Are Seasoned MGTOW Bored With the Red Pill?

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  1. Tamerlame says:

    I love Turd Flinging Monkey’s channel. I do consider the way he frames his political side as more natural as it conforms to human nature, a self congratulatory narrative. The state is an extension of human nature, doesn’t matter what type of state it is. Violence and control is part of human nature and animal nature.

  2. Max Hydrogen says:

    But doesn’t MGTOW itself become a politic? If there is a right and a wrong way to characterize MGTOW, then we are automatically dealing with ideological correctness. I think MGTOW should emulate Free Masonry in regards to religion and politics and of course fraternity.

  3. Darth Sin says:

    Agreed. Injecting politics into MGTOW creates a slippery slope. MGTOW is about male enlightenment and subsequent male independence.

    One can learn the nature of politics to attain this enlightenment, sure, but it is not a wise to to conflate it with MGTOW.

    I mean, there is good reason why you do not see archaic philosophies which have some common ground with MGTOW such as some facets of Buddhism incorporate politics.

    MGTOW is first and foremost, about the self, not the lens which the self uses to view the world. The lens is merely a utility, a tool that can be reshaped or replaced.

    1. Kolinahr says:

      Sir, you Grok. I officially declare your comment as an addendum to my post.

  4. William Ganness says:

    Yes i am for one bored with the “Red Pill” as in those served by Sand Man. Not to take page from the recent controversy, i have tried to look at his videos everyday but, but its hard, his content has gotten really boring and monotonous, even when he has a hot topic. His angle is valuable but he is trying to produce so much content that its gets really watery.

    1. TheRedBaron says:

      He is the opposite of Bar Bar who himself quality over quantity!

    2. Alex A says:

      I tend to agree that for a short while Sandman content was weak and watered down but since he broke up with Sailor Spoon he has been back to form with some really good ideas.

  5. 419 says:

    It’s been seeming to me the only reason many mgtow –case in point newbie Turd Flinging Chimpanzee, great fuckin’ channel btw,– aren’t just coming right out in your face with a position that mgtow is a fundamentally anti-left, pro-“small government” political movement is because of the resistance of some older, established mgtow who’ve repeatedly, strongly expressed mgtow is not going to be political, especially conventionally speaking. Mgtow is not beholden to the Left, the Right or whatever.

    Maybe I’m wrong, but most “manospherians” are rightwingers or libertarian and they define “red pill” politically and ideologically, and sure as hell the “red pill” for them is anti-liberal, anti-left. Furthermore, the understanding of society and the individual that they tend to express strikes me as antithetical to liberalism, to progressive politics.

    I think a more in depth, philosophical exploration of the nature of society, the nature of the self are obviously needed when it comes to defining what mgtow is and is not.

    I suspect many mra’s, lots of pua’s, many anti-feminists for sure, would support a return to some kind of traditionalist social structure actually over -or more than they would fight for- a system in which men are required to sacrifice less and women are required to take more responsibility… more legal and social fairness….so for ex. female military conscription, unbiased marriage laws, humane, enlightened views of social ills like domestic violence and rape and laws and university, business policies that aren’t anti-male bullshit. Imagine women are really socially and legally expected to be self sufficient as men. Maybe this is utterly impossible but it’s interesting to consider if men would really want things this way.

    1. Tamerlame says:

      Right wing has nothing to do with small government, That is the false narrative the right sells to the voters. Party politics is all just empty platitudes and soundbites, it is a sideshow distract to keep the masses away from getting involved in the political system.

  6. BeijaFlor says:

    “Going Your Own Way” is inherently simple and transparent … if you don’t mind my extension from Darth Sin’s reference to Buddhism, we’ve got our own Four Noble Truths: “Don’t marry – don’t cohabitate – don’t impregnate – don’t let women run your life!” But it is human nature to try and add to simplicity, especially to add our own world-view and to see it reflected in the system we’re exploring.

    It’s revolutionary enough that we are turning aside from gynocentrism, that we wall it out from the system that is MGTOW. That alone is enough to put us in conflict with the world outside the walls. We don’t need extraneous political or philosophical “additives” that add contention between us,

    As Thoreau put it – Simplify, simplify!

    1. Mgtow Messenger says:

      Political and racial issues create unnecessary friction and divisions in MGTOW. I agree with BeijaFlor that the basic core values are all that’s required to improve your life and keep you out of harm’s way. If social change happens as a result fine but I can’t see that happening before I die and I would never trust another woman anyway. For me MGTOW has always been about self preservation.

  7. Introspective says:

    Understanding in any field is always a good thing. Associating your understanding of one subject with the rejection of gynocentrism that is MGTOW; and deeming it necessary for others to know as you know in order to go their own way will ultimately undermine each man’s ability to walk away. It is on each one of us to avoid this.

  8. the red pill/blue pill dichotomy is over simplified.

    time for MGTOW to dump the manuresphere…

    Rosie/Fartiste and Roosh-that’s some bad shit…


  9. anyways, as much as I hate politics…

    it’s going to have to be discussed…

    Click on AVfM-two clicks away you’ve got crazies like Aurini and Capt. Capitalism whining about SJW’s-and I’ve never even seen anyone self-label as an SJW.

    You can’t deny how destructive it is to have a trad-con like Judgy Bitch self-identify as an M(h)RA…

    Then you have lunatics like Jack Donovan who “rubs elbows” and who knows what else with White Nationalists…

    That whole thing is corrupt beyond fuck…

    I want no part of the M(h)RM or the manuresphere…

    I can GMOW-just turn off the computer, refuse military service, refuse to work in law enforcement, refuse to put myself on a ship where I might be forced to give up my seat on the lifeboat. Never marry. Earn just the minimum to survive. Quite easy in fact, the path of least resistance actually….

    anyways here’s my thoughts on this…


  10. Anon says:

    So tell me, in a thousand years, will the insights gained still hold true, or will it be like the notion of a static universe giving way to a perpetually expanding one? And how will those insights fit into a larger picture of the world, one possibly where we have sexbots, artificial wombs, or maybe just the majority of the human race is sterile? Do those insights still hold true?

    While I appreciate the desire to avoid extraneous associations, too much of the current mindset feels like dogma, and much of the bickering a hamfisted attempt to establish canon, where men contort themselves to ideas rather than breath life into ideas that serve them.

    You’re taking yourselves too seriously guise, and aren’t giving yourselves room to fail and grow.

    I fully expect mutations of MGTOW ideas to occur, and for different takes, and even MGTOW feminist in the future. It’s natural that ideas lead to new ones, and some of the old is cast off from the new.

    It’s that investigation that is exciting, even if it leads to the absurd or untenable. What comes after MGTOW?

  11. Phil McCracken says:

    Politics seems to inform groupthink and the picking of which side of the fence to sit. It comes in handy when you’re on the winning side or of the correct party. The dominant party members get to wield authority, but you must go along to get along in this group. Outing others within and without the party proves your loyalty and moves you up. This hasn’t anything to do with left/right. It’s crabs in a bucket. My strategy is to stay out of sight of the authoritarians by keeping a low profile and trying not to feed the beast.

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  17. Great post. I had a similar thought last week that there will be some that expect MGTOW to be more like releases by Apple and less like watching a baby boy grow into a man, and may be disappointed by this. Men going their own way; simple, yet a lifelong journey for those who continue it.

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