MGTOW/ Men's issues Glossary

Men's issues
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  1. Lovekraft says:

    ABT Syndrome: anything-but-this syndrome. The female attitude in a relationship wherein constant unhappiness and nagging results, not due to overt problems, but rather an immature, selfish attitude on the part of the female.

  2. Richard Rich says:

    Anybody know how to convert this glossary into a PDF file? This is golden. Especially the definitions of “A Real Man”, “Mangina”, “White Knight” and the feminist definitions of “Rape”.

  3. Anonymous3.1416 says:

    This is a superb first draft. Big kudos to DoomRulz! He has a good sensitivity to language.

    Any MGHOW or anyone interested in MGTOW would have to find this a fascinating read. Many people don’t realize that MGTOW could not exist without its specialized vocabulary. Many of the “Aha!s” of the Red Pill occur with learning these very words.

    This Glossary needs to be announced or referenced in all the major MGTOW comment sections and forums. It will drive more traffic to this forum which is starting to show some interesting dialog in its own comments section.

    This comment section could become as much fun and as interesting as You Tube comment sections, with a little more quality growth.

  4. tamerlame says:

    “Beta Male – also known as the nice guy; the man who is kept as a Plan B by women who cannot snag their desired alpha male”

    I consider the usage of the term beta male an anti male pejorative and anyone who is pro male should not use the term.

    Also I reject the manosphere completely as it is PUA/Tradcon co-opted.

    “Cultural Marxism – born out of the Frankfurt School between 1918 and 1940 and heavily influenced by Marxist theory on economics; the birthplace of what today is known as political correctness. The theory postulates that inequalities within society are the result of oppression by the dominant social groups, usually referred to as straight, white, and male. From here, is also born the idea that if you come from a minority group, you cannot be racist, sexist, homophobic, etc…because you are not from the “privileged class”. Nothing you do is your fault because the powerful in society have been holding you back.”

    I don’t believe in right wing conspiracy theories. Did the frankfurt school call themselves cultural Marxists?

  5. S moses says:

    I would define rape (feminist version) as attention in any form from a man deemed to be of insufficient social status by the female in question

  6. Tyrone13 says:


  7. badassdahn says:

    Female Hydra – A collection of women all tied to the same group like the Greek Lernaean Hydra.

  8. M.G. How says:

    Aww… none of my suggestions made it to the first draft : (

    But, it’s still a strong glossary so far. Reading through it alone gives the impression that something is wrong with how things are for men.

  9. KGB says:

    “The Wall – when women pass their prime, typically in their mid to late 20s”

    Fixed this one for you.

    1. Rickard says:

      No, it’s the early 30s.

      1. KGB says:

        Not with the way women are behaving presently. Finding a decent woman (appearance+attitude+lifestyle) with a low partner count and no children by their late 20’s is going to be a crap shoot at best. Anything else is simply going to be a huge drain on all fronts. Stay thirsty, my friends.

  10. CrazyCanuck says:

    I guess Stardusk white knighted Girlwriteswhat by attacking and criticizing RBK in one of his recent video.

  11. Taeja says:

    Hey ,

    If you dont mind i’m going to be taking this and adding it to the glossary of my site. Fairly accurate imo.

    – Just another man.

  12. Ob says:

    Social chameleon:
    Typically female, beheviour of a person that will adapt what she does or says in order to please to the current dominant entity. (Teacher in school, chef at work, a man that she wants to fuck, Adolf Hitler if he is the one that has the power at the moment)

    A social chameleon is someone without memory, without conviction and that has a hard time to regognize that he did or said something wrong.

    (Sorry for the redaction, english isn’t my first language)

  13. Ob says:

    Social murder:
    Conduct a campaign to make a person be ostracised from a group.
    ex: a girl who throw a a flase rape accusation against some guy that she want have revenge against.

    Social murder can work at the level of the entire society by example using rape threat to mariganilze male students on university campuses.

  14. Ob says:

    Shaming tatic:
    Technic of manipulation: attack, the ego of a man to make him weaker so that he won’t refuse the services you will ask to him or be discouraged to do something you don’t want him to do.

  15. HaHa? says:

    Mgtow Infiltrators:
    People, generally women, who enter MGTOW spaces and attempt to change the ideology to fit a goal to the detriment of MGTOWS. i.e. It’s the Marxist’s fault, It’s feminism’s fault, misogynist MGTOW, etc…

    1. Rich says:

      A Cypher? In keeping with red-blue pill, I see Cypher as a good name for an infilitrator.

  16. WK says:

    This list is just the beginning. It needs to be enlarged and improved. And we need to provide translations of some of these terms or at least explanations in other languages so that many more can understand these terms and MGTOW.

  17. Keith Emery says:

    I would vote for Banes definition for Feminism.

    1. Ergeniz says:

      I disagree with both.

      Here’s mine:

      Feminism – Gynocentrism unleashed in political form. Women use the power of government to actively expand the privileges and advantages of females at the direct expense of males.

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