Your Online Report card and Gynocentrism

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  1. Max Hydrogen says:

    Well that brought down my day… And what a surprize, it comes from China. If they get it up and running, it will only contribute to the collapse of the PRC; the Communist Party of China is hanging on by its fingernails.

    This is the logical conclusion when women gain power: their natural propensity for control and censorship eventually creates a police state and this is nothing new: Martok anyone?

    It’s only a matter a time before they call us “Terrorists”; we should become Martok.

    Thank you for bringing this to my attention Bar.

    1. Max Hydrogen says:

      Actually, I meant Marduk, the Babylonian god, and not Martok, the science fiction character…

  2. Qbeck01 says:

    Must delete porn history…

  3. as far as the youtube video, I wonder how many of the empowered feminst womyn decided to cut the cheese while sitting on a guy’s face….

  4. Dan Slezak says:

    Interesting times, indeed. In the West we have Freedom of Speech. I don’t think they would be able to pull that off over here.

    Thanks, Bar.

    1. Spawny Get says:

      Nice one! I laughed my arse off

      “I don’t think they would be able to pull that off over here.”

      too funny, man, too funny

  5. Santeri Hirvonen says:

    Ah, slowly it spilling.
    As the world gets more connected the poison spils across the nations trying to infect whatever it can get it’s grubby hands on.
    Tough skin will be needed.

  6. TheRedBaron says:

    Off topic: Fellas, if anyone wants to have a quick laugh at the tradcon-PUA hybrids at The Rational Male check out Lone Survivor’s comments on ‘The Political is Personal’ post.

    Everyone including Rollo is in hyperspeed hamster mode. The guy totally nuked their Weltanschauung by bringing up role of money vs game/looks with women despite not knowing all TRP concepts.

    I was reading that while commuting…bring the popcorn as well. The argument is about having sex with a woman who desires you physically vs a women doing it for money. MGTOW is winning.

    1. braininavat says:

      I looked up the discussion you mentioned. Thanks for the reference. But those guys over at The Rational Male are constitutionally incapable of hearing what Lone Survivor has to say. Kudos to him for trying, though.

      1. The Red Baron says:

        You turned out to be right about being patologically incapable – I tried to help this “AFC” Softek out who had MGTOW tendencies at first glance, he responds by saying he is so desperate that he hooked up with 2 300lb+ women…GOD HELP AMERICA! I give up, the thirst is flabbergasting!

        1. braininavat says:

          That level of desperation has been the downfall of many. The ironic thing is that men look desperately for companionship, but when they find companionship they discover they are more isolated than before.

  7. [K]yle Horner says:

    Facecunt and Twatter are both bullshit and should be avoided let Sandberg “Lean In and see the numbers plummet!
    I think the Economy needs to just FUCKING DIE DIE DIE! Once the system falls apart Cupcake won’t have all the Government daddy bucks to play pretend human and will just become a commodity as she was in the past meanwhile men can rebuild the world for the tenth or so time and repeat the whole nightmare again!
    DARKWEB is the future of employment!

  8. Ob says:

    Just a thing about anonymity:

    We should look at the .42 alternative DNS root experience.

    We just need one person to create a DNS server and people interested in MGTOW just have to add the domain in their server.

    It’s not great but it’s a good start.

    We can create a RPM package mgtow.rpm that contains the main informations that people need to know about (equivalents for windows and mac could also be provided)

    Such a network would resist quite well to censorship and provide a decent level of anonymity.

    1. Max Hydrogen says:


  9. The Reservoir says:

    Conspiracies don’t matter. What matter is the character of society in general. If society (majority of which consists of women) is fascist then we cannot solely blame people who benefit from this environment and strengthen it.

    When it comes to taxes and security people try to use shaming language. You are great with words, I would suggest you to make a video on this topic that why majority should not have the right to dictate its policies through parliaments and congress of different countries. And if it does then what should smart people do?

  10. braininavat says:

    One of the reasons all the MGTOW money advice (many Youtube videos on this) is off the mark is that the state is going to change the rules of the game. So if you think you’re getting ahead by working hard and investing wisely, you’re just making yourself a bigger mark for the government. The study mentioned above, “Shock study: Marriage rate declines with porn use, threatening economy, society,” is just the tip of the iceberg of the techniques that will be used to corral men into being good proles who open their wallets for the gynocentric state. Bachelor taxes will never be called bachelor taxes, just as the “yes means yes” laws are not advertised as being aimed at young men, but the effect is the same. A rose by any other name will still prick you with its thorns.

  11. Cython says:

    You can see kind of a funnel effect where people are coerced down a certain narrative path where the human capital is pushed towards the highest nominal gain for the state. I see much higher taxes being pushed on bachelors in the future that won’t be enacted on married people. I wonder if you could game the system….get married and then 72 hours later do a no-fault divorce where you can then say hey I was married now I am a divorcee but in effect you took no loss but you played their game and beat them.

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