists come for you sucking up to Black pill won’t help you. He’s nothing but a minor functionary for the depopulationists. Sure he’s “rich” but he doesn’t have Rockefeller wealth. He will sacrifice you to save his own skin if the depopulationists decide to keep him around.

        1. HBD, “game,” “patriarchy” and all that is a scam-there’s your truth…

          Telling young guys to “man up” and get married is as sociopathic as telling them to “man up” and join the army so they can murder little kids for oil and say it’s for freedom…

          I’m not the guy who created the “cultural conditions” we now live in, I’m just calling it like I see it…

          Go back to your man-0-sphere hottub meet-up with Clarey, Roosh, Elam and all the other “alpha males.” Good luck peddling your male feminism to the Horney Badgers and the M(h)RA’s….

    1. braininavat says:

      What the fuck are you doing here? If you want to prove your manliness by “forming and leading a Godly family,” well, by all means do so, but you really couldn’t find a less appropriate forum in which to drool your trad-con nonsense. So go make yourself a tool of the state, and pop out a lot of obedient taxpayers who will flex their muscles in a show of masculinity all the while being manipulated by the little woman pulling the strings of her pussy-addicted husband, who signs his paycheck over to this bitch.

      Please, please, contribute all you can to the expansion of the population and prove your bona fides as against the depopulation agenda. You know what will happen? Your many descendants will mock you as an idiot. They will be MGTOW and your trad-con ideology will end up in the dustbin of history. Your willingness to spend your money raising children who will eventually be MGTOW makes you a useful idiot.

    2. tamerlame says:

      Mental defect, you can’t form a godly family in the west, as divorce is against the christian religion.

      Marriage 2.0 is not even marriage mental defect.

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