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  1. Richard Rich says:

    The people who did this are simply sticking it to The Patriarchy™. Don’t you know? Feminist-minded women are bold and rebellious.

  2. David says:

    With all the money in those papers of this dress would be in the millions .

    1. Dan Slezak says:

      With court cost and attorneys, yup. Alimony/child support..all of it. Not worth it. Whats up with art students getting credit for making dresses like this and carrying around mattresses on their campuses?

  3. Anonymous says:


    @ Bar Bar/Ayam/Neo – what do you think of the recent drug trafficking convictions in Indonesia and particularly how the Filipina got the p*ssy pass unlike the men. Another example of how the ‘women hating’ Islamic tradcons are gynocentric.

    1. Richard Rich says:

      The regions of the world that the West deems misogynist (Asia, the Middle East, Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America) are almost wholly gynocentric and misandric. This fact gets obscured by the ‘Western Outrage Machine’ in it’s crusade to make women in less developed countries out to be victims of various foreign “patriarchies”.

      Men in these cultures for the most part don’t realize that they are deferring to women, because they have ingrained to view men and women a certain way. But I’m Hispanic, so I know better than most people what it means to be raised in a culturally conservative culture.

      Ironically enough, the West’s attempts to improve the lives of the “oppressed” women of the Third World almost always results in making things worse for the women in these parts of the world. They become “honorable victims” as long as they forfeit their agency and relinquish their ability to speak and advocate for themselves.

  4. Multishadow says:

    The irony in that if she hadn’t gotten married in the first place, there would have been no divorce papers to make a “wedding dress” out of. Do away with wedding dresses and divorce papers altogether.

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