More on misandric fathers

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  1. Richard Rich says:

    Reading the PDF article, I’m curious, what exactly are “Women’s Issues”? Reproductive rights? Rape? Domestic Violence? Protection in the workplace?

    Oh, that’s right, these are human issues, but men and boys aren’t human beings in the eyes of a racist, paternalistic, gynocentrist, and imperialistic society. Or at least women and girls aren’t looked at as actualized human beings with the ability to think and act for themselves and take responsibility for their own actions, so we frame these things as “gender-related” or “Women’s Issues”. We address their take of these issues, while ignoring, trivializing, or rationalizing them when they happen to males.

    I have been saying what is stated on the article of this website for a very long time. That men, and even women in power, judge women and girls the way they would judge their daughters. With the need to protect them from the harshness of reality and the adversity of the real world. To pander to their every whim and need the way they would do their spoiled daughters. And what do men and boys get? The bastard step-child treatment.

  2. Rickard says:

    There was one or several studies in Sweden showing that men with daughters are more likely to become feminists. Sadly, some (many) men don’t realize how they are shooting themselves in the foot by supporting feminism.

  3. nam says:

    “The individual fathers who were in this situation excelled at their jobs, again, not due to any desire to become proficient at their jobs and then eventually leverage that proficiency into a higher wage, these men would become proficient at their jobs out of a fear of getting fired and this would translate to all sorts of chicanery, on the actual job floor… sucking up to bosses, refusing to train new employees properly for fear of being surpassed by talented new blood, nepotism and cliquishness, gossip and backstabbing on an order I’ve never seen before even in comparison to when I used to work solely with women.”

    This guys are the enforcers of the system, beta providers

    1. tamerlame says:

      No such thing as beta males, so don’t use that term.

      Beta providers is a term use to scape goat some males.

      I could scapegoat Alpha thugs just as much.

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