The Sarkisification of Transhumanism?

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  1. Darth Sin says:

    Agreed Barbar.

    I would not be surprised to see them trying to nose their way into genetic engineering and virtual reality as well.

    Transhumanism looks to be the next big thing. Having said this though, I think that feminism as a movement will die a painful death at some point since it has been shooting itself in the foot like crazy lately.

    We will see a hybrid of feminism and traditionalism which may or may not view transhumanism as something one has to barge into and demand special treatment.

    1. a banana says:

      “feminism” might die but the idea in women’s minds will continue to perpetuate

  2. HaHa? says:

    I really wonder when on earth will we create a companion robot that can mimic females physical attractiveness and mimic female likeness, except for the hypergamy and hypoagency. Then will the value of biological females be reduce to zero? Or will the gynocentric wheel still spins and life goes on as usual. Or will we be subjugate by robots… LOL.

    1. Mother says:

      I believe that it is most likely that women would never allow such technology to appear. Or if it appears men would be shamed to levels yet not seen and highly regulated.

      1. tamerlame says:

        Denying men access to female sex bots, would most likely be a breaking point. I honestly think men would revolt against that.

        I believe this would be because denying men access to female sex bots, would be suppressing the male gynocentric instinct.

        1. Mother says:

          I doubt men would revolt or revolt in enough numbers to be able to do anything important. And i am not understanding why denying access to sexbot would be suppressing the male gynocentric instinct, would be the exactly the opposite?

  3. tamerlame says:

    I want to ask an off topic question bar bar. (I hope that is aright with you.)

    What is your position on MGTOW and non-violence? I think it is morally justified to be violent to women who alienated men from their kids and make them pay child support. The woman has instigated state violence against the man. In the USA the woman has placed the man at risk of sexual assault if he fails to pay his child support.

    I will never have a kid, but if a woman did that to me I would fight back against her outside the law. If the law made it legal for a man to rob me at gunpoint and made it illegal for me to defend myself I would ignore that law.

    I believe statements of non-violence and pacifism are pointless in MGTOW.

    If this subject is too controversial please feel free to delete this post.

  4. Max Hydrogen says:

    Oh wow, cherry picked images really proves a point. I guess we can forget about all those electric mechanical vibrators that are made to resemble, yet surpass the human penis. It seems replacing people with motorized devices is only a problem when it’s women…

    1. HaHa? says:

      A sex bot will essentially be a warm and beating fleshlight. The male mind responds not quite to the woman itself but to the expectation of sex and or 7th day testosterone spike after abstinence. Either way we just got to create a soft, warm bag with a fleshlight to be ever closer to a sex bot.


  5. HaHa? says:

    Well if some man decided to make a sex bot in an underground environment and then publish it somewhere on the internet and or spread via the neighbors and it’ll eventually get out. Publishing the schematics for it on the web on thousands of different channels will also spread the knowledge of it. Either way its true women can prevent such things from being made and sold legally but how does that stop anyone from doing it illegally.

    1. Mother says:

      Lol underground sexbot factories, omg the headlines after the swat begin swating this places. But serious a sexbot is to advance piece of technology to build in a garage. Maybe if you have super advance 3d printers

  6. Rex says:

    My own limited 2-cents

    The best way to sell such technology would be to first make it multipurpose, then appeal directly to the female ego, their own solipsism and gynocentric society by highlighting how they benefit from such technology (hell, sell it in a way that gives women the impression they’ll be independent of men).

    For example, artificial wombs and even sex-bots housing artificial wombs can be sold to women as a way for them to keep their bodies from being ruined by childbirth as well as appeal to women’s own desire to see another being suffer for their benefit in the case of the sex-bots housing artificial wombs.

    Though sex-bots with artificial wombs would not likely be able to fool all women as to its other potential application and like all male liberation technology would be better off starting underground in misandric societies or operate more openly in profit-minded societies willing to turn a blind eye.

    On the sex-bot front, can’t help but question whether a fully-synthetic being would be cheaper to create as in the images above (let alone able to walk undetected in society without being discovered) compared to a human-based reverse-cyborg with AI as in the film Her despite the ethical questions of a human-derived being.

    Also aside from giving pleasure and being capable of producing children, such advanced sex-bots would need to offer something truly compelling and of great valuable over human women (like possessing the ability to impart knowledge and skills to men).

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