Sandman and the Monetizing of MGTOW part 1

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  1. frankie eyes says:

    I watched a number of sandman’s videos early in my mgtow journey. I fear that many new people googling ‘mgtow’ will stumble accross his content first and get the wrong idea.
    every time i mention MGTOW to my friends and encourage them to look for themselves i have to add the caveat to stay away from that channel in the first instance.
    its more of a channel for guys that are hurting and want to hear some whinging about women.

  2. dxoidztzxg says:

    Sandman and the Monetizing of MGTOW part 1 | Shedding of the Ego
    dxoidztzxg http://www.gt7ivl69l62k880n9i1v23srgps2a299s.org/

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