How Women Missed out on Morality (By Max Hydrogen)

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  1. Jon L. says:

    Whenever I go to a shopping centre I can imagine myself in some sort of prehistoric gathering session, surrounded by happy women blissfully buying useless shit and parading around their long nails, long hair & high heels.

  2. tamerlame says:

    I think maladaptive sexual selection by males. (Men going for women who are neotenous and helpless, so women become more helpless and baby like and useless.)

    Less selective pressures on women as well.

    Men evolved morals, because having a bad reputation could lead to being ostracized by the tribe. Women were kept out of the way and were held to a lower standard, women were only ostraccized by other females.

    1. Xtianity says:

      This is so true – Stardusk has also admitted to this maladaptive selection by males.

      Why do even successful and intelligent men prefer vulnureble Snow Whites to genuinely Strong and Independent women even when the rare ones present themselves .. to what extent are our male ancestors to blame for this infantilisation? It would be worth investigating in future posts – even when a 21year old man who could get a woman the same age just as youthful chooses to take legal risk chasing 16-17 year olds.

      1. Darth Sin says:

        I will hazard a few guesses.

        Younger, more neotenous, more manipulative, more inane human females are easier to be in a part of a harem or a polygamous family unit. They also guarantee the most reproductive success for the human male who fucks them due to their youth and their apparently docile nature.

        Human females who are not neotenous, not manipulative would have been far more difficult to be included in a harem or a polygamous relationship. They would also not be too amenable to just being breeders since they would do be doing shit.

      2. tamerlame says:

        Interesting link. It is about wolves but how we humans Neotenized domestic dogs. Maybe we did the same to females. Here are some quotes from the article.

        “domestic dogs have been bred for centuries to be pets. When domesticating dogs first began, dogs that were friendly to humans were bred to other sociable dogs. Sociable puppies were retained and used for work and more breeding.

        During this evolution a process called pedomorphosis or Neoteny occurred. Neoteny is the retention of juvenile traits and behaviors by the adults of a species. Essentially this means that stop developing earlier than wolf cubs do; they retain more baby-like behaviors and never mature to the status of adult wolf type behavior. It is arrested development at its finest and a repercussion of breeding and domesticating dogs.

        Doctor Deborah Goodwin the facial features of dogs and how they relate to wolf behavior. She found that the more a dog breed resembled a wolf the more wolf type behaviors they displayed.”

        Maybe females who are have more Neotentic traits have arrested development mentally? Maybe females with arrested development even had selective advantages over more sane female, due to maladaptive human selection. Anyway here is another interesting quote from the article.

        “is This Good News?

        Not necessarily! It appears that our domestic dogs never mature to the point of getting the conflict solving behaviors that wolves do. Wolves can use more submissive behaviors to stay out of a fight, but most dogs have lost these complex submissive behaviors because they remain in a puppy like state.

        Young wolves develop aggressive behaviors first and then they develop the submissive behaviors that they will need later on to keep him out of a fight. Aggressive behaviors develop first so that a dog or a young puppy can defend himself if needed; submissive behaviors are a way to keep out of conflict all together.

        But, many of today’s dogs don’t develop these submissive behaviors and they are unable to recognize them when another dog shows them. This is what makes putting adult dogs together such a danger. They don’t have the passive skills they need and even a wolf pack might launch an attack in a similar situation.”

        If domestic dogs are less developed and can’t read body language, and resolve conflicts well compared to wolves, perhaps this explains female solipsism in female humans? Perhaps like domesticated dogs, human females are less evolved as well.

        1. Max Hydrogen says:

          I think that with human beings, it’s women who control breeding.

  3. Darth Sin says:

    Brilliant article.

    However, I believe that the women we have today, with these traits, are here because the men did not practice sexual selection that was suitable for modern post industrial world.

    It is quite likely that primitive human females were not all neotenous shallow wenches who want to dominate, manipulate and control. However, this was less appealing to the primitive human male at the time, most probably because monogamy was not widely practice while humans were still in living in hunter gatherer societies.

    After all, actually strong and independent human females do not fit well in a harem or a polygamous family structure.

    The reality is that both the human male and the human female were responsible.

    1. Max Hydrogen says:

      Zoological observers of the human species like Desmond Morris content that the hunter/gatherer lifestyle reinforced and conditioned monogamy in humans. Monogamy occurs in many species of animals including some primates so it has always been a factor and when transitioning to the meat-hunting existence of carnivores demanding long periods of separation between mates, developing a strong emotional bond would parameterize a feeling of exclusivity which would alleviate worries of uncertain paternity which could arise in the male while away as the male (unless racial or other obvious traits differ) can never really be sure if the offspring he is supporting is really his.

  4. John says:

    But is it true that females don’t rationalize and moralize their behavior?

    Feminism rationalizes and moralizes. Patriarchy theory is an attempt to rationalize and moralize female bid for power.

    The need to present your position in an attractively rational and moralistic way seems embedded in feminism and female behavior generally.

    Every woman I have known who manipulated her husband – or her friends – did so thru moralizing and rationalizing.

    If anything this tendency seems more developed in women, as you would except, since they are the weapon of the weak. If you can’t simply use physical force you have to try and “persuade” others. It would make more sense if the moralizing, shaming, and rationalizing tendency is far more developed in females who need the weapons of the weak.

    And I believe that is actually the case.

    1. Devin says:

      Could it be so that they are bad at doing it, but much better at mimicking/polishing it? If anything, most females seem to wield it more of a weapon and get very aggressive when your show them their weapons are made of copper; bring and shiny pretty to look at, but not worth all that much at the end of the day.

    2. Max Hydrogen says:

      Rationalization ≠ Rationality. Women definitely rationalize because they haven’t developed the rationality and morality to consider that they can’t always have what hey want and that they have an effect on other people.

      Morality ≠ Emotional Black Mail. If women were moral, they wouldn’t use emotions to manipulate people.

  5. Max Hydrogen says:

    Your spam = Fuck off.

    (Oh, a female name, behold as I mindlessly rush to whatever crap you are schilling!)

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