PUA goes on Dr. Oz, Hilarity Ensues.

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  1. Max Hydrogen says:


    Reject the machine: that is the point of MGTOW. And it’s not just Mainstream Media either: Last Tuesday of listening to a live stream of the Honey Badgers on Youtube when right from the beginning, a commentator in the chat began lacing in to MGTOW and even tried to compel one of the hosts into taking his side (she simply stated she did not want to comment) and, ridiculously enough, this same commentator was praising Bernard Chapin and suggesting to the hosts that they have him on…

    And even elsewhere, I read of people complaining of harassment from “MGTOWS” giving the acronym a bad name. Now, this does offend me purely on a fairness level because I hate it when people use the classic tactics of muck-racking, strawmen, defamation, false flag attacks etc. in general because it is so filthy, devious and untrue. But I know that I must refrain from defending MGTOW from slander as I would fall in the same trap as anyone else trying to win public approval.

    All I did was explain that MGTOW is junction not an ideology. Just as one might open a café with a certain name and over time attract a certain crowd until said café becomes widely known by others and synonymous with said crowd even though the café owner never intended it to be: it’s too late to change things now because everyone has come to accept that a particular word has come to mean what it does and to change it would be akin to changing the recognized symbols on road signs.

    There are many kinds of people congregating at the MGTOW forum and anyone can harass others claiming to be MGTOW. We should be less concerned about what others think of the name and continue broadcasting ideas for anyone open to receive them.

    1. why would you bother listening to the horney badgers….

      just a bunch of middle aged womyn trying to peddle feminism to men under the guise of men’s rights….

      …and they seem t think Elam is “competent.”

      Bernie is a creeper who peddles shit head like Jack Donovan and Aaron Clarey-not any kind of “men’s right’s” I’d sign up for…

  2. Uncle Malky says:

    I no longer with RoC because trying to read it is just too damn painful. Like listening to some awkward, chip-on-his-shoulder, stoned 16 year old by trying to sound smart. Anyway, I’d bet $5 that the morbidly obese, “PUA” Matt Forney wrote some unbearably pretentious hatchet job about Dr. Oz is some evil leftist conspirator, who is secretly gay and wants to take revenge on straight men by encouraging women to become fat.

  3. you know what they say, you can’t hustle an honest man…

  4. The Red Baron says:

    The good thing about MGTOW is the IDGAF attitude and not caring what other people think. We just wanna be left alone financially and time-wise.

    I don’t care about the label, the ideas are more important. There was an argument on youtube about how even PUAs are also going their own way as they want to sleep with women more than anything else, so they are dedicated to be clowns/thugs whatever. But by that logic even married men are going their own way as more than anything they want to coerce their soul-mate fantasy into a reality.

    Also – as more people self identify under the official MGTOW label, the average IQ level of the movement will drop. Quantity will trump quality. Anyways, feel free to disagree with me .. I am just thinking out aloud here.

    1. Eric says:

      Nothing to worry about there. MGTOW will ALWAYS remain the province of the minority. Most men will always be slaves.

  5. Multishadow says:

    He openly allowed someone to take well prepared shots at him, and he failed miserably to respond. Why not turn the cards and ask women to be attracted to homeless men on the street, and when they say no simply tell them that “Homeless men can be caring people to, maybe you should see them as a person and not a money-making object”. But as usual, Roosh looks like a deer in the headlights here.

    1. Uncle Malky says:

      Roosh is the ideal adversary. Here is a guy who writes multiple books on the topic of seduction (how to be a PUA) and has next door to 0 PR skills. He has to e-beg to keep his sorry-ass website going fer Chrissakes! All his big talk about how “Betas need to learn game.” HA HA HA! The average store manager at Trader Joe’s has more “game” than this clown.

      1. Anon says:

        Exactly, also by writing on his blog about feeling alone in a crowd full of fatties on the show, he has admitted to being beta by the manoshphere’s own definition.

        Think about it fellows, what would Alpha Buddha Corey Worthington do in this case, perhaps Roosh should have learned from the interview below:

        MGTOW are right in identifying these PUA clowns as insecure pussy beggars.

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