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  1. Darth Sin says:

    I think that society will trend towards impartial gynocentrism as feminism falls to the wayside within 5 to 10 years.

  2. Kolinahr says:

    Of course the problem on the chart is that we can only move along the top edge, with the total gynocentrism remaining the same. The top of the chart just indicates where we are now. This implying – horrors – that even more gynocentrism could be added.

    As is the message of the chart, no matter what the level of gynocentrism, it will be split between feminist gynocentrism and traditional gynocentrism, with the battle being only to determine what proportion of the binary make up of gynocentrism will be traditionalism and what proportion will be feminism.

    The bigger question is, “What will reduce the total height of the chart?” What will reduce the total gynocentrism of society?

    There can be two types of solutions. 1. What works for men as a group, and 2. what works for the individual man. The answer for the later, the individual man, is obviously MGTOW. It is something the individual man can learn to understand and an action the individual man can take, and get very real, very substantial, life-long results.

    The bigger picture is tougher. MGTOW has the aspect of its unique knowledge and then it has the aspect of its lifestyle. The big question is, “How many men will ever see with fully opened eyes the true nature of woman and the system, and how many men simply will never be able to accept it?”

    This is the real parameter of the extent that gynocentrism will rule. I fear economic collapse and loss of sugar-daddy government and sugar-daddy affirmative action in the corporations, is the only thing that will get women to cease demanding “equality” which is just New-Speak for dominance.

    As long as government and the global – oligopoly (= monopoly) – corporations can extract male resources and labor and transfer it to women to achieve so-called “equality”, the future will become increasingly Kafkaesque and nightmarishly irrational, with the rationally impaired female calling it all “progress” and the “progress” never ending.

    This is the classic inability to think outside the box. It is so very funny that virtually all blogs, forums, mass media, academia, etc. proudly promote the idea of, “Question everything!” “All the old beliefs are ‘dogma'”. Yet no one can question the BELIEF, that women are the equals of men, or that women must become the EQUALS of men in power.

    The truth is that women are no more the equals of men, just because they are human, than children are the equals of men, just because they are human. Equality of women is a non sequitur.

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